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Alternatives to Melaleuca

Hi Everyone,

I am REALLY HOPING that someone out there will be able to help. About 6 months ago I joined Melaleuca has a customer not for the business. Although I do enjoy most of their products and like the idea of the less toxins and chemicals than commercial brands the longer I am a customer the more difficult it is becoming. I know the company is marketed under MANY different names and everyboyd I have contacted via pm ALL sell the Melaleuca products. So here is my question. Are there any similar companies out there that do not have you order a minium order (which has averaged 70 bucks a month with shipping.) I am only interested in their household cleaning products and some bath stuff like shampoo, baby bath etc.) I can not tell you how many bottles of bathroom cleaner I have or laundry detergent, then I find myself ordering stuff I really dont need or want just to meet the min. point requirement or price whatever you want to call it. It was marketed to me as how it was going to save me money because it is concentrated and all that. However I NEVER spent 70 bucks A MONTH on cleaning products for my house. Then the whole promotion they have for the loyalty shopping dollars. When I signed up she said oh if you join you get 100 bucks in free prodcut which is broken down into 20 a month for five months. WELL what she didnt tell me is you do get the 20 a month but only good for a select few things that they give you to pick from. 80 percent I wasnt intersted in so what happens I end up with MORE LAUNDRY DETERGENT!!!! Now that I'm done venting if you know of any companies (direct sales or otherwise) that provides a similar product without forcing you to spend a certain amount of money every month I would really appreciate your input. FYI I'm not against work at home companies mlm or direct sales I am a customer of many many like Arbonne, tupperware, uppercase living and discovery toys. Any types of businesses like those would be fine!

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Shaklee is a similar company. They were mentioned on Oprah's Fav. things. My sister uses the laundry detergent and only rebuys every couple of months. http://www.shaklee.com/index.shtml
Hope this helps!

Amway's products are eco friendly and there is no minimum. Plus, there is a wide variety of proudcts, not just cleaning and I really save money using them. I joined Amway for the products and love them. Let me know if you are interested.

=) A.

My mother has a Melaleuca account. If you need some of their products you can order thru her account. She faces a similar problem but would not give up the products for the world. She has allergies and after converting her home, she no longer has them. Private email if you are interested.

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HI my name is E. and I have an answer for your question, I use Sunrider products that are better there is no obligation to be buying every month call me ###-###-#### By the way We have whole food without any quemicals ,aditives, or persevaties,

while i can't say much for the household lines, i find that arbonne is very useful for skin care and wellness. They offer 20% as a member and hold no requirements over your head. it is $29 to join and $15 to renew. You also have options for 80% discount as well. And their stuff is highly concentrated too. Their shampoo lasts me 9+ months with long hair. Also their products have nanosphere technology so they go deeper than any other brand to get results quick. Hope this helps... ____@____.com

Trader Joe's have products are reasonable prices. I am unsure if the beauty products are vegan. Have you looked into Whole Foods or Wegmans

I work for a company called Norwex. There is no requirement for purchase every month. They are a green company that believes in getting the chemicals out of your house by getting back to a real clean. You can check it out at anitasorrells.norwex.biz

HI, I was a member of mealauca for a few months and HATED that you have to buy a minimum every month. I switched to SHAKLEE and it was the best think I ever did. there are NO minimums and I like the products better than MEL. The MEL. products have that strong odor of tea tree oil and the shaklee products have no odor. Also the MEL. products are a combination of "safe" chemicals and natural ingreadients and I don't think they are organic. The Shaklee "get clean" products are organic. I bought the starter kit and that was 3 months ago and I have only needed to buy the laundry detergent since then because I wash 2-3 loads of laundry daily and need that every month but the shaklee H2 cleaning product is so concentrated you only need 1/4 teaspoon to 16 OZ of water in a spray bottle and the concentrate bottle is a pretty large bottle and I have only used about 3 tablespoons out of my concentrate and I also use it for steam cleaning my carpets. I use a half cap of the H2 and half cap of the shaklee fabric softner and mix it with a gallon of water in my carpet cleaning machine and it works great (test on your specific carpet prior to use) I love shaklee. I dont sell but my distributor is Greta Schmidt and I have included her info if you need some help with it! www.shaklee.net/grapevineschmidts/getclean

Good luck
A. J

Try Shaklee. Don't kno wtheir website but I'm sure you could google it. I don't think they have any minimum order.

