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17 Month Old W/ a cold...any Suggestions to Help Him Feel Better?

Hello- my 17 months old son has a bad cold, he's very congested. any recommendations to help him breather better? his nose is very stuffed up, can i put Vick's vapor rub on him, or is he too young for that?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
thank you!

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Hey J.,
My son is 10 mo. and gets very congested when teething. We use the Vicks Baby Rub (did'nt know to put it on the feet!) and a vaporizer, and the Vapo-Plug. He sleeps better when he's sick than not!!! The Vicks plug refills are stronger smelling than the Sudacare or Pediacare brands, but I found they are all the same size and fit into the Sudacare plug unit I initially bought. I prefer the Vicks because they are stronger, and he's been sleeping well. Good luck

There is a baby vicks rub out there. I think I bought mine at Target or Walgreen's. Also my pediatrician recommended the yellow children's Triaminic - for stuffy noses. It works great! :) Also we use a humidifier in the room while the kids are battling a cold.

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Give him a nice warm bath with Johnson's Soothing Vapor Bath before he goes to bed. You will be able to get his nose cleared which will help him get to sleep. I also use a cold mist humidifier in my kids rooms. It helps keep their noses moist. The humidifier also helps keep their coughs productive. Besides that, make sure he is getting plenty of liquids to drink everyday.
Good luck!

Try the Sudafed Vapor Plugs. It's a plug-in with a little pad that gives off the vicks scent. It has worked SO well when out little one has a cough and cold, and it's less messy than putting the vapor rub on baby!

We use Baby Vicks, which is safe for any infants/ toddler over the age of 3 months. I just felt safer using it instead of guessing how much adult vicks I could give.

Vicks has a chest rub with lavender in it. You can put it under their shirts or even on their feet to help them breathe better. There are saline drops for his nose and defintely the humidifier. Also, elevate his crib, so he's not gagging on the drainage. There is one cough medicine I give my daughter if her cough gets bad called Delsum? My Dr. said it was ok every once in awhile, it has no alcohol & is a single ingredient cough syrup... God bless and go to bed early for awhile to keep up your energy. (my daughter is 18 mo).

I put Vick's on my son when he was younger than that. I actually out it on the inside of his sleeper shirt so he wouldn't eat it. Once he's asleep you can also put a tiny dab under his nose- this worked well for us.

When our little one is stuffed up we put the Vick's Vapor Rub on her feet, so she gets some of the effect without it being overwhelming.

We put vicks on both our children when they get stuffy. Ever since our baby was about 3 months old.

Just make sure to put some kind of clothing on him so he is not able to get any vicks on his hands (and then in his mouth.) Our son had sensitive skin so I rubbed the vicks on his onesie and then put pj's over that. Use the regular stuff. We tried the baby stuff and there is not much difference other than the price and the regular seems to work better.

Also, take him to a chiropractor. That ALWAYS speeds up congestion healing in our kids. Find one that takes extra training in child adjustments.

The cool mist humidifiers help wonders too.

PS> I would not use many of the "bath" products. If you check out the ingridients on the back of the bottle, they have many unsafe and toxic chemicals in them...

I would NOT use any tylenol or cold medications either. No need to medicate a child who doesn't need it. That way, when he really does need it, his body will react right away to it because he will NOT have built up any immunity to it.

yes, use vicks...you dont have to put it on his skin, you can put it on his pajamas if you are concerned about it...also, buy some vapor bath...it is like bubble bath, but smells like mint/eucaliptus..it is wonderful and really helps clear up your sinuses. also try little noses...it is a saline solution that helps loosen the snot and junk and then use the nose bulb to suck it all up. they hate this, but it helps so much!

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