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Feeding Eggs to a 7 Month Old?

When am I able to feed eggs to my baby? She is 7 months old and I am wanting to introduce some non-baby food into her diet. Any other suggestions?

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Thanks for all of the good advice. I will wait until she is at least 1 and clear it through the pediatrician at the 1 year appointment. I tried the baked sweet potato last night and she loved it. Thanks again.

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Not a good idea I found out the hard way with that. You are suppose to introduce eggs when a child is one. The child could be allergic to eggs and 7 months is to soon. Try oatmeal or real rice or grits my son did well with those. Good Luck

My doctor told me I could feed my baby anything except milk and honey after 6 months. My 10 1/2 month old loves scrambled eggs.

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Both of my children ate scrambled/froed eggs sometimes for breakfeast at that age...each child is different though...they loved eggs and still do!!

Hi Julie! Before becoming a stay at home mom I worked for a group of allergist who recommend waiting until one year of age before introducing eggs. This is a common food allergy among children. I have a 10 month old and we have not given her eggs. Allergic reactions can be very serious,but are even more so in babies. That's why it is best to wait before introducing foods that are more likely to cause an allergic reaction until your little one is a little older. Hope this helps!

My pedi told me that my sweet girl needed to be at least 1 for eggs due to allergies! We did mashed pot, sweet pot....soft stuff like that!

I'd wait til she's one! In the meantime, you can feed her mashed potato,oatmeal,avocado...and pretty much all the packaged baby food stuff but make it yourself with fresh veggies and fruits. just steam then puree in blender. :)

at 7 mos,she should only be snacking on these solid foods(HALF of a stage 1 container twice a day) as breastmilk or fomula is to be her main source of nutrition.

as she gets a bit older, you gradually increase her solid food intake and can feed her chopped tender foods when she grasps the idea of chewing.

No eggs until at least a year old. You can offer her mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, french fries, carrots, peas, green beans. Also, toasted bread, saltines, ritz crackers, bananas, thinly sliced and peeled apples, thinly sliced and peeled pears, thinly sliced and peeled peaches, quartered and peeled grapes, chopped chicken, chopped up beef, chopped up turkey, chopped ham, chopped pork, rice, casseroles, etc. Basically, she can eat whatever you eat as long as you make sure to chop it very small and that it's very tender. But no eggs, citrus fruits or nuts.

I would wait until she is a year old. I gave my youngest eggs prior to that and we discovered that he is allergic. I wish we would have waited. Try avocados.

I'd be careful with the peas...they come from the same legume as peanuts. This is how we found out my youngest son was allergic to peanuts. Everytime we gave him baby food with anything that had peas in it he would get sick immediately and get a rash around his mouth. He was tested and we found out he was allergic to egg whites, too. He has almost outgrown the egg white one now, but the peanut allergy is for life. Good luck!

My doctor told me I could feed my baby anything except milk and honey after 6 months. My 10 1/2 month old loves scrambled eggs.

I would ask your pediatrician. Eggs are one of those things that are questionable. My pediatrician said no whole eggs until after one year. She said however that she could have egg yolk, but no egg white. Also, be careful giving anything made with eggs. The big one is obviously baked goods, but be careful of your pastas as well...most are made with whole eggs!

NO. You should wait until at least a year to inttroduce any of the "big 8" allergens, and then just one at a time. At seven months your baby should be getting mostly formula and a very little bit of cereal and strained fruits/veggies. Hold off if you can. I know it is exciting when baby can eat "real" food, but it is a set up for alleries and digestive problems that can last for years.

My personal opinion is 'do what you think is best'. My 9 month old has been eating little table scraps for a while now..and he loves it. No matter if he just ate a full jar of baby food and a full bottle, if we sit down to eat..HE HAS TO EAT WITH US. He loves ranch style beans, peas, very small tender slices of meat, bread, pasta, potatoes...you name it..we have given it to him. I have not tried eggs on him because my doctor does not recommend it. Your child could have a sever allergic reaction to any food that you feed them, but for some reason, personally, I am more leary of trying eggs than any other food. Do what you feel is good. It doesnt matter what anyone else says..it is your child and deep down, you know what is best for you baby. Good luck!

Not a good idea I found out the hard way with that. You are suppose to introduce eggs when a child is one. The child could be allergic to eggs and 7 months is to soon. Try oatmeal or real rice or grits my son did well with those. Good Luck

Check out the book Nourishing Traditions and SuperImmunity for Baby. They are excellent resources and guide you through the whole growing phase.

You can always give her mashed up avacado (super healthy) or bananas (once they are ripe you can store in the fridge) or baked sweet potato. Fresh is always healthier than jarred baby food. An awesome book on making your own baby food is Super Baby Food by Ruth Yarrow. She also has a month by month introduction schedule.

Only egg yolks after 9 mos, and whole eggs at one year. The egg whites is usually where the allergy lays. Just like orange juice, they are not supposed to have it till after 9 mos.

But when all else fails to convince....ask your doctor.

I started giving my daughter boiled egg yellows only, not the white part, around 9 months. Supposedly it's the white part that contains the allergen. Avoid anything with citrus and nuts, including strawberries and tomatoes. I didn't start meats until 9 months either. Anything soft and in small pieces will probably be okay. Look for her pincer grasp. If she can pick up a cheerio with her thumb and forefinger, she can eat it. Brenda's suggestions are excellent so I won't repeat them but you might add avocado and beans. I also give my daughter canned veggies when I'm in a hurry and can't steam them myself, the little cans are great; you can get about 3 meals from one $.65 can; the big cans go bad before she has time to finish a whole one. They have green beans, peas and carrots, lima beans, etc. Make sure to mash the peas though because they are a choking hazard. Grated cheese is good too in small amounts; too much will make her poop hard. Enjoy the mess; this is a fun time!

I was told yolks only before a year. Yogurt is great, babies love it!

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