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2 Year Old Throws up Bile

My daughter is two, and about once a month (maybe slightly less often) she throws up bright yellow bile in the morning. She throws up and feels sick for an hour or two and then is fine the rest of the day. This has happened about four times now. This morning she threw up twice and was not feeling well a little longer than the last times. But I gave her some water and some crackers and now she seems absolutely fine. I have no idea why this is happening. Anyone else experience this or have any ideas as to what may be happening with her?

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My son had that issue. It's reflux. If their is nothing in the stomach, children often will throw up bile if they feel sick.

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Not sure what it could be- maybe she has problems w/ acid that upset her stomach? I have no real medical background, but I would take her to see her Pedi since this has become a fairly regular thing- you may even want to consider a pediatric gastroenterologist if the Pedi has no answers for you.
Hope you get some answers soon!!! :)

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Sounds like acid reflux. It sounds like from laying down all night that the acid builds up and then when she wakes up, feels sick. Acid reflux is fairly common. I would visit your pediatrician as they might do an upper gi series to determine if she has reflux. I wouldn't let it go though, since it hasn't gone away.

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All 3 of my kids have that problem when they don't eat enough at dinner. They wake up not feeling well, throw up some bile, or if they try to eat anything, they throw that up. It usually takes til about lunch time before they are normal again. So now, if I see that they are not eating their dinner for whatever reason (late lunch, they don't like it) I make sure that they have a half a peanut butter sandwich before they go to bed and I don't ignore them when they say they are hungry at night. (It doesn't happen often.) I hope its that simple for you too.

Good luck!

My son had that issue. It's reflux. If their is nothing in the stomach, children often will throw up bile if they feel sick.

Hi, T. -

Hopefully it's just a passing "thing" . . . however, having said that, I have to share a possible scenario that should be checked by a doctor. My son's little friend had a similar thing going on about 2 years ago at the age of 5, doing this once/week. It started to get a little worse after a couple of months, so mom his mom finally decided it was time to go see the dr. Turned out to be the best thing she could do - he has a rare kidney condition that almost cost him his life, and while he is doing great now, he has nightly dialysis until he is clear for a kidney transplant . . . I certainly hope this is not the case for your daughter, but I wouldn't want you to go with an undetected kidney or other organ issue. It is NOT normal to throw up bile, and is telling you something is wrong. One thing my friend's son's mom didn't notice until the nurse was checking him in was that the whites of his eyes were slightly yellowed, as was his skin; this is what got the nurse on the ball and decided to do a complete blood panel to rule out kidney problems.

I don't want to scare you, and hopefully this is not the case for your daughter; I just read your e-mail and can't help but think of my friend's son and the scary couple of years their family has been through, and I wouldn't want for you to wait until it was dire.

Please keep us posted on how she is doing! I wish you the best.

She's been doing this for four months? It's four months beyond the time for her to see the doctor. See the post about the kid for whom this type of vomiting was a sign of a serious kidney disease. Your child could have simple reflux or something grave -- you cannot know, and neither can we. Please call your pediatrician ASAP.

Often on Mamasource I read "I don't want to call the pediatrician in case it's nothing; I don't want to look like a mom who makes a big deal out of nothing." But you and we can't diagnose a child; we're not doctors. Better to go, and find out it's nothing, than to wait, and find out it was something that could have been treated over the past four months.

My daughter is 5 and we are having the same issue, it was maybe every 1.5 or 2 months, and after monitoring dates more closely as of late (this morning it happened again) - it was about 1 month apart. The only difference in your description and our experience is my daughter's vomit is clear most of the time. After reading below, I am going to call the Pediatrician. Did you ever get an answer?

Did you ever get a professional medical opinion on this? My son has done this 3 weeks in a row now and we are baffled. The first 2 weeks the doctor said its probably just a bug but we are not convinced. It happens at the same time every week, which adds to the strangeness. Early Sunday morning he wakes up coughing and ends up throwing up bile. He usually has 3-5 episodes and then he is fine. Any insight is appreciated.

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