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A Runny Nose for 3 Weeks

My 8 mo son has been having a runny nose for 3 weeks. He has no cough or fever, he eats good, sleeps as usual. He has eczema, maybe his runny nose is tip of an allergy too? I plan to go to see a doctor this Monday, or is this nothing to be worry about? Please, I need your opinion. Thank you, M.

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Thank you all very much, yes his mucus is clear, and now I'm not too worried, but definitely, I'm going to see a pediatrician just in case. M.

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If the mucous is clear it is most likely do to teething. If it is green or yellow it generally is a cold or illness.

L. M

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Classic signs of allergy. Now just get it figured out and your good to go!

I've heard that a runny nose and red cheeks can be a sign of teething. Perhaps he isn't sick and is just getting his teeth. ?

Hi M. - At 8 months, your son could definitely be teething. My girls got runny noses for weeks when they were heavily teething. It could also be a cold - there are sooooo many going around right now it's not funny. As long as he doesn't have a fever or show signs of ear pain, it's probably not an ear infection or any other type of illness to worry about. And the fact that he eats and sleeps normally is a great sign as well. Going to the dr. is always a good idea just to be sure, but it sounds like nothing to worry about to me. Good luck and let us know!

I can tell you what my pediatrician would say...if it's clear, and he's acting fine, eating and sleeping fine, then he's probably fine. It could be that he's teething - my 9 month old has had a runny nose for a while, but I do think it's his teeth (although we're constantly worrying about mold??). And although my pediatrician never thought my kids had allergies (I have asthma, and 2 of my kids are diagnosed now - 1 mild and 1 moderate), I always thought that might be it. My advice is, when in doubt, take him to the doctor. I can't tell you how many visits I've had where he tells me they're fine - but it eases my mind to know I've had them checked. Enjoy your little one!

Hi M.,

Yes, it could be some type of allergy. If the fluid coming out is clear, there is nothing to worry about. If the fluid is yellow or has a greenish tint, it's a sign of infection. Either way you should call the peditrician.

My daughter got a runny nose when she was teething. As long as it's clear the dr. won't have you do anything.

I bet it's teething. My daughter gets a terrible runny nose everytime a new tooth is coming in. As long as he's not showing any other troubling signs and the snot is clear in color, I wouldn't worry too much. Do check with your doctor on Monday just to be sure but don't stress about it too much! Good luck to you and I hope you're little guy is feeling better soon!


If the mucous is clear it is most likely do to teething. If it is green or yellow it generally is a cold or illness.

L. M

I wish I had a real answer for you, but I'm in the same boat. My 7 month old matches your description to the letter. When we went to the doctor, he checked his lungs and said my baby was fine. He recently got a tooth, so I'm hoping that was it. Good luck.

our daughter (now 1) was congested for several months after she was born, and we had to aspirate frequently. since she was a winter baby, and thus a newborn in the height of the cold and flu season, pediatrician said it was just a cold (or a few of them in succession) and nothing to be worried about.

Teething is usually the culprit for runny noses at your baby's age, especially if he's feeling well. There maybe an allergy issue and its worth checking with your doctor, but your son's age really is prime teething time. Is the mucus clear? Putting Vaseline on his cheeks at bedtime helps so that the mucus doesn't give him a nasty impetigo rash (my daughter would get that since her skin was sensitive to her saliva and mucus while teething). Good luck!!

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