I have been using the products for over a year. I also am primarily interested in the cleaning products, but have learned about the Gold Bar (nothing else like it on the market), toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.
You can skip months of ordering. Either call the company prior to the 25th of the month, prior to the one you want to skip, or do it on-line. Example, to skip June, give notice prior to May 25. You can go back to preferred customer status any time within 6 mo. and there is no fee. I think that you can skip months without a limitation.
Give it a try. I had enough of everything in April, so, I skipped May=very easy to do.
S. in Seattle.

Shaklee is a similar company. They were mentioned on Oprah's Fav. things. My sister uses the laundry detergent and only rebuys every couple of months. http://www.shaklee.com/index.shtml
Hope this helps!

You could try Shaklee, they have excellent products. I'm not certain whether or not they have a minimum anymore. I worked with them for 14 years and loved it. I just found out my husbands FATHER worked with them...imagine how long ago that was! In the 50's OMG!!!

I have found that folks using Melaleuca products return for the quality of the products regardless of joining the business, promotions and discounts. If anyone is interested in ordering products send me an email at ____@____.com

Hi P.,

Try Shaklee for cleaning products. You don't even have to join to purchase their products...you can order off the internet and they ship it straight to your door. The products have been really great and are concentrated, too. What I like is not having to worry about fumes and toxic chemicals while cleaning!

Also, for baby products, Arbonne has wonderful baby products. Their products are all Vegan certified and do not contain any mineral oil or animal products. The baby products work great for my son's eczema. I like being able to treat his eczema without having to use a prescription on him! You do have to purchase the Arbonne products through a rep, or you can become a wholesale buyer yourself (for $29)--there's NEVER a minimum purchase. If you want to order $8 worth, you can order $8 worth and still get your 35% off. Plus, there is no "quota" so you can go months without buying anything and you won't get "kicked out." I am a consultant with Arbonne, so if you'd like to know more, please let me know, I'd be happy to answer any of your questions.

Good luck finding what's best for you & your family!

Jacqueline Lipe

I'm a Melaleuca customer and love all the products and unfortunately, I have not found anything else with comparable products for the quality or cost. No other company has the selections found with Melaleuca. Our family uses the dental products, bath products for children and adults and the vitamins so I don't have the problem of ordering something I don't need just for the sake of ordering and I use the cleaning products, but don't order them monthly. I don't order by a certain time of the month to take advantage of those loyalty dollars because I do spend more then. I would suggest that you contact Melaleuca directly and they will help you order the things you truly need and it is possible to get under that 70.00 mark. I like Arbonne's system, but they don't come close to Melaleuca in the product selections.

Hi P.,
I also joined Melaleuca. I couldn't get the business going because I hate asking friends to buy stuff, but I remain a customer. I haven't heard of any other companies with products like this. I wish they didn't require a monthly minimum either. What I've done that helps meet that requirement is order their vitamins. They are a little higher, but they really are better than you get at a retail store. Since I need them every month, I meet my minimum. I order the antioxidants too, hopefully I will save money in the future with better health.

I have an Arbonne account too, so I don't use Nicole Miller. That didn't help me.

I do meet my minimum, but I have three children, so that may be the difference. I carry the renew travel size and the Clear Defense in my purse and van. Actually, I use a whole thing of laundry detergent a month! I get the biggest one too! Did I mention I have all boys?? ha

Oh, you know what else might help? If you have a friend or family member that would want even a couple of products a month, they could order with you, and combined, you might meet the minimum. If they live in another town, you could put it in as two seperate orders I think and enter her address for her order so it would go right to her. You don't have to meet 35 points in one order, just one month.

