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Where to Put 4 Month Old Baby

My 4 month olds seem to have outgrown their baby swings but are not old enough to sit up on their own. Any suggestions on where I can put them when not holding them?

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Thanks so much for all of the responses...so many good ideas! Their needs and wants seem to change from day to day, so keeping up is a constant challenge. It's so nice to hear from moms who've been there before.

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My daughter loved to lay under her play gym at that age where she could bat at or kick the things dangling from the gym. She also liked laying on a blanket on the floor and kicking. I also had a bouncy chair I used occasionally, but she liked her gym and the floor much better.

I never had a swing or bouncy seat in my house. I just put thick blankets on the floor. He learned to hold his head up and sit up very early because he had lots of practice. Good luck!

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If they can hold their head up, they may do well in the little molded rubber seats with a tray. The seats hold them upright and you can put toys or food on the trays. That's what I did with my son (second child) when I needed my hands free at that age.

I would try a Bumbo seat. Or, you might try the floor under a baby gym, so they can bat at the toys. We used our baby swings until almost 1 year old. Are you sure they have outgrown them? Another idea is an exersaucer. These worked for my 5-month-old, so that's just a month away.

how about a bumpo..I think thatis what it's called ..I had one and my little girl loved it!

I agrere about the excersaucer, our little guy loved it. I would also suggest rolling a towel to put behind the or in front of their belly down in the seat. My son tended to fall a bit forward and then he could not look at the toys or reach out to touch them. Once he was bit bigger it was easier.

We also would put our son on the floor with the bobby behind him to help his sit up a bit.

some places my twins sat at that age:

- in the center of the twin nursing pillow
- exersaucers
- on the floor with pillows or rolled up fleece blankets as a 'back rest'
- bouncy seats

and the pack n play was also handy to have when you need to set them down for a moment to go to the bathroom, etc.

Wow, I'm really surpised at these requests. Now's the time to put them on the floor! They need a chance to use their muscles, to stretch, squirm and turn. If you don't have carpet throw down a thick soft quilt. Scatter a few toys around for them to reach for. Try to give them an interesting view (my kids liked being near our sliding glass door because of the movement in the trees outside, birds, etc.)
I had an excersaucer after the swing stage but only got about a month's use of it. Honestly they outgrow all the "gear" so fast I don't even think it's worth it in the end.
It's such a great stage, and so much fun to watch them develop into upright little people, enjoy it! Soon enough they will be mobile and then the real challenges begin :)

I never had a swing or bouncy seat in my house. I just put thick blankets on the floor. He learned to hold his head up and sit up very early because he had lots of practice. Good luck!

The options are endless...
*Tummy time on a blanket
*vibrating bouncy seat http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-K2564-Rainforest-Bounc...

*walker or exersaucer (activity chair) http://www.babyage.com/products/6161812_evenflo_evenflo_e...#

*Activity mat and have them reach for toys hanging over them
*door bungie bouncer (that you an hang on a door frame)
*Bumbo baby seat (some have play trays)http://www.bumbobabyseat.com/
*Have them practice sitting up in the center of a nursing pillow or you can have them on their tummy too

Be creative. This is a fun age. :O)

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