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5 Month Old Still Spitting up Frequently...

My 5 month old son, Jaxon, spits up constantly! We're not talking the average spit up. It's projectile happening multiple times during feedings and in-between feedings...EVEN if he has taken a super long nap. And it's massive amounts, not just a few tablespoons. He's spit up like this since birth. I breastfed for 6 weeks and he even spit up with that. I've tried: feeding him less (which doesn't work because he spits up so much, it's not too long and he's hungry again), I've mixed cereal in with his formula, I've tried burping him more often and the only thing that does is make him extremely mad, we use the Dr. Brown's bottles, we use lactose free formula now which helps a little but not really...but anything helps so I keep using it, he's had upper G.I. plus an ultrasound and he didn't have any blockages...he was normal, his pediatrician put him on 2 ml of Rantidine two times a day (generic Zantac) for acid reflux..he was on just 1 ml but it wasn't doing anything so his pediatrician upped his dosage, I even tried REALLY thickening up his bottles every once in a while by mixing formula, baby food and single grain oatmeal... which he absolutely LOVES but he even spits that up, he's not jossled around alot after feedings so it's not because he's moving around too much. And he doesn't associate food with pain, the boy loves to eat! He doesn't cry when he spits up...he'll just be sitting or lying there and BLA-A-AH...there it is. I worry about damage to his esophagus...because this spitting up can not be good for him. And every once in a while he spits up what seems to be stomach bile. Ugh. And I know he's teething so that's just making it worse lately...but I know that's not the problem, because he's always been this way. He doesn't have a problem with gaining weight...he's in the 75th percentile in wieght and 90th for height...so there's no problem there. I'm just worried about long term effects! I DON"T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!! HELP!

Oh, and I've also tried Soy...didn't work and he hated it.

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I would go back to the pediatrician. Both of my kids had reflux when they were babies. Both were put on Zantac and it did not help. One took Prilosec, which worked well and the other took Previcid, which also worked well. both my kids stopped needing the medicine around the 6-7 month mark.

I have a 8 month old son that spit up, and has since he was born.. I like you was very worried.. I talked with his dr..and she told me to put a rice cereal in his bottle and this seems to help...I have discovered that you need buy stage 2 or 3 nipples. I use stage 3..Also do not lay him down after he eats..I keep my son's bed propted up at an angle..I hope this helps...
A. S

Pediatrician might want to switch medications. Sounds like Zantac isn't working for him. Another med may work better. We went through 3 different reflux medications before one did the trick. Also may consider a medication, can't think of the name, that will also help digest formula out of stomach quicker, so its not sitting in there so long. That also helped us. Pediatrician should know the name. I would really try something different than Zantac.

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My daughter did the same thing, and nothing worked to help her either. It did calm down a little when she started sitting up on her own without any help, and also when she started eating baby food more often.

Hang in there! I feel for you! I don't think I had ever done so much laundry as I did when she was in that phase.

P.S. So far, I have not seen any lasting effects on her. She still eats well, and doesn't seem to have any pain.

Ask your doctor if there is a different medication than Zantac-basing this on what I had-for 25 years Itook Zantac and recently had surgery to correct a hiatal-hernia (they rebuilt my stomach, not removing any part) they told me the Zantac only works in the "top" part and does not get into the bottom to help the acid-it works as a cover up-ok that helps in some cases but it did not help me. So I wonder if there is something like a baby prilosec which works on the acid that is out there for your little one? It is wortha try to find out. Good luck-I feel your little one's pain!

Does your son have excessive post nasal drip, or has his doctor made sure he isn't having some stomach or esophageal muscle spasms?
Dietary-wise - Have you tried Rice Milk? My niece who's a coeliac (allergic to gluten), could only drink rice milk as a baby. Her mom added non-glutened vitamin syrup and a little rice cereal to her rice milk to make a formula for her. I don't know, but you could probably buy rice formula now days.

These are just ideas!

I would recommend taking him to a specialist. My son was the same way but the Zantac seemed to help. I know where you are with the whole projectile thing...we didn't have burp rags...we carried beach towels! My son was so talented, while he was rear facing he could hit the back window of the Yukon!

My son eventually outgrew it (although at 4 he will occassionally get that look and you just know it's coming) but it's not where it used to be and rarely happens anymore. I would suggest somewhere like Children's Mercy for a specialist that could suggest more than just upping the dosage...perhaps the regular vs. the generic would make the difference?

My son is 2 1/2 years old. He, too, spit up constantly! We were discouraged to take him anywhere b/c of it. As with your son, he really didn't experience any pain, just a lot of and frequent spit ups. I used soy formula and DR. Brown bottles also. He also had a normal GI exam with slight reflux. Medication did not help-we discontinued. Literally to the day that he could walk, the spitting reduced drastically and then stopped. That is also what his Ped. had predicted. Some parents have opted for surgery, but it was not recommended to us. Have you heard of it? It has something to do with the muscle function at the entrance to the stomach I think. Currently, we have not noticed any long term affects-vocally or physically. Good luck!

it sounds as if you've tried quite a lot to address this situation. My very 1st thought was: he's 5 months old & the closer you get to that 1st birthday, the less this is going to happen.
If you're not noticing any allergic reactions, then why not just wait it out another couple of months? This is not cold or harsh, just simply...he'll be on more foods very soon & this issue will disappear. Good Luck!

Update: I just read the recommendation to seek chiropractic evaluation. What an excellent idea!

Hi E.!

I am the mommy of a 4 year old and a 21 month old. My 4 year old spit up alot just like your Jaxon. I always had spit-up on me. And he would fill up a folded cloth diaper at almost every feeding. Instead of thickening up his bottles; have you thought of, or ate just trying to feed him cereal from a spoon? Just a thought. My boy gained weight and grew just like your son is doing and did not stop spitting up until he was almost a year old. The spitting up has not hurt is esophagus. Good luck!

Take that sweet thing to the chiropractor. Sometimes a baby gets a reflux disorder due to his nerves being our of line in his spine. It can be a quick easy fix. Chiropractic has helped all three of my children. I wouldn't live without it.

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