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7 Year Old Still Wetting the Bed

My 7 year old daughter still has to wear pullups at night. Sometimes she will go weeks without wetting them, the it starts up again out of the blue. I dont say anything to her about it really because I wet the bed until I was 12 and I remember my mom screaming at me about how nasty it was and telling me that I was just lazy and didnt want to get up to go to the bathroom. I have had alot of people tell me that it is hereditary and that she will out grow it. I did so I'm assuming she will too. Any suggestions would be great.

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My stepdaughter had this problem until she was about 14. We found an online program that she was able to do, and it worked. But, the primary thing was to eliminate dairy after 6:00pm.


Good luck!


Hi Rachel,

i am also having the same problem only my daughter is 11 years old. When I spoke to the doctor about it, he stated that she is growing so fast that her bladder is not having a chance to grow with her. He also was willing to give her some medicine, but I chose not to use the medicine and just work around it. One thing I did was buy a mattress protecter sheet, and due to the noise of the plastic I place a fitted sheet on the mattress first then the plastic covering then another sheet. She is much better, but when she starts growing again I know she will be wetting the bed. I hope this helps. Hang in there they do go out of it.

Had the same issues....the bedwetting alarm worked great BUT you have to get them up and awake when it goes off. If you let them sleep through the bed changes and clothes changes it doesn't do any good.

Also, we found out that my daughter has sleep apnea and that is a major cause of bed wetting.

I would inquire about the apnea, it is really quite a common thing among children.

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Hi R.,

I too was a bedwetter until age 10, so I expected my two sons to also have problems in that area. However, they didn't and I strongly believe the reason was because I did not give them dairy (we later learned they and I were both allergic to dairy). That can be one of the reasons for bedwetting:
tinyurl: http://tinyurl.com/7jc6nt

Your pedi will likely tell you this isn't true, BUT most conventional doctors get one course in nutrition and they are NEVER taught that the manner in which what we consume can impact our health and bodies (which is really silly when you think about it - you are what you eat).

Dairy can aggravate the bladder and in some folks the kidneys - noting that dairy is one thing they tell folks with kidney stones to avoid, so there is science behind this - it's the accumulation of calcium in these organs that seems to be problematic.

So, I would recommend you remove dairy from her diet for at least a month and see how it works. There are tons of alternatives and even ice creams that are fantastic (but skip the rice one - it tastes like cardboard and look for the Divine Decadence ones (the Coconut is fantastic and only has a few ingredients - the have cookie dough and mint chocolate chip versions). Cheese is the toughest - they do have some rice cheese cheddar flavor slices that are okay for sandwiches.

M. B.

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Our 7 yr old still wets the bed, and it turns out there are medical reasons for it not just a developmental delay. When I finally pushed hard enough we had an eeg, a sleep study, and some elimination testing done and found out- she has apnea and bladder reflux. We- like you- expierence weeks and sometimes months of dryness and then flood gates open. We have also tried counseling... We were initilally told its developmental, then it was she's just trying to get your attention... Patience and persistance! I am so glad we did not punish her and then find out she really can't help it.

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After a few visits to our chiropracter my son stopped wetting the bed. This was years ago and I don't remember how many visits but I think it was one or two. Don't just go to any chiro though. We used a gonstead chiro or one who does adjustmenst like gonstead. Currently we use Dr Fugere at Fusion Chiropractic in Frisco.

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Hi Rachel!

Have you tried taking your daughter to a chiropractor? I am a Chiropractor and I have treated many children for bedwetting. The nerves that supply the bladder come out of the spine. If those areas of the spine are out of alignment it puts pressure on those nerves and it will not allow them to function properly. By adjusting the spine it removes the pressure on those nerves and allows the bladder to function properly. We can also check for food allergies or underlying infections. If you are interested you can check out our website at sullivanchiropractic.com or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at ###-###-####. Thank you! Dr. Sandra S.

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I was a bed-wetter myself up to the age of 11 and my mother discovered after talking to our pediatrician that it was related to milk/dairy. I could still drink milk and have dairy products but I could not have any past a certain time at night. The bedwetting stopped. My 6 year old is the same. He can't have anything to drink even water 30 minutes before he goes to bed and we make him go potty right before he does get in bed. We haven't had any accidents in a long time (knock on wood). I have also though gotten up in the middle of the night and made him go potty if I got a feeling that he might have an accident. We don't use any medication to prevent this.

R., my 7 yr old son still wets his pull-up and my other 2 potty trained kids, (5 and 3) do not. I also wet the bed until about 12 yrs old. I guess he got that gene? His doc says not too worry for another year or so and then we can talk meds. But he said most of all not to blame him so we don't. I am so happy for pull-ups though. I still have to wash sheets when those leak but if I didn't have them, I would literally have to wash sheets everyday! Good luck! And don't feel bad.

hi R.. My son also still wets the bed and I used to wet the bed too. My ped said it is hereditary for sure. But here's the kicker, if it's from the Dad, they will wet the bed about as long as their dad did. However, if it is from the mom, they will do it longer than the mom did. He also said there is a medication that you can give for sleepovers, etc., that will control it but it'll take a little tweaking to get the dosage right. You don't give them the meds all the time, just on sleepovers, etc.

I know that for me, it was that I slept so hard that I actually dreamt I was sitting on the potty. So, it wasn't until I was an adult that I realized that and was able to "train" myself to wake up. I remember all kinds of things my mom said to me (not positive) about it and all the things she tried to get me "over it". I remember teh alarm, etc. I slept right through the alarm and even the one that shocks you.

Hope that helps!

Overall, just don't give your daughter any grief at all. She's not lazy or anything like that, she just can't do anything about it. Just take it in stride and don't make her feel any worse than she already does. But do talk to your ped about it.


No help but I am in the same boat with my 6 year old son. His 3 and 4 year old siblings have been trained completely and through the night since they were 2 years 3 months each. I do think that there is something to the hereditary thing because all three are adopted but the younger two have the same bio parents. It is hard on him to see them not need the pull ups. I try not to call attention to it and since he has a plastic sheet I let him not wear the Pull Ups when he doesn't want to. I am hoping to get some advise from his doctor or maybe here.

Good luck,

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