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Spotting at 12 1/2 Weeks Pregnant, Help!

Hi Mamas!
Can at all be normal to be spotting at 12 1/2 weeks pregnant? I also have had a pretty bad headache all day. I have a call in to my doctor but who knows when she'll call me back. Please help!

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Dear Mamas,
Thank you all so much for taking the time to reassure me and give be the benefit of your experience. My doctor did eventually call me back last night and suggest I go for a special ultrasound (nucal translucency), but in the meantime not to worry because it can be normal especially since it was dark brown in color, no cramping, and relatively light- only incredibly terrifying for a first-time preggo mom! I also called my old Dr. (too far away to go to) and her nurse told me the same thing: not to worry, try to keep off my feet and not to spaz (my word). Already, it has gotten lighter and my headache didn't last past mid-morning the next day. Feeling much less freaked out. So, thanks so much for all of your caring and prayers; I am so glad I found this site!- J..

-One week later-
I went for my ultra-sound yesterday and everything was fine. Babycakes was nice and comfy and healthy and looking the way she (or he) should. Personally, I have never in my life seen anything so beautiful and perfect as my tiny, little 2 1/2 inch baby on the ultrasound monitor! I tell you, women get all the perks! The cause of my bleeding was a tiny pocket under the placenta where it had not attached all the way yet but was healing nicely. So all said and done, not to worry- everything is fine! I am going to frame the pictures! Thank you all for your concern and answers!

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Don't worry too much, I did bleed often and on and off with my second pregnancy. Sometimes it happens. Keep calm.

Good luck!

I would not wait for the doctor to call you back. I would go to her office immediately and insist that you be seen. Spotting can often be nothing, but I know you will feel better once the doctor tells you that nothing is wrong. Best of luck!

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I never did...but know woman that have. if its not a lot I would not worry. sounds like you may be dehydrated and that can cause a headache. just keep up on your fluids for that growing baby. Good luck! :)

from what i've read, spotting is not normal, but in 50% of cases, it can be totally fine. Do you have other morning sickness symptoms or did they disappear?

Did your nausia disappear too? Spotting is completely normal, though it was the first sign of all three of my miscarriages at 12 weeks. Do not panic, you are probably fine, but get in to see your doctor ASAP to set your mind at ease.

Every case is different but as for me, I had an actual blood flow like a period (more then spotting) at 12 weeks and my baby was fine. We were all scared and I had to be on bed rest until they figured out that it was no problem. I think you should just lay down, rest, take it easy as you can. This will be best for you and your baby until you hear from your doctor.

I had spotting with my son at around 11 weeks.. had a vaginal ultrasound and it turned out fine. However, if your dr.s office didn't tell you to come in right away for an ultrasound or to be checked I suggest you switch dr's. doesn't sound like they are very good..

good luck!! I hope it works out for you!!!

Hi, I know exactly how you feel. i am 14 weeks pregnant right now and i too spotted, brown, at 12 1/2 weeks. Though i was in florida when it happened, my dr. called me right back and told me to go get an ultrasound but being in florida, i had to go to the ER and boy was i scared. I already have a 18 month old, but suffered a miscarriage in november so i was very nervous. they gave me an ultrasound that showed that the baby was fine and had actually grown from the ultrasound i had in new york on monday. all my blood work came back perfect as well though i was having some cramping and tightness. the ER doctor told me to take it easy, almost be on bed rest,which isvery hard with a 18 month old and that i was probably deydrated. But, there is a 50/50 chance of having a miscarriage and no one knows why. so i rested and drank TONS of water and i spotted twice the next day, less the next and have had no spotting since. the cramping actually got worse(braxton hicks like, which is when you have contractions that tighten your abdomin which are completly harmless) The more water i drank, the better i felt. I was running around florida at attraction with my family and most have done too much and not drank enough. I still don't know why this happeend and the same thing could be happening to you. If your DR doesn't call you back, go the ER asap and make sure everything is okay. So far, it was for me, so that should give you some hope. Good luck and i will be thinking about you. If you have any more questions, let me know!! By the way, what color is the spotting, some people spot brown their whole pregnancy and go on the have healthy babies, though they say, if it becomes red and you are having cramps, worse than period cramps, than something could be wrong. My friend,, who works at an ob/gyn told me this is the most common reason people come into the office. Also, i forgot, your DR should ask you if you have add sex in the past 24 hours, becuase alot of women, harmlessly spot after sex....again Good LUCK!!!

dont wait for her/him go to the er and check it out, God bless

I also spotted at around 12 weeks or so and it was SOOOOOOOO scary... but, it was fine. Some women just spot in the beginning and it scares us insanely. I'm sorry you're going through it, I was a mess and totally scared about it. But, my daughter was fine and everything turned out OK. I hope your OB got back to you.
All the best and good luck,

I would not wait for the doctor to call you back. I would go to her office immediately and insist that you be seen. Spotting can often be nothing, but I know you will feel better once the doctor tells you that nothing is wrong. Best of luck!

