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Terrible Pelvic/hip Pain After Delivery-still After 7Months!!!

I had my second daughter last July (over 7 months ago) and about one month after delivery I started noticing pain when I would sit down, on the left side of my pevic area. This pain has now taken over my life everyday. The simplest daily tasks have become very painful. I can't sleep, sit, walk, do any activities. My life feels like it has been taken away from me. I am starting to have to take strong painkillers just to dull the pain enough to get through the day. My two beautiful daughters are really missing out on a mom who wants to be very active with them. I am going to finally be starting physical therapy this week but need to know if anyone else has had this problem and how long it took to go away. My doctor acts like it's not that big of a deal but I need some ray of hope to look forward to. Anyone with this problem, please respond back. Thanks!!!!

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I would try physical therapy and a chiropractor. I had awful back pain and sciatica before my daughter was born, and a few trips to each completely cleared it up.

I had the same problem after the delivery of my second child. When she was 4 months old I went waterskiing and had a terrible wipeout. My legs went opposite directions and I heard a loud snap, but when i was in the water I felt tremendous relief. My pelvis had been out of joint and the accident snapped it back. While I don't recommend waterskiing, I do suggest a chiropractor.

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The doctor (who needs to be replaced, imo -- medical professionals who are not alerted by pain are bordering on incompetence) has decided that since s/he can't feel it, it doesn't hurt at all. Without any diagnostics, dismissing such intense pain is, frankly, probably malpractice.

I would strongly caution you against physical therapy for an undiagnosed pain. Beyond the possibility of further damage, if the pain is caused by a rupture or a tear or a tumour or a cyst, or something like an embolism (which hurts tremendously), you could well be risking your life.

Get a second opinion from a doctor who believes that 7 months of acute pain is not 'normal.'

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When I was pregnant with my 2nd child two years ago I had lots of pelvic/hip pain during my last trimester. I ended up going to the chiropractor and it really helped. My hips were really off. My pain didn't continue long after I gave birth so I don't know if it's at all like you are experiencing. But it might be worth a try. I would also suggest finding a doctor that really cares about your concerns and discomforts! That's what they are there for! I'm sorry for your pain...I hope you find a solution!

M., I had the same problem with my last daughter, she was already into the birth canal and they had to do a C-Section on me because my pelvis was to small to get her out. After all of that I was doing good for about 2 month, then one day I ot up and I couldn't hardly walk it was so painful, after about 3 days of this I went into the Dr. and he said that everything was ok and it was normal because of the problems and he gave me painkillers and sent me on my way. Needless to say I went back 3 time for this and they kept telling me it was all normal, so I went to a different Dr. for a 2nd oppion, Well they did x-rays and low and behild they found they problem, My hip was out of the socket just enough to notice and my pelvic bone ahad a hairline fracture, after that was fixed and healed and some physical theropy, I was a new woman and could play with my kids again. Not saying that your Dr. missed anything but maybe it would be a good Idea to see another Dr. and ask them to check the e-rays very carefully, if they had not of looked very good on mine they said they never would of seen the hairline fracture. I hope everthing turns out for the best, and please let me know if it just happins to be the same problem I had, Good luck sweety.

my daughter is going to be two next month and i am still having lower back pains,even my legs i can't move at times i wish that someone can tell me whats causing all this problem,when i sits its so had for me to get up and when i do sometimes i feel my feet are separating and sliding with my baby in my hand,its really painful and hard for me though as i have to take care of both my son and daughter.wish that someone can help me with my problem.

My suggestion is to go to a good chiropractor! You may have dislocated something or may have a pinched sciatic nerve which I promise hurts like hell!!! When I started having the problem it was after my first son & I had a c-section! I got it under control and then got pregnant again, continued seeing the chiropractor during my pregancy and it wasn't as bad, but still there. Then 6 weeks after my 2nd son was born (2004) I developed random but very frequent "stabbing" pain in my left groin/pelvic thigh ligament/tendon. To this day (and after my 3rd c-section) no one can tell me what it is or why, but I feel soooo much better after a massage and adjustment. I have a massage so that they can really use deep pressure to clear toxins and whatnot out of my sciatic cavaties. It also loosens up my muscles and joints so that I adjust easier and it stays adjusted longer.

