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14 Yr Old Daughter Having Back Pain

My 14 1/2 year old daughter began complaining of back pain about 6 weeks ago. She is small framed and thin. Since it progressively got worse, rather than better, we took her to a back doctor. He has ordered a bone scan for her. During her physical exam he noted that she didn't have anything indicative or abnormal so he suspects the bone scan will also come back normal. He said if that is the case then it is most likely muscular or ligament related. Tylenol and Aleve or Advil really aren't doing much for her. Ice helps the ten minutes it is on there. The doctor said it isn't normal for a child to complain of back pain. I am really worried that this means we will end up with NO answers after all is said and done and no relief. This came on right after they started their weight lifting unit in PE. Anyone else had this happen to their child? If so, did you find out what it was and were there any remedies? She is planning to try out for cheer and she is a dancer so we are hopeful that she heals quickly! Anyone went through something similar? Thanks!

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We got the results of the bone scan & it was normal. Looks like muscle and ligament issues. Have not had a chance to go back to the ortho doc though because my daughter was just hospitalized with an ovarian cyst for seven days!!! I will post an update when she has a follow up! Thanks for everyone's input!

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I have severe scholosis and know how she feels. If she does not have scholosis (which usually rear's it's head around this time or earlier) then perhapse it is a muscle thing. I would suggest a chiropractor ( a good one is worth their weight in gold). Or even - if you want to make a mommy / daughter thing out of it.... go get a massage! I can't afford them anymore but when I could they were a luxuery well worth the $. She might be very tense and keeps it's all hidden there.

I have not tried this place out but got a mailing for ...


They have pretty cheap massages.. If anybody know if they are good or not - I would love a recomendation.

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I would recommend taking her to a chiropractor. They often can help when MDs can not. My husband currently sees one, and he has scoliosis and degenerative discs. He is seeing great results. Good luck.

I would try a chiropractor.

If the pain starts going to other places (joints) you might find out about Fibromyalgia. A chiropractor may know a little about this condition (I have it & it is only diagnosed with a pressure point test). It started in my ankle when I was about 12 & moved up to my knee & spread every where else. I missed a lot of school b/c I was bed ridden from the pain.

God Bless!

My 15 1/2 year old son had a similar problem with his lower back. We did all of the testing as well & when everything came back normal, as a last resort, we took him to a chiropractor specializing in sports medicine (my son is very athletic). We found out that he was going thru a "growth spurt" & his hip was dislocated. The doctor said that because of the rate of growth kids can go thru that joint dislocation is common. After a few treatments the doctor was able to get his hip back in the socket & everything has been fine since. I would've never guessed anything was wrong with his hip because all of his pain was in his back.

My daughter had back pain when she was 14 and I took her to a chiropractor, she had an adjustment in her neck and her ribs by the doctor, and the pain just disappeared. Also she could breath better...she was playing soccer and had fallen a few times apparently moving her spine out of place. I know regular general practitioners rarely will advise you to take someone to a chiropractor, but believe me they really help with stuff related to your back. try it and see.

If the bone scan comes back as normal, maybe it's just growing pains? I'm not sure, but my now 14-year-old son had chest pain for a couple of years starting at about age 9 that turned out to be costochondritis, which basically means inflammation of the space between his ribs. It was off and on, with no rhyme or reason as to when it would hit. I was never told the cause of the costochondritis, but he finally did grow out of it. Hot showers seemed to help. It is frustrating when they are in so much pain (my son would be doubled over and crying it hurt him so much) and they can't tell you why. I attributed his costochondritis to growing pains, that's not what the doctor told me it was from. I just figured since I was told my son was going to be 6'9" (he's 6'2" and has not reached puberty yet), there has GOT to be some kind of pain to your body with growing that tall! Good luck to you and your daughter.

I don't have a daughter that old but remember being 14 my self beleive it or not my mom took me to a Chriopacter. So maybe if the bone scan comes back normal. Cause sometimes not all regular doctors know everything about specific areas of the body.

My daughter is a swimmer. Her group spends hours each day training very hard. I would HIGHLY suggest going to a PHYSIATRIST. Our is wonderful, holistic. We ended up doing physical therapy through him, strengthening the muscles and that were being under-utilized. Stretching is imperative, especially where weights are concerned. It made a huge difference in how my daughter felt. Several athletes go there.

Weight lifting can be very problematic for teens. Most teachers don't spend a lot of time on correct form. Some coaches encourage over-lifting or doing way too many reps. NO pain, no gain is a fallacy. She has to know the difference of her body telling her she is over doing as opposed to getting in shape. If she is in a lot of pain, then STOP!

Another suggestion that may seem strange for a 14 year old - therapeutic massage. Work those knots and kinks out of the muscles.

Hope that helps!

Before I chose to be a SAHM, I was a chiropractic assistant. What caught my attention was that the pain came on after starting weight lifting. It's possible the pain is due to an injury from improper lifting techniques or lifting too heavy of weight. Chiropractic adjustments and therapy can really help. Chiropractors will also educate patients on proper stretching techniques to help heal and to avoid a future injury.
I take my 3 1/2 and 2 year old daughters once a month to make sure their spines stay properly aligned. If you live anywhere near Arnold, MO:
Dr. Pamela Tanner
2090 Elm Dr Suite B
Arnold, MO 63010

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