I have noticed that the big brands are coming out with "green" products, or natural. They are still more expensive than Melaleuca though. We only pay about $1.40 a bottle with the concentrate.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Don't know if any of that helped, but good luck. My mom closed her account because she couldn't meet the 35 points with only two people in her household.

Hey P.!

You might also look on Ebay for specific products that you like. I buy Thieves on Ebay for around $27 a bottle. It lasts for at least 6-8 months in my house, so it is worth the cost. I also use Meyers products and Seventh Generation, found at Whole Foods, Sprouts and some even at Kroger.

Hope this helps!! M.

My mother has a Melaleuca account. If you need some of their products you can order thru her account. She faces a similar problem but would not give up the products for the world. She has allergies and after converting her home, she no longer has them. Private email if you are interested.

Try looking the items up on ebay or saling your extra itmes on ebay. My sister said she has found that heplfull for her to get the money back that she spent and did not use or need.

I recently received an invite from
Get Clean/Shaklee
Beth Ramage
Dallas, TX 75229
I don't have details yet, but you might want to check it out.

I was just researching this recently, too. Same experience with Melaleuca. I like my home clean, but I don't go through $60 of hygiene and cleaning products a month. (There are only three of us at home right now...geez.)

I was reading that Shaklee doesn't have a minimum. Also found several home made cleaners at www.care2.com/greenliving .

There are several green brands at Whole Foods- Ecos, Mrs Meyers, Dr Bronners, etc. I found a dishwasher detergent that uses citric acid. I would I could remember the brand because it lasted forever. But you can also make your own with 1 c Borax, 1 c baking soda, and a few drops of an essential oil like lavendar, orange, or rosemary. Just 2 TB max in your soap dispenser and you are set. If you put vinegar where your jet dry goes, it rinses clean and your dishes don't stink like vinegar.

I also saw BBC show "How Clean is Your House?". The hosts of the show used salt and a grapefruit to clean a nasty bathtub... well, followed by a nylon scrubber once the citric acid cut through the funk. They used many of the ideas I learned on the www.care2.com site.

There are a lot of green alternatives to Melaleuca (although I do miss Sol-U-Mel and TubnTile the most).

If you are in Dallas area, there is a tailor up Addison Rd before you get to Trinity Mills that sells Melaleuca. (It's right next to Dragon Wok.) He/She retails if there is something you can't live without.

Another place to check would be the Dollar Stretcher web site. Several of the thrifty cleaning solutions are actually green, too. They use citrus fruits, baking soda, vinegar the most.

Amway's products are eco friendly and there is no minimum. Plus, there is a wide variety of proudcts, not just cleaning and I really save money using them. I joined Amway for the products and love them. Let me know if you are interested.

=) A.

Have you checked into Shaklee? I actually have a neighbor friend that WAS doing Melaluka, and is now doing Shaklee. Not sure what her requirements for ordering are, but I know that she had a problem with having to order stuff she didn't always need as well. If you aren't already familiar with the company--they offer a broader span of products as well. Vitamins, cleaners, skin care-I believe. If you would like her name, I can send it your way. She's not the pushy type either, if you just wanted "info"

Hi P.,
I am a Regional Vice President with Arbonne. I would say that the majority of my successline is comprised of what I call "wholesale shoppers" who sign up with their $29 for the discount. They love that there is NO monthly minimum and Arbonne offers so many specials that I keep them up to date on when their favorite products go on an even bigger special. I never sell products at retail, but rather teach my customers how to get their favorite products at the best prices when they order. Since you seem to be stocked up on detergent for a while :-) we do have shampoo and bath products. I would be more than happy to walk through what we do have and see if any of those products are what you are looking for, and then walk through how our discount works and how to order so that you are getting the best value for your money. I have never been a big fan of NWM until I saw the different options with Arbonne, primarily because there is no minimum. Even some of the most respectable companies with great products and great principles require a minimum. Fortunately we do not! The healthier products have certainly made a difference to us! Please let me know if I can help or point you in the right direction elsewhere :-) I too, am a Christian, who loves that my business has given me the opportunity to serve others :-)


A. Wheeler
Independent Consultant
Regional Vice President

I have not tried any of them, but I saw a show one day on all natural cleaning products. There are many companies that make a similar product to Melaleuca and I believe that several are sold at Walmart. You might also try looking at Whole Foods. Good luck!

