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6 Month Old Twins ( Boy and Girl)...

my twins screaming all day long , and the boys voice is very loud more than his sister and she starts doing the same thing like her brother... .
they are screaming all the time to push me to hold both of them at the same time what can i do to let them calm down .. and stop screaming ???

and they like to watch T.V all the time is that O.K.. ? and they Hate Tommy Time ... ?? help me please

P.S : they where born 5 weeks early ...
Thank you for your help

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Hello every body .. thank you so much for your advise.

The real month for them it's 5 month because they born early ... but on the birth certificate they are Six month old ...

Am doing my best to make them happy but unfortunately i don't have family here ... sometimes i can't go out alone i need some help with them from my husband because the boy he is so fussy and he has reflex when he eat he takes long time to feed him ...

Now i put them in schedule i give them bath at 6 pm and i feed them and they go to sleep 4 or 5 hours ... sometimes i feel it's too much headache because my family live over seas and nobody with me here ... and i have here my best friend and she live like 20 minutes from my house but also she has 4 kids but she always give me big support ..

they love to be on the swing or the vibrating papasan but to watch T,V . and now am trying not to let them watch T.V any more

i think they hate the formula special the girl she hate it so much because all the time they has gas and their doctor ask me to mix formula with the rice cereal and it's too much for them in this age ,,,
when the weather gets better i'll start take them out in a stroller for a walk

anyway thank you so much for every thing and i'll keep in touch and i'll let you know what's going on with me ...

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It's better for kids not to watch any TV at all before age 2 as recommended by the AAP. They may be getting overstimulated by watching TV and that may contribute to the crying since they cannot tell you what's wrong yet. Babies need lots of cuddling, physical play, and sensory experiences that TV cannot provide. Have you tried carrying them in a baby carrier? Are they comforted by a baby swing at all? Good luck!

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It's better for kids not to watch any TV at all before age 2 as recommended by the AAP. They may be getting overstimulated by watching TV and that may contribute to the crying since they cannot tell you what's wrong yet. Babies need lots of cuddling, physical play, and sensory experiences that TV cannot provide. Have you tried carrying them in a baby carrier? Are they comforted by a baby swing at all? Good luck!

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Can you get out of the house and do you have a double-stroller? Take them to the mall for a walk when they start getting antsy. Whenever my son would start to get cranky, we'd go outside or leave the house and he would instantly calm down.

Have you tried swings? Exersaucers? Baby gym/playmats?

Personally, I don't have the TV on when my child is in our living room. Try turning on some soothing music to help them calm down.

I'm not sure if I am reading the tone of this request correctly, but you sound pretty stressed. Are you able to have family come over and give you a hand during the day, or perhaps hire a mother's helper? Even if they're just taking a child for a few hours that could definitely help you out a ton.

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A., I feel for you!!!! I have almost 10 month old boy/girl twins.

Step one -Mommy needs a break, a calm Mommy handles screaming babies better. Call for reinforcement. Family, friends, and I joined Dupage Doubles for Support, too. Get the heck out of the house. My Dad comes over with so much patience for the babies. (Because he is not in the thick of it all the time) After an hour at the grocery store or something I feel like a new woman. It doesn't take much, but I know I need to remove myself from the situation every now and then for perspective.

How are the babies sleeping? Are they getting their naps and sleeping through the night? Maybe they are overtierd and thus overstimulated by everything becasue they need some sleep. Don't be afraid to let the babies cry for 10 minutes. I put my babies down in their cribs and go set my kitchen timer. Most of the time by the end of the 10 minutes, as hard as it is to listen to crying, my twins sleep.

My kids love TV, too but I do limit it. What about playpens with a few toys for safe independent playtime? I put my kids in their own playpens while I take a shower, and have 15 minutes or so.

I know sometimes it feels like their is not enough Mama to go around with twins, but try not to feel guilty. Kids at 6months can usually be redirected to a new toy and distracted.

I read the notes about going to the mall. My babies do well with a change of scenery, too.

Good luck and hang in there!! It does get easier!! If you need anything, don't hesitate to e-mail!


