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Hi Everyone,

I am REALLY HOPING that someone out there will be able to help. About 6 months ago I joined Melaleuca has a customer not for the business. Although I do enjoy most of their products and like the idea of the less toxins and chemicals than commercial brands the longer I am a customer the more difficult it is becoming. I know the company is marketed under MANY different names and everyboyd I have contacted via pm ALL sell the Melaleuca products. So here is my question. Are there any similar companies out there that do not have you order a minium order (which has averaged 70 bucks a month with shipping.) I am only interested in their household cleaning products and some bath stuff like shampoo, baby bath etc.) I can not tell you how many bottles of bathroom cleaner I have or laundry detergent, then I find myself ordering stuff I really dont need or want just to meet the min. point requirement or price whatever you want to call it. It was marketed to me as how it was going to save me money because it is concentrated and all that. However I NEVER spent 70 bucks A MONTH on cleaning products for my house. Then the whole promotion they have for the loyalty shopping dollars. When I signed up she said oh if you join you get 100 bucks in free prodcut which is broken down into 20 a month for five months. WELL what she didnt tell me is you do get the 20 a month but only good for a select few things that they give you to pick from. 80 percent I wasnt intersted in so what happens I end up with MORE LAUNDRY DETERGENT!!!! Now that I'm done venting if you know of any companies (direct sales or otherwise) that provides a similar product without forcing you to spend a certain amount of money every month I would really appreciate your input. FYI I'm not against work at home companies mlm or direct sales I am a customer of many many like Arbonne, tupperware, uppercase living and discovery toys. Any types of businesses like those would be fine!

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Shaklee is a similar company. They were mentioned on Oprah's Fav. things. My sister uses the laundry detergent and only rebuys every couple of months. http://www.shaklee.com/index.shtml
Hope this helps!

Amway's products are eco friendly and there is no minimum. Plus, there is a wide variety of proudcts, not just cleaning and I really save money using them. I joined Amway for the products and love them. Let me know if you are interested.

=) A.

My mother has a Melaleuca account. If you need some of their products you can order thru her account. She faces a similar problem but would not give up the products for the world. She has allergies and after converting her home, she no longer has them. Private email if you are interested.

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HI my name is E. and I have an answer for your question, I use Sunrider products that are better there is no obligation to be buying every month call me ###-###-#### By the way We have whole food without any quemicals ,aditives, or persevaties,

while i can't say much for the household lines, i find that arbonne is very useful for skin care and wellness. They offer 20% as a member and hold no requirements over your head. it is $29 to join and $15 to renew. You also have options for 80% discount as well. And their stuff is highly concentrated too. Their shampoo lasts me 9+ months with long hair. Also their products have nanosphere technology so they go deeper than any other brand to get results quick. Hope this helps... ____@____.com

Trader Joe's have products are reasonable prices. I am unsure if the beauty products are vegan. Have you looked into Whole Foods or Wegmans

I work for a company called Norwex. There is no requirement for purchase every month. They are a green company that believes in getting the chemicals out of your house by getting back to a real clean. You can check it out at anitasorrells.norwex.biz

HI, I was a member of mealauca for a few months and HATED that you have to buy a minimum every month. I switched to SHAKLEE and it was the best think I ever did. there are NO minimums and I like the products better than MEL. The MEL. products have that strong odor of tea tree oil and the shaklee products have no odor. Also the MEL. products are a combination of "safe" chemicals and natural ingreadients and I don't think they are organic. The Shaklee "get clean" products are organic. I bought the starter kit and that was 3 months ago and I have only needed to buy the laundry detergent since then because I wash 2-3 loads of laundry daily and need that every month but the shaklee H2 cleaning product is so concentrated you only need 1/4 teaspoon to 16 OZ of water in a spray bottle and the concentrate bottle is a pretty large bottle and I have only used about 3 tablespoons out of my concentrate and I also use it for steam cleaning my carpets. I use a half cap of the H2 and half cap of the shaklee fabric softner and mix it with a gallon of water in my carpet cleaning machine and it works great (test on your specific carpet prior to use) I love shaklee. I dont sell but my distributor is Greta Schmidt and I have included her info if you need some help with it! www.shaklee.net/grapevineschmidts/getclean

Good luck
A. J

Try Shaklee. Don't kno wtheir website but I'm sure you could google it. I don't think they have any minimum order.

I have been using the products for over a year. I also am primarily interested in the cleaning products, but have learned about the Gold Bar (nothing else like it on the market), toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.
You can skip months of ordering. Either call the company prior to the 25th of the month, prior to the one you want to skip, or do it on-line. Example, to skip June, give notice prior to May 25. You can go back to preferred customer status any time within 6 mo. and there is no fee. I think that you can skip months without a limitation.
Give it a try. I had enough of everything in April, so, I skipped May=very easy to do.
S. in Seattle.

Shaklee is a similar company. They were mentioned on Oprah's Fav. things. My sister uses the laundry detergent and only rebuys every couple of months. http://www.shaklee.com/index.shtml
Hope this helps!

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