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My 1 Year Old Vomits After Milk

My almost 13 month old has an issue, I believe, with milk. It seems like she throws up everything after drinking only about 2 ounces of milk. If she doesn't have any milk, then she is better.

She is in day care and while there, she was on Similac Sensitive alternating with breast milk for 8 months. She had no troubles switching between the 2 at all. Now that I have thrown 2% milk into the mix, her tummy has been upset almost daily for about 1 week. The only day that her tummy was o.k. was when I didn't give her any milk. She does not have any fever at all. She loves yogurt, so she gets some calcium from that. She has had small bites of ice cream without any problem as well. She has seen her doctor (just today) and she is healthy and just has some seasonal allergies that he put her on Zyrtec for. She has been on that for the last week and a half and her eyes are no longer red and itchy, but she still sounds congested in her nose. The doctor told me that this allergy stuff would last for a few more weeks and that she would occasionally vomit the mucus. Well, this is just a little more that occasionally now. I should also mention that she is constipated now too. Who knows if this has anything to do with the vomiting. I also believe that she is cutting her second set of teeth, but I can't see or feel anything yet.

Sorry for the ramblings, but I am at a loss and I don't know what to do. I tried 2% milk, she just had 2 ounces of Lactose free milk and I know that she needs milk, but I am tired of cleaning up within minutes of her eating. I am trying to feed her less at more frequent intervals, but I am still afraid to give her food, only to have it come up just minutes later. Once she throws up, she is back to her normal happy self.

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thanks to everyone. As it turns out, she can drink milk just fine. I think that it was a combination of too much milk too fast, a little smomach virus, allergies, eating too much food at one time and her first teeth coming in all mixed together for a bad week. I cut back on her food intake and started her on some juices. After that week, I re-introduced the milk a little at a time with no problems. She is now back to her happy little self, drinking 16 ounces of milk a day and doing great. She is walking almost all the time and has cut her third tooth all in about 5 days. Time sure flies when they are having fun. Thanks again for everything~!

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Have you tried goat milk? My daughters both have a hard time digesting cows milk, but seem to do fine with goat milk. Its easier to digest because its closer in its make up to breast milk.

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Have you tried organic milk? My husband is lactose intolerant, but he seems to be able to handle organic milk. It's worth a try.

M., never fear this too will pass. It takes some children a little longer to adjust to whole milk, you should change over to whole milk instead of 2% though. Whole milk is all that WIC will allow children over 1 year old to drink unless there is a weight issue. I have 3 children who are grown now, but I also work in a child care center, when the children outgrow formula and transfer to whole milk most children do have an adjustment phase. I have found that smaller servings to start with are best. You may try a small snack and half cup of milk to start with. The child shouldn't need more than 16 ounces in a day anyway.

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A baby should not need to be on any medications (except genetic disease)! It sounds like chiropractic would address both the issue of throwing up and the issue of allergies.

Birth is the initial cause of neck problems that don't start bothering most people until they are adults. More than that, the brain stem goes down into the first vertebra of the neck. The brain stem is center of autonomic nerve control, including allergies. When baby is being born and the doctor reaches in and grabs baby's head and pulls and twists, what do you think that is doing to baby's neck? How about baby's brain stem?

Babies respond very quickly to chiropractic, so she probably wouldn't have to go very many times before you would see a marked difference in both allergies and vomiting.

Here is a fantastic story of how chiropractic saved a baby that the doctor had all but destroyed during a difficult delivery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo1nzDnbcUU&feature=re...

And here are a few more about the safety and efficacy of chiropractic for children.

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Have you tried goat milk? My daughters both have a hard time digesting cows milk, but seem to do fine with goat milk. Its easier to digest because its closer in its make up to breast milk.

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It is not natural for us to consume the milk of another mammal. Our digestive systems have not evolved to cope with this. If it makes her throw up, don't feed it to her anymore. She may be allergic to dairy products. This may also explain the apparent seasonal allergies.

She can get calcium from other food sources. Meat is good for this.

You could try visiting a naturopath for dietary advice for your little one.

Good luck!

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If the Similac works, continue her on it. My kids drank formula-from bottles-until they were old enough to carry on a reasoned conversation about why they shouldn't take bottles to mothers day out. They had similar issues with 2% milk at your daughter's age, and beyond. By the time they were three, though, they could--and still do--drink lots of milk. It seems that her tummy is talking to you, mom! Hope this helps. (Oh, whenever the doctor asked, "off the bottle?" or "drinking 2% milk from a cup?" I lied and said yes...after all, he wasn't the one cleaning up all the gross spitup milk!)

Poor baby girl!!
Well I give to my kids Soy milk, it works just fine, if we go to my MIL or my moms and they only have 2% milk, my kids get sick within minutes after drinking it, so I just dont give them cow milk at all. As for the calcium, look for other foods that are high in calcium, the is no need for cow milk anyway, you can find plenty of other fruits and vegetables with the same amount of calcium, or more than cows milk. Try also some natural supplements for calcium.
Good luck

I am sorry your child seems to be sensitive to milk that is a hard allergy to deal with because it is such a common food and easy to eat with cereal and to drink. If you are concered about her calcium intake my doctor told two of my children since they wouldn't drink mild for a while to just add more yogurt and cheese to each meal and my children all love yogurt and any other dairy product.

I hope she gets better or grows out of it,
God Bless you and your Daughter

My son did the same thing with all of his food. In addition to having seasonal allergies, he also had acid reflux. The doctor put him on meds for it and within a couple of days he was better. He outgrew it after a while and he is now 4 1/2 and has no problems with eating. I might also mention that you should give her whole milk. The added fat content is good for her and she may have an issue with going from the heavier formula and breast milk to thinner 2%. We used to buy 2% for me and my husband, and whole milk specifically for my son. If she can eat other dairy products, it's probably not a lactose allergy.

The constipation could be a combination of not having enough fluids, cutting teeth, and adjusting to the Zyrtec. If I remember correctly, it is one of the side effects (my son was also on it). Try giving her some watered down apple juice once a day. Also, don't hold off from giving her foods. Fruits and vegitables will help with her bowel movements as well.

Have you tried organic milk? My husband is lactose intolerant, but he seems to be able to handle organic milk. It's worth a try.

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