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I have twins, boy and girl, 18 months and they were 6 weeks early. It sounds like your son/daughter may have some colic. Have you tried swaddling/swaying/swinging/vibrating papasan/bouncy seat? I wouldn't leave them in an exersaucer too long (can cause bowl leggedness) That may help. Are you using formula, they may be having issues with formula and you might want to switch. If these don't help, I would call your pediatrician. I would also not recommend having them watch much tv... if you feel, 20 minutes tops. No baby likes tummy time but it's very important for development. Wait 15 minutes after you feed them. Start by 5 minutes and increase it 5 minutes after a while and then again and so forth. Go on the floor with them and try and occupy them. They also have some tummy mats that have mirrors/toys that help. Good luck. Hang in there. Some things will get easier.

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I agree with KC, my son watched only a tiny bit of TV at that age...only baby videos. I think the best thing would be to try taking them out for walks, swing, jumper or exersaucer, some interactive play time with them. My son never liked tummy time either so I just did it for short periods of time. Baby carriers like a sling would be great too and you could probably carry both of them at the same time.

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Do you have swings and if so do they like them? When mine were little, I would put them in the swing in front of the t.v. If it buys you 30 minutes of peace and sanity for them and you there is nothing wrong with that.

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I have almost 19 month old triplets that came at 32 weeks. Are you sure it's not food related? Or colic? Or reflux? My son had reflux when he was born and use to complain/cry all the time until we switched his medication to prevacid. Do you still swaddle them? Have you tried a sound machine to stimulate that "shushing" sound? Good luck!

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Hi A.,
One of the first suggestions I read someone gave you would be my suggestion as well. Get them on a stroller and take them to the mall for a walk while its cold.
My children both always relaxed after a walk.
Another will be to take some time with each.
My children are not twins, they are 11 months appart. When my son was born I would do anything in my power to nap them together but I realized they did so much better when they had mommy time.
So, I started napping them separately so I could have some special time with the other.

I would also try buying them 2 books, the same one for each and reading with them with each having their own book.
Sharing and teaching them to share is lovely but also to have your own privacy and time.

They are so young though that I am going to guess that the most favorable result will come from taking them out of the house and letting them get fresh air, you can super bundle if you want to just walk outside....


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The TV is a definite no. Children under the age of 2 need 3-D interactions rather than 2-D. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding TV for children under the age of 2.

Tummy time is a must. My doc told me that even if my daughter didn't like it, that she had to do it so as to develop her muscles to learn to crawl, roll, hold head up etc. She complained a lot at first. But I got her a soft flat toy to lie on and to lick. Once she got used to it, she started to love tummy time but it took a few weeks.

My suggestion is to try to get your twins interested in a variety of toys. Once they are crawling around and interacting with other things, they won't need you as much and will "self-entertain." They may still like the notion of you not being far off. A variety of toys that they can push and that make noise or squeeze etc. Exersaucers, jump and gos etc.

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Are they six month adjusted age? OR real age? I have been having trouble with my preemie getting upset too. For him we are finding that it is food related. He is formula fed, and the preemie formula was too much for him. I do not know if this is a factor with your babies.
Also one thing I found which helped was to hold him side ways so that his stomic was pressing against my arm from gravity. (football or superman hold) You could only hold one at time this way, but it might help.
Good Luck!

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What about sitting on the floor with music on instead.....put them both in your lap and read a book together. Then grab some toys and put one on each side of you. Use a bumbo or something to "prop" them if they arent' sitting alone yet. Then do a technique supernanny used. You turn to one child, show them something, interact with their toy. Turn to the other child, interact. Give it a good 20 minutes. No phone interuptions, no making dinner, no emails, nothing. Just 20 minutes. Then see if they are content that they had their fill of mommy time enough to give you some peace!!!! Hope that helps! I read before that if the kids are pushing and not letting you get house things done, give them 10-20 minutes of undivided attention and then set them down with the next toy to see if they will then be content. Best of luck! Twins are intense!!!!

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