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1 Year Old Has Diarrhea

My son just turned one last week and the doctor reccommended we start transitioning him from Formula to Whole milk. So last week I started giving him half formula and half whole milk. On the weekend I gave him two bottles of whole milk only each day and no formula. But during the weekdays he goes to the daycare and I usually give him three bottles of 5oz. formula. Day before I gave three bottles of whole milk instead of formula. And yesterday he got Diarrhea. That has been the only change in his diet. Also he got his one year shots on Monday. But the doctor said that it should not cause any Diarrhea. The Diarrhea has not subsided since yesterday and he is hungry. I don't know what to feed him. He refuses to take Pedialyte. So we are mixing it with water but still no luck. So what should I give him to eat and drink while he has Diarrhea? Also what will help to stop the Diarrhea. Please help as he is not doing too well.

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You might try not giving your son the milk at all and see how his BMs change. The first week I gave my daughter cow's milk she had diarrhea, got bronchitis, asthma, and a rash. As soon as we gave her just soy milk she was fine. Many children have allergies or intolerance to cow's milk. Give it a try.

Good luck.


Hi Atithi,

I had this same problem when my son turned 1. I would consult with your pediatrician, however, I found it helpful to make sure that his diet included some bananas, yogurt and/or rice as these all help to counteract the diarrhea. I would suggest, however, to not add too much, as you can end up with the opposite problem - constipation.

If the problem persists, or is accompanied by a rash, you may also want to consider a milk allergy; however, if you were using cow milk formula I don't think that would be the case.

Take care.


You can give your soon bananas, rice, bread.

Pres. Lactation Support Group, Inc

When I switched my kids to milk they also got diarrhea for the first week, but my doctor said that it was just from the adjustment. You could try a different brand of milk, I found that the store brands (meijer, jewel, dominicks) were the easiest for my kids to digest versus name brand milk (deans). Also, try to always buy the same brand until their bodies get use to digesting the milk proteins. As far as what to do about the diarrhea, my kids also won't take pedialyte so we gave them water down Propel and turned some into popsicles the cold seemed to help and the electrolytes are almost as good as pedialyte.

Good luck and I hope this helped.

BRATY diet is for after stomach issues


as long as he's not throwing up, give him whatever he'll eat. Banana's, rice, bread things like that are good for binding him up. He could have just caught something and it's a coincidence. Go back to formula and see if it subsides. Than, when it's over, swithc back to milk and see if it happens again.
try popsicles, juice anything to keep him hydrated.
after a week of formula,introduce milk again,If he gets diarreha again, I would assume it's the milk and call the ped.

The BRAT Diet
Apples Apple Juice

This usually helps with the poops.
When we went to milk we slowly did it. Call your doc and ask how they reccomend doing it.

Good luck!

To keep him hydrated try Gatorade. My Dr. had told me most kids do not like pedialyte and so he gives his kids gatorade. And Bananas always worked best for diarhea. Hope this helps and good luck.


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