Bottom line, if you're afraid to see a chiropractor, don't be and if you already have one, make sure you go over EVERY thing with him/her. Also, request an MRI if x-rays don't show anything out of the ordinary, it could be more musculatory or other soft tissue related and an MRI will show that better than an x-ray. Also, if your doctor is not seeming to take your pain seriously and is just covering up the symptoms with painkillers or PT without properly looking at the situation, FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR! Find one that really listens and will look at things from another perspective. If you've had tests run, take the images or whatever, not just a report(when possible) to the new doctor and let him/her come up with something.
I have a great chiropractor if you need a referral to someone!

K. G

I had hip and pelvic pain during and after pregnancy, I am a PTA and I just started a new job, I work with a PT that does muscle energy techniques, she fixed my pelvic and hip pains, my OBGYN said she has had it for 20 years and there is nothing you can do, ya right! It worked, if you don't know of anyone around, go to Covenant Irving outpatient in Saginaw and see Krishna

I had a similar experience after delivery of my second child. I was told I had "nerve damage secondary to delivery". Nothing more than an occasional heating pad and pain releivers was my treatment - and time. I was sent to physical therapy but stopped after only a few visits due to time constraint issues. I think it may have helped me learn to deal with the pain during the time needed for a damaged nerve to heal. In time, the groin area where the pain first started began to subside but I am talking about 10-12 months after delivery. The other thing is that the pain began to travel down the inside of my leg and into my ankle and toes. Again, in time, this too subsided. However, I am not exaggerating when I say that the pain (which became more of an ache than a pain) and the numbness I felt in my ankle and big toe lasted nearly two years after delivery. So, just as I was told, the nerves DID eventually heal but it took a LONG time. If you have the same condition I had please know that I appreciate the pain you are in and that it will heal but just like so many things in life - it will take time. Good luck!

Is it bone/joint pain like a bruised feeling on your bones, or is it soft tissue pain?

Bone/joint pain stems from position of the baby in your womb and the way your bones spread apart to allow baby room to move out. It can be corrected with chiropractic care.

I had my second child 9 weeks ago, and experienced pain in the pubic area during the birth. I didn't think it was anything more than normal pain from the delivery (the baby was 10 lbs), but as everything else healed I noticed it was still difficult to walk with my legs close together, stand up after sitting and lying down and walk fast or jog.
The doctor who delivered the baby said that it was probably a separation of my pubic bone and that it would heal on its own. She also said that it was fine to exercise. It has not improved at all and sometimes burns at night. I even tried wearing a support she prescribed while exercising. It actually made the pain worse.

I am thinking of talking to another doctor to find out if it is in fact ok to exercise while it heals and how long it may take. Did you have an x-ray?

I think you may have put a disc in your back out during delivery...pushing,baby movement, etc. I put my lower back 'out' and them it pressed on my sciatic nerve---causing great pain. Pinched nerves can be incapacitating.
I recommend that you find a reputable chiropractor; preferably one who also does applied kinesciology (which works with pressure points and energy pathways). If this is the problem,it will take some intensive work at 1st, and then less frequent appointments to make sure the disc will stay in place. You should start noticing an improvement within the 1st week. The nerve may take a little while to heal...but it will get better and better. Myofacial work would help you after getting the disc 'put right'. I also recommend that you then start doing some specific exercises to strenthen and support your back and core muscles. The physical therapist could help you figure out if it is a pinched nerve & help you strenthen your muscles that support your spine.

Take care of yourself(after your pain is fixed too)........so you can take care of your kids! Ask for help from your loved ones. You deserve some nurturing too. Take some time for yourself.You can't give from the place of depletion. Wishing you the best.

Have you every considered chiropractic care? It may be something as simple as your hips being out of line.

