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2 Year Old with Diarrhea for 2 Weeks as of Today-anyone Else's Child Have This?

We've been to the Dr. and they are testing his stools, but anyone else expeience this with their children? He just turned 2 and is acting 100% normal. He's hungry and eating well (he was on the brat diet and is currently eating pretty bland). He hasn't had dairy, juice, or yogurt at the Dr.'s request. He's sleeping, playing, and no fever or other symptoms. He lost a pound in a week so we're going back for a recheck on Wednesday. He continues to have awful diapers every single morning and occasionaly during the day. Anyone have any ideas on what he could have? We won't get the test results back until sometime next week. He did spend a few hours about 2 weeks ago in the ER getting IV's and his bloodwork then showed nothing. Thanks so much.

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I'm happy to hear that "something" similar is going around - hopefully it's nothing more. (Sorry for those of you dealing with it too!) He's been on the florastore for a week now and also has the awful diaper rash. Baking soda baths have helped a little and we're using tons of Diaper Cream. I was also wondering if it could be a food allergy. Thanks so much for responding.

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Omg...my son has the same issues and he's 2 1/2. This is driving me crazy. I stopped taking his bath, thinking he may be drinking his bath water. I also stopped giving dairy foods at 2 Dr's request. This boy is still my little ball of energy, but the diarrhea causes him to lose weight and now he weighs only 31lbs. As a mother, I can't figure out what I did or am doing wrong? I even took a weeks vacation from work and stopped sending him to the day care so this way I control what he eats and drinks, but no difference. The Dr prescribed novo loperamide (Imodium) to harden his stool and it didn't even work. What happened in your case and what was the diagnosis?

I would think its a food sensitivity or allergy if its not a stomach bug. Maybe ask for a referral to the allergist.

My sister child had this problem but I recommend nature product call silver shield and silver shield gel.

My little guys had diarrhea and vomiting back in March. Lasted less than a week for both though. You need to give your little guy some probiotics. I think the best for diarrhea is Saccaromyces Boulardii (sp?). It can also prevent travelers diarrhea if you ever need to.

Have you talked to your doctor about adding some probiotics especially since he has had diarreha for the last 2 wks? Take a look at my article and the references for it here:


Sounds like he may be having some food allergy/food intolerance issues and would recommend seeing a pediatric allergist.

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My 2 year old has had diarrhea for over three weeks now. No other symptoms like fever or fussiness. As soon as he eats anything it will run right through him...they did parasite testing and said that his tests came back positive for salmonella. He has been on his antibiotic for about 2 1/2 days now and I haven't seen any improvement. Hopefully it will kick in soon. I did the exact same thing you did...brat diet, no acidics, and hes had plenty of energy and eating well. Horrible diaper rashes:( Other than that just diarrhea. ugh iy iy iy!

My son had the same thing a few months back! We took the stool samples in and everything. Turned out it just needed another week to work it out of his system and he was fine. Just be sure he's getting enough fluids!

Do research on gluten intolerance/celiac disease.

I think there is something going around.

My otherwise perfectly healthy toddler has had diarrhea for about a week now. Kids at his daycare have been sick and presenting with similar symptoms. Of course, their ding-dong parents just keep bringing them and bringing them when they should be keeping their sick kids at home, as not to infect the whole place...ugh! Our son also just has the diarrhea; no change in behavior, mood, or eating.

We doubt that, for our son, it is a milk allergy issue. He's tolerated milk perfectly fine since introducing it over a year ago. Given the potential viral infection and continuing diarrhea, we have stopped giving him milk and milk products to let his gut get 'back to normal' and are giving him Florastor (an OTC probiotic; just ask the pharmacist for it) to help. The diarrhea has also caused a horrible diaper rash, so he is on antibiotic ointment for that and it seems to be helping. Finally, we're also on the BRAT diet and hoping it helps. His pediatrician wants us to bring him back if he is still having diarrhea at two weeks to test his stools. He also mentioned that he's seeing a lot of this lately.

Good luck to you - I know the diarrhea really sucks!

My partner is experiencing the same thing and we're at our wits end. When you get your test results back I'd love to hear what you learn.

My child's diarrhea is usually because of food alergy. It will go away after 3 weeks :(

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