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19 Weeks and Spotting...

hi all. give a little backround i am 19 weeks pregnant and i go for my second ultrasound next week so far everything is normnal but i'm spotting and now that scares me. i have a 3 year old daughter and i try take it easy as much as u can with a 3 year old my question is how do i kno when it is too much and call dr i am so afraid of havibng a miscarriage. i do feel some fetal movement but it not consistent and hasn't been in few hours but i been active and just might not have noticed it. please anyone that can help so much has been diffferent with this pregnancy dealing with different feeling and pain from my c-section the first time hurting again but dr says everything was normal on tuesday.

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Just to give everyone an update. i am fimne and so is my son lol we went and got ultrasound done and not only did it say everything was ok but it also told us his sex.

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I have been bleeding since day one but I have fibroids. I hope everything is going okay with you. Please let me know. I know sometimes we spot and we need to stop what we are doing and be on bed rest for a while.. Good luck and keep me posted.

You should always call the dr. i ignored spotting and then a wk later i had fluid and when into preterm labor at 31 wks. So i suggest you call the dr. I can be a bit to postive. so i thought it was nothing. Good luck!!

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The best advice a good friend gave me when I was pregnant, I pass on to other women over and over....

"Your doctor is paid to take care of you, if you have any questions at any time during your pregnancy and need to be reassured, CALL them. They deal with it every day and they will know when they need you to come in"

Sometimes even talking to the nurse in the doctor's office calmed me down if I was feeling anxious about something/some symptom I was experiencing.

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While I was pregnant with my second son I experienced minor spotting (I saw some one time and then a day or so later saw it again). I called when I saw it the second time and was told that it was no big deal at that point. However, if it kept occurring I should schedule to have it checked or if the spotting was at least the size of a quarter I should go in. Rather than worry yourself whether this is normal or not until your next appointment, I would call the OB-GYN and ask. A peace of mind will relieve some stress for you. Good-luck!

Hi L.,
I know exactly how you are feeling and I am a Grammy now. I spotted with my second child and was put on complete bedrest for a month. Very hard when you have a two year old. After a month I was told not to stand for more than 10 minutes out of an hour. Yes it was rough but between a very loving Mom-in-law, my husband and myself we managed. Ultrasound was not around. My now 35 year old daughter is preganant with her first child. This child also didn't move much till about 5 1/2 months and the doctor didn't hear a heart beat until 5 months. Very scary. Kate was born very healthy but at 6 lbs 6 ounces was the smallest of my three girls. Six years later I was pregnant again and still no ultrasound. Again the spotting started. I told the doctor that I wasn't going to bed and I wasn't going to sit. If I was meant to have this baby God would see to it. I spotted almost the whole time I was pregnant. Again I had a very healthy 8 lb 4 ounce baby. Yes it is scary but trust your doctor and be thankful for the ultrasounds and all the testing they have available now. Put your mind at ease and enjoy your pregnancy. L.
PS My oldest daughter had a period for the first 4 months of her first pregnancy - she didn't even know she was pregnant - imagine her surprise when the doctor told her she was 5 1/2 months!!!!

I would bet that this is normal (I had some spotting with both of my girls), but I would call your dr. This would make you feel better and you would not have to worry about guessing if it is normal or not. However, I would try to take it easy.

I am no doctor but thought I would tell my experience. Whe I was preg. with my now 2 month old I had a 2 year old also. I started spotting too, I found out I had a polyp, that would beed from time to time and was not dangerous at all. I know it is hard to take it easy with a toddler but my prayers are with you. Just don't be afraid to call doctors as much as you need to.

You should always call the dr. i ignored spotting and then a wk later i had fluid and when into preterm labor at 31 wks. So i suggest you call the dr. I can be a bit to postive. so i thought it was nothing. Good luck!!

