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7 Month Old Food Ideas

I need ideas on what table foods to feed my 7 month old?? My baby has had cereal for quite some time now, started when she was 4 months, and then she's had the baby foods but she's more interested in what we're eating and I'm having a hard time deciding what to feed her for breakfast and lunch...any ideas? I usually do peaches, pears, bananas, etc. for lunch but what else can I make for her to change it up a bit? Breakfast I've just been giving her the baby cereal with baby food fruit mixed with it but, like lunch, I'd like to do different stuff with the cereal. She doesn't have any teeth yet but is really good at eating food as long as it's gummable (if that's a word). =) Thanks!!

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have you tried avocado? That was my kids' favorite. Also blueberries.
At 7 months, She should be getting old enough for cheerios or those Gerber "Puffs", which are both good for developing hand eye coordination and that pincher grasp.

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You've gotten some great ideas so far. I just want to clarify one thing about eggs. I've always read that it is the egg white that is one of the most allergenic foods; the egg yolk is okay. Scrambled egg yolk makes an easy finger food. One more idea -- my little one likes chewing on a mini whole wheat bagel.

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Here are some ideas to try: Mashed Potato's, Mac n cheese (it helps to cook noodles a few mins longer), and my favorite rice cooked in Miso soup. My MIL is Japanese and this is from her. Miso soup is a soy bean soup and you can find it at any supermarket. Make it with a little less water than recommended, but don't add garnish. Then make your rice like always. After that bring soup to a boil then add small amount of rice. let it simmer until the soup is almost gone (about 10 min or more). Then the rice is soft and has some protein from the soy bean. Sounds a little weird but my kids loved it. You can keep extra for a few days in fridge. Hope this helps....L.

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I just bought this little bag thing you can put pretty much any food in it and the baby can chew the food through the net so they don't choke! I thought it was awesome! anyway i just tried finding a link for it but i cant find it..boughtit at walmart by the pacifiers. great for putting frozen berries in for teething time :). anyway, other things I give baby for lunch..will just open a can of diced carrots or peas so he can feed himself and has fun with it:) Good luck! Oh mashed potatoes are a favorite...but I think i want to try that mac and cheese someone else mentioned! I hadn't thought about that.

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Cheerios, crackers (saltines maybe?), Gerber has some biter biscuits and such, I also look at what my baby is grabbing for. Does it have something he can't handle like milk or meat? If it's not a hazard (won't get lodged in his throat or cause digestive problems), I let him try a little. Sometimes I hand him a piece of bread.

Sometimes I peel a pear and cut off the stems and hand him the whole thing. Just a different way for him to eat it, and he loves it.

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Gummable works for me LOL! At that age when my kids are interested in what we are eating I feed them just about anything, scrambled eggs, I know there is a concern about allergies when it comes to eggs and the yolks but I have never had a problem, egg whites are OK though, any canned veggie is quick and easy, peas and green beans are always a favorite in my house. Hot dogs cut into four down the length and then cut into smaller pieces. If it is soft an they can pick it up it is ok to give, most of my kids don't get any teeth until over a year old so we have long periods of time looking at foods they can gum, just remember at this stage it isn't about nutrition so much as training for the future.

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Sounds like she could use more veggies too. As suggested, peas, canned green beans,... just look in the canned food section... my kids loved chopped beets (a little messy, but good). Canned pumpkin- I mixed it with a little water and froze the extra in ice cube trays, then mixed it with other foods- mashed bananas for breakfast, or whatever for lunch and dinner. Pureed lima beans, spinach, yams/sweet potatoes,.... I have an 11 month old now and I still add some baby oatmeal to his meals. He has a lot of table scraps now too- anything that's soft enough and small enough for him to eat himself. I avoid egg yolks, honey and milk til they're 12 months, and nuts and peanut butter til they're 2 years. That's most of the restrictions.

I would do peas, green beans, carrots, yams/sweet potatoes, all cooked and diced of course. You could also try wheel noodles or breads. They are pretty gummy so she should be able to gum them enough to swallow. I would not do eggs or berry fruits, I know some people say it's fine, but I have a niece and nephew who have severe food allergies(anaphalactic-they will die if they have them)and it's not worth the risk to try things like that until your doc gives you the ok or you get her allergy tested. Strawberries are the number one food allergen in children. Weird huh!

Has she done all the graduate foods? Have you done any veggies for lunch instead of fruit. Maybe chopped bananas for breakfast, toast or bagels. Cheerios are good finger food, good for fine motor also. I don't think she needs cereal with every meal, her main nutrition is from her formula or breast milk anyway. I would try just giving her the 3rd stage with out the cereal to mix it up.

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