Warts & Moles

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Looking for a Dermatologist for Myself and My Son for Skin Cancer?

G.M. asks from Chicago

My son has a dark brown mole on his hand that seems to have cropped up from nowhere. I do not remeber him having this before. He has had it for a few months, and I fee...


Skin Cancer

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

So I got the results of my biopsies back and turns out the 3mm bump on my eyebrow that I have had for probably 6 months is not basal cell, it is squamous cell carcinom...


Bumps on Skin

T.S. asks from Dallas

Hi there! So I meant to ask the Peditrician all these things at our 2 year check up with my daughter. Its so funny I had a list written out of all the things that I ...


Skin Cancer?!

D.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Moms!! I had a unusual growth removed from my shoulder today that the derm thought could be a basal cell carcinoma!!! I am terrified and can not believe I have to ...


Burning Mole

T.N. asks from Detroit

I have had a mole on my leg for as long as I can remember but lately when it's touched it burns really bad.. what could be causing a mole to burn.. I've never heard of...


Skin Tags,warts, Oh Who Even Knows?

N.P. asks from Mobile

About 6 months ago, my child had a bump that came up on his back. Pedi said it was a skin tag. Then it started to spread, so pedi said it was some kind of wart. He sai...


"Watching" a Mole

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

As you know, I have a lot of health anxiety.. I had my 6 month skin check (history of one non-melanoma skin cancer and one removal with atypical cells) and the dermato...


Long Wait for Skin Biopsy, Worried Sick Again

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

I have now been waiting for 2 1/2 weeks on a skin biopsy I had done on May 14th (so 12 business days). This was a mole that the Dr. found on my back that looked "atyp...


Mole Removal

M.V. asks from New York

Hi Moms - need some feedback please! My daughter (19) has a raised mole above her upper lip that she would like to have removed over Christmas break. I'm wondering i...


Molluscum Contagiosum -Viral Skin Disease

M.N. asks from Green Bay

My two daughters are currently diagnosed by a dermatologist for molluscum contagiosum which is “a viral disease of the skin that causes small pink or skin-colored bu...