Hi L.,
I had spotting during my second pregnancy. However, it was much earlier than you are. It turned out that my hormone levels were low, and I needed to be put on Projesterone until I was 16 or 18 weeks, I believe.
If you haven't contacted your ob-gyn, I would do so immediately.
All the best,

If you've told your dr. already and everything checks out, then I wouldn't be concerned about it. During my 1st pregnancy I spotted alot, but everything was fine. I just told my dr. about it andthey would check to be onthe safe side. I've had 3 babies so far, and every one of them has been different.
The way I see it, every baby is a gift from God. Put yourself and your baby in His hands. Say it out loud - "God, this baby is a gift from you. I trust you to keep both of us safe." Say it as many times as you need to. It will get into your spirit and drive all fear out. I had to do that during my 1st pregnancy. Remember, He is the Father of everyone...and a father's job is to protect his children. He loves that baby even more than you do. Trust Him.

I agree with the others about calling your OB. Mine says its okay to call every day if I need to.

At 19wks there could be several reasons for decreased movement (if that's the case. I mean, at this point the baby still moves the most when you're sleeping, so it may not really be decreased, it may be increased. Also, most women don't feel consistent movement until 26-28wks.) and for the spotting (trying too hard for bowel movements, recent intercourse, teensy vessel pop).

For whatever reason, this pregnancy (my 6th, with 0 for 5) has had bleeding w/clots every 2-3wks. Each time, I was seen immediately and treated with TLC. Sometimes there were explanations (kidney infection), others there was no reason found.

Good luck and call your doctor!!! :D

Hi L.--I know you're worried--go ahead and call the doctor. It's his/her job to answer your questions, and bleeding should always be noted. However, if your doc did a pelvic exam at your appointment Tuesday, a little bit of spotting can be a normal after-effect and nothing at all to worry about. Good luck.

Hi L.,

Did your Dr do an internal exam on Tues? If so, that could be what is causing you to spot. I would say err on the side of caution and call your Dr. It is always better to be cautious when you are pregnant.

Congrats on your pregnancy!


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Hi L.. I would go into the Dr again as soon as you can. I'm sure all is fine but you need piece of mind. The Dr will not mind. N.

Drink a cup of juice and lay down. Count movements over one hour. if it is less than ten, drop everything and call your obgyn. If it's more than ten, call your obgyn in the am about the spotting.


I would definitely get in touch with your doctor. It will give you the piece of mind if they think everything is OK. That is what the doctors are there for and they would rather have you get in touch with them to keep them informed. Good luck!


I believe your doctor is paid well enough to call him or her on any questions you may have. This is certainly someting you should ask him. But sometimes you may have what my doctor called "old" blood in your uterus that needs to be shed. So it can be nothing or you may need bed rest. Your dr needs to make the call.
God bless and hang in there.

spotting since you been to doctor or more? then can call always and speak to nurse to calm you down. Why they have them.


Each case is different and I never had a c-section, but when ever you spot you should call the doctor. The important thing for you to know is that you are in God's hands. Pray about it and lean on him no matter how it ends. He is your strenth and comfort.



I had high risk preemie twins at two months early. Even though they were scheduled to be sectioned 6 weeks early, I still had problems that I did not notice until a daily NST pointed it out. You know your body best. Head to the doctor or even hospital labor and delivery. The sooner the better. You won't lose anything if you are wrong. If you are correct in thinking there are complications it's best to go *now* and figure it out. Call the doctor, find a sitter, and head to the office or the emergency room. Things can change with a pregnancy in minutes, although that's usually not the case. GO!

Hi L.,

That is such a scary thing!! My heart goes out to you. I went through that, too, between weeks 15-18. It was all I could think about, even though my midwives said I was fine and that it happens sometimes. I had a healthy baby boy in Nov. Just stay in good communication with your doctors and let them know exactly what's happening. Try to worry too much - I KNOW, easier said than done, but the stress isn't good for you or the baby. And try not to do too much research online. I did that and it just freaked me out. Hoping for a healthy, beautiful pregnancy for you!

I've always heard that some light spotting is fairly common, however, I would bet it would make you feel better if you called your ob/gyn and asked them about it. That's my advice. Take care.

I spotted my whole pregnancy. They said I had something called polyps ( sounds like pollips). I had a very healthy baby. Sometimes you spot because you are doing too much so lay down and elevate your feet as much as you can on a pillow. You will be ok....

I have been bleeding since day one but I have fibroids. I hope everything is going okay with you. Please let me know. I know sometimes we spot and we need to stop what we are doing and be on bed rest for a while.. Good luck and keep me posted.

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