Yes it can be normal. If you spot and then it gets brown colored it is usually fine. If you keep bleeding then obviously it could be an issue. Either way you should just check with your doctor to make sure but it happened to me early on and it was not an issue.

You are already on the right track- always call your Doc when you see blood. Also- what do you consider spotting? How often? Freqency?? From what my doc, friends and books have told me is that spotting can be normal in pregnancy.
...I am 19 weeks- first child. I spotted at 4 weeks maybe 3 drops twice a day for 3 days on and off. THen when I got my amnio-2nd day after- then the whole week on and off. But that was heavy spotting- only when I went to the bathroom but like 10 big drops at a time. THat is still spotting and not considered bleeding by my doctor. WHat my doc did for both instances- was sonogram the first time and then listen to the heartbeat the second time. If you Doc doesn't call you back in 24 hours and pay attention to your needs/worries- get a new one.

It can be normal, but you need to see your doctor ASAP to check everything out and be safe - call back if they haven't called you and ask to see any doctor thats available. I had spotting earlier than that and they took me in right away for an ultra-sound.

Try to stay calm. My daughter-in-law has spotted since she got pregnant (she is due in July) and everything is ok with her and the baby. Wishing you well.

Don't worry too much, I did bleed often and on and off with my second pregnancy. Sometimes it happens. Keep calm.

Good luck!

Go to your doctor ASAP. Better safe than sorry. A.

In most cases it is normal but I dont know your medical history. My best bet is go to the emergency room asap. I hate it when Dr. dont call back their patients especially a pregnant one.
Please go to the emergency room they will take ur blood pressure and examine you to make sure everything is ok. My advice to you is, if your dr doesnt call you back find another dr. I dont care if they think your questions are silly they should. You are a first time mom who is nervous and scared.
Good luck. And congratulations.

Hi J., I saw that everything turned out fine but wanted to ask you who your doc was. I used County OB (in Branford) for both my kids and cannot say enough great things about them over there!!!! If you are considering changing, I highly recommend them.- L.

Hey J.,

I know how panicked you feel I spotted with two of my three pregnancies. One resulted in miscarriage and the second was fine and I had my daughter who is going to be 20 this summer. My first pregnancy before the spotting started my nausea disappeared, my breasts stopped hurting, pretty much all of my pregnancy symptoms disappeared. When I spotted I also cramped horribly and had a miscarriage. I then got pregnant with my son who is now 24. With my daughter I spotted around the same time as you for a day or so had an ultrasound and all was well. So bleeding can go both ways the best thing to do is call the doc again and get checked out. I know it is easy to say relax especially when it is your first pregnancy but try your best to get to the doc so you can determine what is going on. Good luck to you I will pray for you!!!!

Hi J., I had spotting around week 10 and was under a high amount of stress. I called my doctor and was told to go to the emergency room where I waited forever and was told it was normal. You have done exactly what you are told to do by calling your doc. I would put another call in to her and tell the nurse you are spotting. Your headache might be be from stress. I had crazy headaches as well during that time.

Good luck and I'm sure you will be fine :)

Hi J.
Call the OB, no use to say "I wish I had", now is the time better safe than sorry.
OK they have to have an emergency #, use it or go to hospital and let them figure out what is right.
Yes you can spot, but it is not normal.
I will be in prayer
God bless you and that new baby
K. SAHM married 38 year --- adult children 37, 33, and twins 18.

it absolutely can be normal, i had it, its pretty common. i would certainly get it checked out asap, but just to put your mind at rest right now, you should know that it can be totally normal. headaches too, i had them for weeks with all 3 pregnancies, its probably from the hormones... drink a lot more water and if that doesnt help you can take tylenol if you need it, start with one regular strength and see if that does the trick, IF you and your doc are ok with it. or a cup of coffee, sometimes just one cup of joe will take away the headache. i didnt normally drink it while pregnant, but once in a while for a headache it did wonders. by the way, (and im gonna overstep now) maybe you are exaggerating because you are stressing like we all do, but...i dont know how in love with your doc you are, but if she really never calls you back, especially knowing you are pregnant, i might re-think my choice of doc while its still early. best of luck to you, D.

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