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17 P - Progesterone Injections

I am a high risk pregnancy. My son wa born 5 weeks early, and my daughter who lived for 7 months was born 13 weeks early. I am now pregnancy again and due in September. My high risk doctor has offered these progesteron injections to help calm help "calm" the uterus. The shots are given weekly I believe weeks 20-36. Has anyone used them? Any side effects? I have been doing some reading but still have not decided. My doctor does not wasnt to sway us either way. The decision is up to us. Any help?

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I used a cream early in my preganancy and after 5 miscarriages, I had my first with no problems. Pray on it and God bless.

Hi J.,

With my first pregnancy, my twins were born just before 6 months and did not make it. So with my second pregnancy (since they were not sure what caused the premature labor) they gave me these shots, and it was not presented to me as a choice. It was a pain going in every week for them, but it was very much worth it. My son came 2 weeks passed his due date! I haven't done extensive research on them (probably should have), but I don't think they are something that can hurt you or your baby. We did perfectly fine, no adverse effects. Well, my mood was just a little bit more unbalanced than usual, but you get used to it and how to control it after a few weeks. I'm praying everything goes well with your pregnancy no matter what you decide! Please tell us what you decide and how it turns out!

I used them. As long as your husband or you are fine giving the shots, its not a big deal. The shot does sting a bit, as the medicine goes in, but its quick and easy. The only side effect I had was I had a skin allergic reaction to the injection but the doc thinks it was from an allergy to the needle, not the progesterone since prog. is just a substance that is naturally made in your body anyway. I think the shots definitely worked...The doc put me on bedrest thinking I'd go any minute (early) and I ended up having to be induced becuase she didn't want to come out!

I had to take progesterone injections with my daughter. I was going to a high risk fertility doctor because I had a hard time getting pregnant and had lost a baby. It has been several years ago because my daughter turns 16 this month. However, I remember my husband had to learn to give me the injections. I don't remember how long I had to take them but do remember they were somewhat painful because of the large needle because it comes in an oil emulsion. I had no side effects and my daughter did not either. I feel that the injections allowed me to go to full term so I am glad I had them. Hope this is helpful. Good luck making the decision and I hope all turns out well with your pregnancy!

I too, was high risk but I was inserting progesterone cream twice daily with provided applicators (vaginal supositories). The cream worked great! I had a healthy full term 10 lb baby!! If you're uncomfortable with the shot, ask about the cream. Good luck.

Hi J.,
After reading all the other responses so far, the only advice I have to add is that if you do decide to go with the progesterone shots, ask your doctor for "EMLA" cream. This is a cream that will numb the shot area so it won't be so painful. I did Invitro Fertilization also and had to get daily progesterone shots for 10 weeks, which resulted in beautiful, healthy twin girls born at 32 weeks. The end result was well worth the trouble of the shots! And I didn't see any other side effects. Good luck with your decision, and the pregnancy!

Hi J.! While I have not taken the progesterone shots, I did take progesterone pills with all 3 of my successful
pregnancies. I had a problem carrying in the first weeks of my pregnancies, so as soon as I got pregnant I had to take these pills. I had no problems or side effects while taking them and they enabled me to have a handsome little boy who is now 10, and 2 beautiful little girls ages 5 and 1, after suffering through 5 miscarriages. My kids were all born early, 4 weeks for my son and middle daughter and 6 weeks for my youngest. Ask your Dr. about the pills if you don't want to do the shots....just one little pill a day!! I wish you the best of luck!!

I had many progesterone shots after my Invitro Fertilizations and no reactions at all. They were to help calm the uterus and keep the lining intact, allowing the baby/embryo to stay attached. I had to have one daily for 2 weeks until our pregnancy test & then if pregnant they would continue for the first couple of months. Our fertility clinic/doctors were so careful about everything from limitin caffeine, lifting etc. that I can't imagine they wouldn't recommend shots that could be dangerous to mom or baby. Good luck!

Hi, I did IVF and my pregnancy ended up being high risk and I took the shots for 20 weeks--I got used to them (my hub administered).

I would have done anything to stay pregnant, so it just didn't seem like that much of a hardship to me.

I got the injections in my behind, where there was plenty of "padding"--I think if you are very skinny, the shots are more painful.

If i get so lucky as to get pregnant again, i will do the injections again for sure. I really do think it helped me have a successful pregnancy.

hope that helps, GOOD LUCK! R.

Hi~ Though my daughter is now almost 11 years old. She was a high risk pregnancy because just a year before I went into premature labor and lost my son at birth. I was also given progestrone. But it was not injection form but through vaginal suppositories. I do not recall using them for that long of a period of time. I believe it was around 21 weeks that I started. I had no reactions and have never seen any side effects what so ever in either me or my child though at the time I did read the children whose mother did take progestrone while pregnant showed higher intelligence but I do not see that, just average. They actually call progestrone cream the "fertile mertil cream" and helps with getting pregnant though I do not think any studies have really confirmed this.
Also, while I was pregnant with my daughter my Dr. also did a test around my 28th week for about 5 weeks that was able to show if I was going to go into premature labor. Do not ask me how this is done, it has been too long since I was pregnant with my daughter. I just remember it was a swab test and it showed if labor was going to occur within the next 10 days. After a safe period of about 32 weeks, my Dr. assured me that no more testing was needed as if I did at the time go into premature labor, my daughter shouldn't have incurred any complications. She was born at exactly 38 weeks.

You can also you an all natural progesterone cream on a daily basis. You can find them in Wegmans or online. These you could take daily. They get absorbed through the skin quickly and works effectively. I know that these are derived from vegetable base. I am not sure what the shots are derived from. But just a suggestion if you don't want to do something that is unnatural.

my daughter had a smilar situation..her first child was more than 3 mos pre-mature...1 lb 11ounces....everything is fine now and she just gave birth to a second child...since she was hi risk she took the progesterone shots weekly...the baby came to term...all is well...was there a reason for a premature delivery in your case?...we thought it might be due to the amnio(synthesis)...my daughter developed an infection and they think this is the reason for premature birth...needless to say she refused the amnio the second time...best of luck...may you have a happy healthy baby come to term!!!!!!!!....

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