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11 Yr Old and Still Wets the Bed.

I have a 11yr old girl who still is wetting the bed. I have taken her to the dr's and she has been on medication ( which does not seem to help). i have tried waking her up several times a night to help her, still nothing. Right now she continues to wear pullups. Now at 11 she attends many sleepovers and I feel bad because of embarassment for her. She does not want to go to someones house to sleepover for that fear of either wetting the bed or wearing the pullups.I dont know what else to do..

What can I do next?

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Hi Laura,

I, too, was a late bed wetter. My mom tried everything...bribery, waking me several times a night, making me wash my own sheets...I never took any medication (they may not have had it back then), but I do remember the dr giving me an "exercise" to do because she thought my bladder was underdeveloped for my age. When peeing, have your daughter try to stop the flow for a few seconds. Repeat every few seconds...pee, stop, pee, stop...it strengthens the bladder muscles & may help her stop wetting the bed. It's basically kegel exercises, which your dr may have had you do while pregnant to help your muscles bounce back after the baby. I hope that helps, and good luck!

On the advice of my pediatricican, I bought a bedwetting alarm for my 7 year old son. I bought the Malem Ultimate II, it was pricey, but he was wetting the bed, consistently, every night. Using the alarm, within 6 weeks, he is no longer wetting the bed EVER. You clip it to their underwear at the spot most likely to get wet first, it detects the first couple of drops of urine, and goes off, waking the child. The first couple of times, they'll wet anyway, but after that, a connection in my son's brain was finally made, and he began to wake up on his own. I used to put the alarm on regular underwear, and a pullup on top so that the only thing to deal with was the undies. Go to amazon.com and read some reviews and pick a product that sounds right for you. Some are cheap, some are pricey. I bought a more expensive one because it seemed like it would be more comfortable and reliable. This has made an amazing difference in my house and we're all sleeping better at night!

Let me know how things go.


I wet the bed until I was 16 years old. My mother put me through everything to try and help, but for the most part it only made things worse. I took different kinds of pills, used a nostril spray. I was woken up frequently, not allowed to drink after a certain time, all all it did was make the problem worse for me. When I was younger instead of going through the embarrassment of telling my mom, I would hide it from her. I would sleep on top of towels, or pull my comforter over the spot until she decided to do laundry. I also wet the bed at a couple of sleepovers, and surprisingly it wasn't a big deal. If you tell the mother of the problem, it won't come as a sopping wet surprise the next morning. This is a genetic thing, it happened to my mother, and I fully expect it to happen to my son. The best advice I could give you is to invest in the quilted pads they use in hospitals, you can purchase them at any medical supply store and it's extremely inexpensive compared to other venues. It absorbs all wetness, and is much easier to wash. I went to every single doctor, and the only thing I got out of the entire ordeal was more stress. It became overbearing, and pretty soon that's all I could ever think of. I was also told, that the stress that was put on me was probably why it lasted for so long. Make sure she understands that it's okay, and you two would probably be surprised at how many other children do it. My life long friend and I disclosed our secret to each other in the 4th grade, from then on she was my new favorite sleepover companion!
Good luck with whatever avenue you choose, make sure this isn't something your daughter is going to get upset about, because it makes the whole situation more difficult for everyone!



I have battled the same issue. My kids are 9 and 5. My 9 year old went on the medication and I had bought a bed wetting alarm whcih attaches to their underwear. It is much easier for girls and you can attach the sensor into a maxi pad or just her underwear. I would keep going with the medication and do try the alarm. Although it is a pain in the neck it will train her to get up before she is wetting. Also, I always cut my kids off with liquids after dinner and watch her salt and sugar intake which builds up more water the body. Don't feel you are alone this is just a subject most people don't talk about. Her bladder just needs to grow. My 9 year old doesn't get up but most of the time he just is able to hold it overnight. Sometimes there is an accident but the pills helped.

I hope this helps.

Chiropractic care can solve this. She could have spinal misalignments in the area where the nerves run to the bladder which is causing this. I have heard of children with this problem being cured with a spinal adjustment. And just because your a young child doesn't mean you couldn't be in need a of chiropractic adjustment. Think of all the falls they have as toddlers. I have been getting adjusted since I was 17 and now I have my two children checked periodically at Southwest Spine & Sport in Cape Coral/Ft. Myers.

Best wishes.

Sweet Girl, I and others have found tremendous success with Chiropractic adjustment for our kids. If you are located anywhere around Naples I highly reccomend Suzanne Seekins @ Fit for Life. I also practice Kegel exercisies w/ my girls( The muscles used to stop flow of urine) by contracting and releasing 150 X'sa day.
If I can offer more details feel free to write me ____@____.com


I have a 14 yr old son that still wets the bed. We checked with doctors and used medicine but nothing seems to work. I used to wake him up several times a night but that got old. We limit his fluid intake after six pm to only water and make him go to the bathroom before he goes to bed. Sometimes he still wets the bed. I have noticed that he is starting to grow out of it a little though.

I would suggest you take your daughter to see a child psychologist just to make sure there isn't another reason for her bed wetting. Sometimes it is a sign that something is wrong and your child just doesn't know how to tell you.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.


My son wet the bed until he was 14. We tried everything including medication and the alarm. Nothing seemed to work. He just finally outgrew it. Since then, he's had one accident recently where he was dreaming about going to the bathroom.
I really thought the problem was psychological but our pediatrician insisted it wasn't. I think it really affects their self esteem though, so it might not be a bad idea to see a counselor or therapist to deal with that.

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