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1 Year Old Throwing up After Bottle, Milk Allergy?

Three weeks ago we started adding whole milk to my 1 year old’s breast milk, one ounce at a time for three days. We got up to three ounces whole milk to three ounces breast milk. Last Tuesday he threw up once after his bottle. Wednesday he threw up again and latter that day he had a terrible allergic reaction to something my sister in law gave him. She watches him for us and gave him a small part of a cookie that might have had traces of peanuts in it. At this point we still don't know what the reaction was too, but we are waiting to see if he might have some kind of peanut allergy. The doctor said he didn't have a milk allergy and don’t stop trying to wean him from the breast milk by giving him whole milk. So we still put whole milk in with the breast milk, well he threw up again. So I took him off of whole milk and whet back to all breast milk along with only baby foods. He's done good for the last week, and then today my sister in law gave him only one ounce of milk with 6 ounces of breast milk. Well he threw up about three times until, I guess, it was out of his system. But the doctor tells me it's not a milk allergy. What do you mothers out there think????

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I just want to start off by saying "THANK YOU" to all the wonderful mommies out there. Your advise has been great. We did find out that my son has onld a mild allergy to peanuts. The Dr. said we just need to stay away from nuts until he's older. We have stayed off milk for another week now and he's been just fine. I'm going to try some soy milk or maybe some rice milk, we'll test them out. I have some breast milk in my freezer, I have stoped producing so we are hoping the soy or rice will help, otherwise we will use some formula until he's back to more regular foods, which we are re-introducing one at a time. Again thank you VERY much to all of you. If you have any other advise please post. :)

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I do not want to discredit your doctor but it sounds to me like milk reactions. Your baby should be close to regular food and regular milk by now. The cut off is 1 yr but today they start feeding kids later so who knows. I would try soymilk and see if their is a difference. Anyone allegic to milk they change them to soy. See if it helps. G. W

I have a milk allergy and so does my son. I wasn't sucessful with breast feeding but once we got off of formula we went straight to 2% milk and he did fine. I've actually been drinking skim milk all my life (once my mother determined it was the milk I was having trouble with). Maybe you should try the 2% and see what happens. Dr's don't always know everything :-)

YOU'RE his mother! Why do some doctors think they always know the answer? It looks like you have watched this carefully, and realized that he's allergic to the milk(or is lactose intollerant).

You need to make an appointment with your doctor, and tell him that you believe he's allergic to the milk. If he stil doesn't agree, tell him to figure out, right now, what it is.

Be careful with the cookies(peanuts). Ask your doctor to test him in a controlled environment. That allergy is very dangerous.

Good Luck, and don't doubt yourself, you're doing a great job:)

Definitely sounds like a milk allergy to me. I'd take hiim to an allergist. Try Soy Milk to see if that makes him sick. My youngest is allergic to milk proteins and has been on soy milk since 12 months old. We confirmed his allergy with a RAST blood test..given by an allergist.

Maybe it's the combination of breast milk and whole milk making him sick. I would try giving him just whole milk and see what happens. If he throws up again, I would take him to another dr. and get an allergy test.

My one year old daughter went through this not too long ago; she would drink whole milk and really seemed to enjoy it, but then she would throw up. She would throw up alot actually and I would worry. At first I thought there was something really wrong because she would just throw up large amounts. I took her in to the doctor. The doctor told me right away it was because she was lactose intolerant. At first I didn't believe this, so when she told me to start giving her lactose free milk, or soymilk I went along with it but I was doubtful. It took a few days, but soon after my baby was back to herself. She loves the milk and I don't think she can tell a difference. You should definately try soymilk, and keep your baby away from anything that might have milk product. If you don't want to give him soymilk, you can also give him lactose free lipil formula mixed with his breast milk. I really hope your baby gets better! :)

I have some experience with food allergies with my children and have found that the only help is the allergen avoidance. I think you should stop giving the milk to your baby and try it again later. Our allergist would say 2 weeks, but if I was you, I would try again in couple of months. By the way, it looks like allergy tests are not that accurate until the age of about 5 years.
In the meantime, if you want, you can try yogurt instead and continue breastfeeding. Before you start with cow's milk again or maybe soy, please do some research on both as they are not the best foods for babies in the forms you can find them in grocery stores. Please research pasteurization and homogenization problems related to cow's milk and GMO related to soy milk.
Good luck!

Sounds like a milk allergy and a doctor that doesn't know anything at all about food allergies. That's the reaction my first son had when he was in ICU and they tried to give him milk based formula. I kept him off dairy for over 7 years and then he started having some dairy in his diet, and he didn't have overt symtpoms, but he did test positive to an allergy to casein (the most common protein in milk) when he was 11 (we were also testing for gluten at that time, which was also positive). You don't need to wean the baby from breastmilk to cow's milk. There are rice or potato milks that would likely be the next best choice if you feel weaning is necessary. Those milks are fortified with the D vitamin and calcium, so you don't have to worry about missing any nutrients. I would avoid soymilk, as that's not supposed to be particularly healthy despite the marketing. There is also almond milk that's higher in protein, but you might want to delay the introduction of nuts since he does seem to have a predisposition for allergies.

My son has a confirmed milk allergy. His first reaction was when I tried formula at 3 months. That time he developed a rash 6 hours after drinking the bottle, so the doctors were skeptical that the milk caused it, but I put him on soy milk any way. Later the doctor had me try giving him yogurt to test if he had a response, and he threw up and developed a rash. So we have kept him off milk since then. He has had a couple of accidental exposures and every time he vomits and then gets a rash, and needs benadryl immediately. At his 2 year check-up the doctor did an allergy test with his blood sample and it came back that he is 'highly allergic' to milk. So now I carry Benadryl and an epi-pen with me. If I were you I would be concerned. If your son does have a milk allergy, he builds more antibodies with every exposure, and his reactions could get progressively worse.

Was he allergy tested? My 3 1/2 year old has food allergies, milk being one of them. My suggestion is for you to get your little one allergy tested - they use a simple blood test at this age. I think that it is really important to know for sure and chances are if he is allergic to milk, there are probably other food allergies also.

My son is allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts. He was diagnosed with eczema at three months (i was breastfeeding)At 9 months, when he was weaned, his pedi put him on Zyrtec for allergies- he has constant runny nose, and other allergy symtoms that didn't go away after being on an antibiotic. I had an allergy test done, just a simple one when he was 12 months. I will probably have a more extensive one done when he's three or so.
But I would get an allergy test done. And try soy milk. My son's been on that since 12 months, he's now 16 months and doing ok, except for the eczema.

Does your son have any other symptoms? Eczema, a rash?


PLease DO NOT listen to your doctor. They just amaze me. Obviously your child has a milk allergy! Find a new doctor. Google NAET. Its a natural treatment for allergies.

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