M. K.

You can look for Method products at Target and maybe Kroger. Also, Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation products can be purchased at Whole Foods.

Hi P., I don't know any direct sales for household cleaning products but if you are looking for good cleaning solutions that are toxin free and safe for home and family, get vinegar, baking soda, borax...and you can get books about all their uses from Amazon.com. A web site with a few of the homemade formulas: www.organizedhome.com. You will save a ton of money, it works, and it doesn't take any time at all to mix yourself. If you don't want to make your own, check out SeventhGeneration.com...you can get coupons off their site. I've also used Simple Green.

Try Shaklee - they have similar products but don't force you to order a minimum.

I think your experience with Melaleuca is common. Have you tried any of the products you can get at Whole Foods? They can be pricey but at least you only have to buy what you want. Also, Target carries a line called The Method that I like. For a cheaper alternative, you can make many of your own cleaning products - I have a book called Clean and Green by Annie Berthold-Bond that has recipes for all kinds of cleaning products using non-toxic items like baking soda, vinegar, tea tree oil, etc. You do usually have to scrub more with these but at least they are non-toxic. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Have you tried Shaklee. I have heard great things about them, you can order without minimums and their cleaning products and baby products are natural with no chemicals or toxins.

Hi P.,

I too had the exact problem with keeping up the the quota that Melaleuca expects. I signed up with Shaklee a few months ago, and I love their products even more....plus...I did not have to pay to become a member and there is NO quota!!!(yeah) Call Victoria Chase ...she is with Shaklee and can tell you all about the products and hopefully get you signed up for free! Her number is ###-###-####. She has been with Shaklee for some time, and has much knowledge about the products and can help you get started. I am sure you will love the products as much as I do! And as easy as it is to pick things up that are eco-friendly at the store....I promise you as little of this stuff as you use(because it is SOOO concentrated) it will save you tons of $$$$


I order from Melaleuca too as a customer, not for the business aspect. I have other friends who are also interested in the products but not interested in committing to the montly cost. What I do is each month send out an email to those friends a few days before I order. Usually they will pick up a few things too and it helps them get what they want without the commitment, and helps me round up my order a bit. Maybe you have some friends that would be willing to join you that way? Or, if you are willing to come pick up things from me, I would be happy to do that for you, too. I have seen ads recently on Wal-Mart commercials that make them seem like they are offering alternatives to chemical laden products. Also, you may try looking at Sprouts or Whole Foods to see what they have to offer.

Good luck to you!


I had the same experience with Melaleuca. I like the products but can't afford the monthly minimum. There are several lines of cleaners out there. One is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day which you can get at a lot of different stores. Check out a Whole Foods store, Sprouts or even a health food store. All those stores carry an entires section of products very similar to Melaleuca. I don't think any had the extensive line of products to choose from but there are alternatives.

Good luck.

I have never used Melaleuca, but I use organic products from whole foods and they work just a well as the known brands. I really like the natural smell they have too. I have a cleanser and toilet bowl cleaner and Mrs Meyers laundry soap is just awsome!!!

I second the motion to give Shaklee a try. I have been using Basic H for over 10 years now. I don't even have a membership b/c I was getting it from my mom. It is my all purpose cleaner and it does last forever. It makes great bubble baths. THe Basic H is so versatile. It gets dried spaghetti sauce off like there was no tomorrow! THe products are 100% guaranteed as well. The membership (last I knew) was just like having a Costco membership. It just allows you to get a small discount. The discount increases with the amount of sales you have.

Anyhoo, I like Method's window spray better than Basic H's for windows.

I use Shaklee products which are awesome-all biodegradable cleaning products. they were also featured on oprah as a green company. it is really easy to mix w/ water and lasts forever!

I experienced the same thing with Melaleuca. I found similar cleaning products at Kroger that I buy only when I need them. Luckily more and more eco-friendly products are coming out in regular stores.

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