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2 Year Old Sick with the Flu

Hello. My daughter will be 2 next month. She has been terribly sick. I have taken her to the doctor 2 times. I was told that she could have influenza. My concern is that her temperature keeps peeking to 103.0+ during the day and 104.1+ in the night. I have been alternating Tylenol and Motrin every 3-4 hours, but it doesn’t seem to help much. I have also been giving her luke warm baths to bring the temp down. I’m scared that during the night her temp could peak and I won’t know. Could this make her have seizures or do damage long term? When is it necessary to take her to the emergency room? What else could I do to help her? Am I being an overly scared or is this normal when kids get the flu?

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Hi M.-
You have every right to be worried. If her temp keeps spiking like that you probably should consult her pediatrician. So many times we are so worried that we forget to mention the important small stuff. Have you tried giving her popsicles to keep her temp down and keeping her hydrated?

get that little girl in the hospital, admit her, have them take stool samples and blood tests... NOW... there is no reason to wait, it is serious.

I would think the fever should be gone by now if you have taken her in 2 times. If it's been more than 3 or 4 days, definitely. Especially since you're pregnant and can't afford to get something serious. I hope she gets better soon!

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I am a mom of a 3 year old and also expecting a baby in July. I am a 3rd year pharmacy student as well, usually a higher fever like that is associated with a bacterial infection rather than influenza but I am sure that your doctor is checking for that. What other symptoms is she having? The cool baths are good, make sure she is in light clothing that can be layered and taken off when she gets hot, you can also use cool wash cloths on her head. Even though it seems like the motrin and tylenol are not working keep giving them to her. High fevers should not make her have seizures or do permanent damage however if she is consistently having fevers of 103 and 104 on medications I would be concerned and not wait too long before you take her to the ER

wash the bottom of her feet with rubing acholol it worked for my youngest son 35 years ago good luck

My two yr old just got over being sick. I had to give him the motrin and tylenol at the same time, and then tylenol again, in three hours. This is what they told me to do at OUR ER visit. His fever got up to 104.9.

I always ask myself, what can the ER do for him, I can not. It just isn't worth subjecting him to all the extra germs, if he doesn't need an IV. He had not been eating or peeing, so he got an IV and fluids. He had many test runs(blood, snot, and chest xray) to see what exactly he had, and if there was an antibiotics for him. He ended up having RSV.

Good luck, keep her almost naked when she sleeps, and love her tons!

My sister has a little girl that is 8 months old and she was really sick a few months ago. Her fevers kept spiking up all the time too. When they took her to the dr, they did xrays, blood work, did a spinal tap (you name it they did it) they never really did find out what was wrong with her but we took turns taking her to the dr. We had to take her every 24 hours for shots of anti-biotics and what not. EVENTUALLY she got rid of whatever it was and her fever went away. Take her to the dr and see if they can run some tests or something to see if they can try to determine what it might be.

We had this same exact thing last month and it is a little scary. The doctor told us it would go away in 5-7 days, so if it's been longer than that I would see the doctor again. They now have a medicine they can give kids with the flu that cuts the time in half if you catch it within the first 24 hours. (info for next time, maybe) Hang in there!

Mindi hang in thear my 6 year old also has the influenza bug and I understand your concern. We have been doing the same treatment as you. It will run its course in 14- 15 days. Just try to keep ahead of the fever and give her lots of love and attention. Also be carefull that you dont catch it we wear told to wash our hands constantly. She neeeds to have a alot of fluid too. If it dont improve in a couple days I would take her back in and see if they have enything to help her out . My child is on a medication to treat the affects of the flue but he also just got his tonsils and adnodes out to we were in the hospital for three days. He still runs a fever and coughs alot but he seems to be getting a little better.

I would think the fever should be gone by now if you have taken her in 2 times. If it's been more than 3 or 4 days, definitely. Especially since you're pregnant and can't afford to get something serious. I hope she gets better soon!

Call your pediatrician & tell him/her excatly what you have told everyone here on mammasource. Your child could have a bacterial infection & may need antibiotics. Treat the source & your baby will eventually get better. Dehydration can also make a fever worse. Make sure to give her lots of fluids (juice, water). It sounds like you are doing everything you can & you need expert consultation. Be proactive & call your pediatrician.

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