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9 Month Old with Diarrhea

My 9 month old has had diarrhea since yesterday and he just isn't feeling well. Is there anything else I can give him besides Pedialite, banana's?

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Thank your for all your responses... I really appriciate it. So I took my boy to the dr today and he has "Thrush" I think that is how it is spelled. Has anyone ever had to deal with their babies having this?

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Hi J.- I just went through this with my daughter. She is almost 9months. She had diarrhea for 4 days, vomited one day, and was just feeling sick for the week. I asked the doc if I could give anything else and they said Pedialite and formula was the way to go. Also Mylycon drops for the gas. I tried to feed her bottles but she wouldn't drink much. I gave her the pedialite in between bottles and she sucked on the pedialite freezie pops too. As soon as she was acting somewhat hungry again, I added in the bananas but she would only take a couple of spoonfuls. Next I added applesauce. She slowly started to get better, but we avoided dehydration with the pedialite.

Hang in there- the poopy diapers will pass!

BRAT diet is what my pediatrician recommends. Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Pedialyte is safe too. Here's a link to the American Academy of Pediatrics- http://www.aap.org/publiced/BR_Diarrhea.htm . I hope he's feeling better soon!

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BRAT diet for sure, and no blueberries! They cause diarrhea in my kids! Also, nursing or formula as usual if he will take it.

I read in "Body and Soul" magazine, that you can use rice water to help diarrhea. The proteins in the rice can help stabilize the bowel during or after an illness. Cook a pot of rice using at least twice as much mwater as you usually would (try a 1:4 ratio). Strain the rice, and reserve the grains for another use. Drink the leftover rice water hot or cold. Hope this helps!

J. - I'll just add one thing. Be careful of milk products while your son has diarrhea - yogart, cheese, milk - even formula - It can cause a child to become lactose intolerent. It happened to my daughter when she was 11 months. We had to switch to lactose free formula for about 2 months before she could handle milk again. As long as your son is not vomiting, I would just limit the intake of milk products. Good luck.

I'm not sure you still need help, but my mom always blended up red apples (with the peel on) and gave it to us like a soup. It has to be the red apples though. I have no idea why, but it works. Good luck.

Try giving your son one Activia yogurt per day. My son gets diarrhea from antibiotics, he's 9 months old too, and it works well. I feed him some when he's not sick too.

Remember BRAT Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast, bland diet is the best. If they can hold food down try some jello to. It is hard when they are sick and the stomach flu has been going around ( I had it for a week). Also consult your DOc to see if you can administer anything to help with diarrhea. Also make sure they are drinking alot fluids are most important. If the baby gets dehydrated the worse they will feel. Hope this helps

the only advice i would give is get him to the hospital, or dr....my son has been hospitalized twice for dehydration from diarrhea....it can get serious fast...

Decaf tea with plenty of sugar in a bottle works as another way to keep a young one hydrated.

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