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Any Ideas for Craft/activity for Kindergarten Class Valentine's Day Party?

I volunteered to help with my son's Valentine's Day class party. I'm not very creative...does anyone have any craft or activity that would be fun for Kindergarten students? Thanks Moms!

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I was room mom last year for my daughter's Kindergarten class and I find a website which has so many wonderful ideas, I decided on Valentines Bingo, I printed out the Bingo cards in color and I bought conversation hearts for the kids to mark their cards with, it was a big hit and so simple, the web site www.dltk_holidays.com. Good Luck.

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I teach 2nd grade now, but when I taught kindergarten, here is what my room moms did...
1. Valentine Bingo - the kids loved it (conversation hearts as chips)
2. they each got a big construction paper heart and got to decorate it with little foam pieces
3. hot potatoe, only they passed around a stuffed heart

The parties, at least in my district, are only an hour. I would suggest doing stations. 3 game stations and a snack station. Good luck!

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besides different kinds of dolys and glue stix, cut out heartsin different sizes, thenshow the kids how to makeanimalss out of them. EG, fivehearts, rounds sidedown stacked next to each other make a caterpillar. one big heat placed sideways, with the point of a smaller heart in the indent of the larger one starts a fish. Kindergartners love to copy simple samples that you make. This will make a great valentine once it is glued down.

Don't have kids sign dzens of valentines for the class. We had kids make one valentine from the class. The children make and sign it and put it into a bag. Eeveryone who makes one for the bag gets to pull one out. That way you don't have the the disicipline problem of keeping kids occupied while you wait for everyone to pass out the valentines and you don't have hard feelings when certain kids don't get valentines.

Another idea if you have access to a microwave is to make chocolate dipped pretzels for them to take home for mom and dad as a valentine's day present. They need to be supervised by the melted chocolate, but this can be made at the beginning of the party and be bagged to take home in a few hours.

Hope this helps.

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You might also want to check out Oriental Trading. They have a lot of kits that are really cute and generally pretty inexpensive. All the prep work is done for you.

Good Luck,

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If you google Valentines crafts for preschoolers or kindergarteners, you will get so many ideas you will have trouble picking one.

One I enjoyed doing with my kids was a butterfly made with a stick of gum for the body and hearts for the wings. We cut out four hearts from construction paper. Two of one size and then two of another size. You glue the smaller hearts onto the bigger hearts and then glue those to the pack of gum.

Serioulsy just google or do a yahoo search with words like crafts for preschoolers and you will find a wealth of ideas.

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You can ask the teacher if they have any extra wallet size photos of the kids (most picture companies give each teacher 4 or 5 per kid). If they do you can pre-cut heart frames on card stock, or attach them to foamy hearts. Then the kids can make an I love you frame for their family. Good luck, and family fun is great source for ideas.

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This website should help.... www.dltk.com

click on holidays and that will get you to valentine's day. From there there are selections such as cards, games, and crafts to do on valentine's day. If you print val. bingo cards, I suggest not making the grid to big since you are playing with 5 and 6 yr. olds. (You don't want it to take forever to fill the board for bingo when you are with little ones.)

Family Fun has a website that's also good for this type of stuff. I think the website is just familyfun.com

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Try familyfun.com. The site is awesome for craft ideas.

My particular favorite was this one:

It's an airplane made out of Smarties. We altered the plans a little and just used Valentines wrapping paper (red with white hearts all over it) to go around the gum. You don't have to use red rubberbands (they're hard to find!), the tan ones work just fine.

The site has tons of Valentine projects.

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I would check out a local craft store or even a store like walmart. We got the kits to make homemade v cards. They even had kits to make out of foam the boxes for the kids to put the v cards in. Last year one of the moms had the kids do pillow races, she found heart shaped pillows and the kids had to put them in between their legs and race. For my daycare kids I cut out a foam heart and then let them glue different things on it as a gift to their mom or dad. We use everything from goggle eyes to sequins to yard. I am sorry I don't have more ideas but I hope this might spark some idea. I would also check out the www.kaboose.com

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While my kids were younger (probably till they were ten or twelve) I subscribed to Family Fun Magazine and they always had great craft ideas as well as great treats to bring to school for the various holidays. you could probably pick up the latest copy at your local library.

Here's an easy one: purchase valentine decorated pencils (Walgreens usually has them for like six or ten for a dollar), get some red, pink, or white ribbon (thin), similarly colored beads that can be threaded with the ribbon, and some glue. Cut the ribbons into six inches or so and tie a little knot at one end of the ribbon so a bead can be loaded without falling off. Then when you bring the supplies to school all they need to do is thread a couple of beads on the ribbon and then tie the other end onto the top of the pencil. Secure with a bit of glue to dry.

You might even be able to find the directions on the Family Fun website.

Have fun and don't stress!!

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Hi M.,

Last year, I prepared hearts cut out from a white construction paper and told the kids (ages 3-5) that those were magical hearts. Then, they wrote "secret" messages or drew pictures on the hearts with white crayons. Then there was time for some magic -- they painted their hearts (pink or red) and the secret messages became visible. The kids liked it. Hope it helps.

J. K.

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Heart Animals are always fun. Have the kids cut out different sized hearts to put together to make the head and/or body of an animal. Then they add features for the face. I think you can find an example on the internet if you google it. (Cute ones: pig, dog, cat) Good luck! Have fun.

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I was room mom last year for my daughter's Kindergarten class and I find a website which has so many wonderful ideas, I decided on Valentines Bingo, I printed out the Bingo cards in color and I bought conversation hearts for the kids to mark their cards with, it was a big hit and so simple, the web site www.dltk_holidays.com. Good Luck.

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