My advice would be-get a new doctor!!!! If your doctor won't take you seriously, then find someone who will. Good luck-I hope the physical therapy helps!! :)

Without a doubt you want a second opinion. Do not take your doctor's word and seek the advice of another ObGyn. Do you know someone (a close friend) that would refer you to her ObGyn? The kind of pain you are describing should be investigated - a number of tests should be ordered in an effort to rule out certain possibilities. You might want to seek help sooner than later as the pain relievers you are taking have their own side effects i.e. some pain relievers cause constipation which in turn can cause abdominal pain, straining and bloating. Be your own advocate and get a second opinion as soon as possible. Many Blessings, L. T

The last month of my pregnancy I had TERRIBLE hip and pelvic pain. My hips were out of alignment and one side of my pubic bone was out of alignment. Yes, your pubic bone is actually comprised of 2 bones. I was seeing a chiropractor and she helped out tremendously!! I too couldn't walk, couldn't sit, couldn't lie down... nothing. The pain continued for a few weeks after delivery, but with continued care eventually everything settled back down and now I am pain free.

I would go with the physical therapy and consider finding a GOOD chiropractor. I recommend looking into Chiropractors who have graduated from The National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. The school, in my opinion, has the most well rounded program for chiropractors. The graduates of that college also tend to be more willing to tell you when chiropractic care is not for you and are trained to recognize when it is something more serious and beyond their expertise.

Hi M.,
I too delivered 7 months ago, July 18, and have been dealing with pain and irregular bleeding. Have you had any tests yet? First of all, I would change your doctor. My doc was also blowing me off and just kept switching my bc pill. I went to a female doc last week, she ordered a pelvic ultrasound and some blood tests. Did you have a cesaren section? I did and have had nothing but problems the last 7 months. My oldest son is 5, I had him natual and never had problems with pain or irregular periods for 5 years after him. My new doc said it is probally my thyroid, I have hypothyroidism, but atleast she makes me feel like she actually cares and answers my questions!
Good luck, find a new doc!


Get yourself to Chiropractor asap. During birth you may have thrown your hip out of place and it causes great pain! (been there, done that) You won't believe how much better you will feel! Go to one that takes xrays on your first visit.

M., Take my advice and see a orthopeadic about that. You could have fractured your pelvis during delivery. Please don't take this lightly.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon, pain is so controlling and you don't need that right now.



Because my son's head was in the 99th percentile, I ended up with inflammation of the pubic symphysis. I had to sit on a foam donut for several months and couldn't walk very well. While I kept telling my GP this was still causing mobility and sitting problems after six months, I didn't get an X-ray until I insisted. This prompted a short medical leave from work (I wasn't allowed to lift anything over the weight of my son) and physical therapy to build up my core muscles. I was way out of alignment and once this therapist aligned me I felt much better.
Now, my son is 5 1/2 and still if I lift something or do lots of heavy-duty work I can certainly feel it in my pelvic region shortly after that lasts for quite a few days. I have increased my core exercises because that's the only way for me to stay on top of it.

Hi M.,

I have 3 kids, my youngest is 1. I was having horrible pain in roughly the tailbone area around to the hips. It felt like things were semi-out of joint. I went to the chiropractor for the first time and my hips were off. It was actually pinching a nerve causing the pain. I still hurt with direct touch to the areas, but not from simply sitting or laying on the floor.

I always thought chiropractic care was kind of goofy. I have felt better since starting though. A nice perk is that massage therapy is tacked on to the coverage!

Just a possibility.

Hi M.~
I have been dealing with my right hip pain for 14 months. Finally, after being awakened by excrutiating pain as well as the aching pain during the day, I found a doc, quite by accident, who was able to help. Turns out I had/have a tear in the cartiledge in my hip. I have tried NSAIDS, narcotics, physical therapy, weight loss, excercise, and had an MRI and Xrays to find the culprit. Nothing helped...my next step was going to be Cortisone injections just to get some relief! I fully recommend finding a doc who will do a laproscope to clean out the inflammation and repair the tear. I cant say I am totally pain-free, but it is better and it has only been a little while since surgery. If you'd like more info, msg me!

