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7 Year Old with Bumps

My 7 year old daughter has little red, pimple-looking bumps on the tops of her thighs and a few on one arm. I noticed them a few days ago. She said they don't itch or anything. I thought maybe it was a reaction to something (she has a few allergies), but it doesn't really look like any rash she's had before; more like lots of little pimples. Also, this morning she showed me a little knot behind her ear. She said it doesn't hurt. Maybe a cyst or swollen gland? Also, she has had no fever, just a cough for a few days, but it is pretty well gone now. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas what might be going on.

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Something like that happened to my oldest when he was younger. He usually would come down with some kind of infection and the doctor said they were from that and they would go away.

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My granddaughter had little bumps some were red in color and some were white in the crease of her elbow. I took her to the doctor and he said it was some kind of wart that she got from another child. He called it a funny name but also called it a seed wart. He took tweezers and plucked the seeds out of each wart, she had about 30 all in a cluster. It took about a month or so for the warts to heal, she is fine now. I didn't take her in immediately as I have 7 grandkids living with me, but I did notice that they had multiplied by the time I did get her into the dr. I don't think it hurt her not going immediately. I would take her to the doctor and have it checked out. Good Luck

That is a form of dermatitis, I, as well as one of my girls had them as well. Try cutting her consumption of foods containing MSG (google "msg fast food" for more info), her allergies will subside and you should notice these bumps eventually go away. :}

take her to the doctor immediately. it could be a possible elergic reaction to the soap in her clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. she could be coming down with chicken pox. but do get her to a doctor, asap.

Hello L., My son has something that sounds like this. I know this sounds crazy but he started getting these pimple looking bumps on his thighs in July. He said they didn't itch or bother him at all. So we didn't do anything thinking they would go away. Well they were still there in Nov. and he had gotten a few more. I mean maybe 6 more bumps. We went to the pediatrician and she called it by some weird name that I can't recall. She just said that they are a viral wart of some kind. She said that they can remove them but it is slightly painful and he had enough of them that it would take quite a lot of time. She said that they will go away on their own, it may take up to two years. They are contagious but we havne't had a problem with any of our other children. I hope this helps. sincerely, L.

Something like that happened to my oldest when he was younger. He usually would come down with some kind of infection and the doctor said they were from that and they would go away.

The little bumps sound to me like "sugar bumps"...I know it sounds funny,but, ALL of us,sans hubby, have them and I expect that our new baby(I'm 34wks) will most likely have them,also. They're actually hereditary,so, check w/ ur parents or ur hubbys.NOTHING you can do about them-they don't actually hurt;the only ones that bother me physically are the ones on my inner thighs close to my knees.Right now,they're bothering me a little bit more w/ my pregnancy hormones-it makes them stand out a little bit more-and,I have fair skin,so thay stand out more than the ones on my arms.I get them from my maternal grandfather-he has them on his back and the back of his arms...When I was a child,my mother took me to a dermatologist because I HATED them SOOOO much,lol-he gave me a lotion and said this could probably help w/ the appearance,but, that it would be something that would either go away in time or just get a little better in thoughts of severity. Well,they haven't gone away,but,they're not as bad on my arms as they were then.Oh,well....it's just something I've always had,so,it's normal to me....but,I can tell you that if you scrub them,ecspecially the ones on her legs,it WILL irritate them, as the skin on your legs tends to be more sensitive, and it can hurt her sensitive little skin.

As for the bump behind her ear-are her ears peirced? Sometimes the posts can make those little bumps from peircing the skin,ie: like when she's sleeping.I have one of those,also...lol..it doesn't really bother me,either,just annoying to reach back there and feel a small bump. If you're concerned about it,or it gets worse,mention it to her pediatrician.

Hope this helps!

My 6 yr old and two yr old were just treated for something like this. I wish I could remember what it is called. What my kids had is contagious. We think my son got it at the public swimming pool, and then my daughter caught it from my son. They are very common in kids. They are a virus. The dermatologist put a cream on them which numbed the area and then removed them. It was painless. They will spread all over slowly if not removed. Good luck!

Could be anything but when I was little I broke out in a rase like you described when I got streep, and something I have learned as I have gotten older and become a mother myself is you ain't got to have a sore throt to have streep, might be worth checking out.

I also have bumps on my arms, thighs, and cheeks. When I first started getting them, they were red, but as I have gotten older, they are just skin colored. My pediatrician called them something, I don't remember what it is, but she said mine were just a skin condition. They have never itched or bothered me, so I don't care too much about them anymore. The ones on my cheeks have almost disappeared, but the ones on my arms are still the same. You might just take her to a doctor to be sure, but it might just go away on its own. I don't know about the knot behind the ear.

Keratosis Pilaris... also called Chicken Skin. It looks like pimples or chill bumps, primarily on the arms or top of thighs and can sometimes be on the booty and lower legs. They don't itch or bother. It is not contagious. It is genetic. (Check your and hubby's arms for them- that's the most common place to find them). They look like chill bumps b/c the condition is actually in the hair folicle causing the same effect as getting the chills. No cure and will never go away, however, will get better in adulthood. It is nothing to worry about. Google it and you can find out more about it.

I'm not sure its the same thing but my little girl had bumps under her arms and on her ribs. Red at first, then white with a core (I dug some out). I searched the net and came to the conclusion that it was molloscum contagiosus (sp?). It was a viral thing from pool or towel sharing...It went a way eventually. If she is swollen behind the ear, I would get it checked out, JIC.

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