This might sound like a crazy suggetion, but have you seen a chiropractor? Your body goes through so many changes when you have ababy, maybe something is just out of line. I dont know where you live, but there is a really good one in Canton! He helped me with my migraines and stomach issues. It wont hurt anything to try. Most PT wont even suggest this. Good luck.

If you had a c-section, I would make sure you don't have a hematoma.

Have you had an x-ray? Perhaps you should be looked at by a chiropractor, maybe you dislocated your hip during delivery. I would check it out promptly!!! Good Luck!!
B. J

I had my problems primarily during preganancy, but probably would have still had them afterward without treatment. I could hardly walk or sleep because it hurt so bad. My doctor told me to just wait until I had the baby, but that wasn't working for me! It's good that you are getting physical therapy. What helped me the most was cold packs, a support belt and certain exercises. Massage too when I could get one! I got much better, but still have to watch myself because it tries to come back. The therapist should help you know what to do and what to avoid.

I had the same problem after the delivery of my second child. When she was 4 months old I went waterskiing and had a terrible wipeout. My legs went opposite directions and I heard a loud snap, but when i was in the water I felt tremendous relief. My pelvis had been out of joint and the accident snapped it back. While I don't recommend waterskiing, I do suggest a chiropractor.

Hi M.,
I have 5 children of my own and many nieces and nephews. I have never heard of such a condition from labor and delivery. Please make sure that your Doctor is taking you seriously!! So many times we let other people diminish what we know in our hearts just isn't right. God BLess!!

i had the same problem in the last moths of my being pregnant with my son, and then for several months after his birth. the pain was horrible. it got to the point where my husband was changing all the diapers when they would be changed on the floor, putting the baby in the crib, lifting him out of the crib, he was doing all the vacuuming and carrying all the laundry, and finally he had to help me get out of bed in the morning because it would bring me to tears. then he did the best thing ever and made me an appt with a chiropractor. i've seen him for almost a year (haven't been in a few months- no need). i didn't feel completely better til a few months in, going at least once a week. i swear it was the best thing ever. who knows where i would be if i had just seen a regular doctor. nothing against them, but i feel i got the proper treatment without having to take pain killers.
good luck! hope you feel better soon!


maybe you have a broken pelvis. It can happen. Maybe an xray is in order. Don't let your Dr. Brush off.


I would try physical therapy and a chiropractor. I had awful back pain and sciatica before my daughter was born, and a few trips to each completely cleared it up.

That should not still be happening. Have you seen a chiropractor? I would not call myself a holistic person by any means but when it comes to gettiing ajusted, you would be amazed at what they can do. The chiropractor that I see, he can tell what my problems are just by looking at my back. I would highly recommend it. It sounds like a few adjustments and you would be a new women again. Give it a try it is so worth it. You must make sure you find the right one.

I was in the exact same situation> I thought I was reading my own posting. I really think you should push it with your Doctor. You need to see an orthopedic doctor or have a physical therapy evaluation. I am currently going through treatments. This is a common problem that some women "just live with". My pain was so bad I had to be induced one week early. My baby is now 6 mos. old. Please pursue this, there may be help, short of the pain killers. You know your body and if your dr. won't listen, it's time to get a new one. Hang in there!

Definitely see a chiropractor, it will be the best decision you've ever made, and get your life back! With my last child my left hip kept going out, you talk about some severe pain! I also had extreme pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades, going from carrying all that weight on my hips... to now holding your newborn really kills your back and hips!
Plus you'll be doing your immune system a favor by keeping your spine aligned, you will sick 50% less!

I had a ridiculous amount of pain on my left side during the last month or so of pregnancy and into the first year of my daughters life. I was sent to an osteopathic manipulative doc at the MSU medical center and found out I have mild scoliosis and 1 leg is shorter then the other. I was told that it has always been there but the strain of the pregnancy and carrying my child etc etc caused it to come to light etc. I went to him every couple weeks for awhile and am down to 1 time every 3 months. He gave me a lift to balance my legs and that's made all the difference. Hopefully you can get to someone that can help you (i had to switch regular docs to get to a doc that would explore more then just tossing me in PT)

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