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Burning Mole

I have had a mole on my leg for as long as I can remember but lately when it's touched it burns really bad.. what could be causing a mole to burn.. I've never heard of anything like this... has anyone had moles removed.. is this something that can be done at the doctor's office or do you have to be in a hospitl..and is it painful??

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Hi ladies.. just wanted to send a quick update about my mole.. I did go to the doctor and actually it is not a mole.. just a growth on my leg that she thinks may have gotten inflamed because it got irritated somehow.. She said that is doesn't need to be removed right now.. just to put warm compresses and some Neosporin on it. I am also on antibiotics and if it still hurts in a few weeks to come back in and they will biopsy it...
Oh, what a relief.. I am such a worry wart.. Thanks again for all your advice..

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If you haven't irritated this spot in anyway you should see a determatologist right away. I've had several moles removed and it isn't painful. They can do it in the doctor's office.


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I had one on my neck removed and on my back many years ago. It was an easy procedure done by a dermatologist. The doctor used a local anesthetic and removed it. I was told I might have a scar, but it healed fine and you would never know I had a moles removed--no markings, no scars, nada.


As the other responders have wrote, you should get it checked out soon. You can most likely go to your family dr first. If for some reason they cannot remove it or want you to be seen by a dermatologist then they can refer you to one. My family dr just removed a mole a couple of months ago on me that turned out to be melanoma (skin cancer), so it is important to get suspicious things checked out sooner vs later.

T. ~

I can't say much for your burning sensation, other than being on you leg, maybe it was scratched shaving or irritated in some way. As far as removal, I have had one mole removed and will likely have a few more done soon. It is not at all painful. You will be given a localized anesthetic, much like at a dentist, to numb the area. Then the Dr will remove it and put in a suture or 2 (depending on the size of the mole). Then you just keep a little antibiotic cream on it and have the sutures removed in a few days (which also is not painful). All of this can be done right in your Dr's office, if your Dr is comfortable doing this. Mine did a great job and I have a very minimal scar. I was VERY nervous about the pain (mine was on the side of my breast) but it did not hurt a bit. If you have any concerns, it is best to have it removed. Mine came back as precancerous, but since it was entirely removed I only have to keep an eye on the area and other moles for changes or reocurrences. Good luck to you.

You need to see a dermatologist.

Having a mole removed is really not bad at all. They usually numb the area, and then use an instrument (like a scalpel) to cut out the mole. The area is numb, so you don't feel a thing. It can be sore later, but not real bad. It is a simple procedure that is done in the doctor's office.
Go, get it done. Don't wait, its not bad to have done, but it is REAL bad if you don't!


A few years ago I had a funny looking red mole on my thigh and I went to the Dr's office and the Physicians Assistant removed it right in the office, it only took about 15 minutes, and a couple of stitches after.

The PA did tell me she went plenty deep "just in case" when she removed it. They numbed the area and it was basically painless. Then they biopsied it, and after about 4 days (I think) I went back and had the stitches removed.

Turns out it wasn't a mole at all, it was a harmless cyst. But it sure gave me peace of mind having it gone!

You always need to see a doctor immediately if you have a mole that has changed. It may be nothing but I would err on the side of caution. I have had a couple of them removed in the doctors office with a local anesthetic and a few sutures. Nothing major. They will send it to pathology to check it out after it is removed.

Get yourself to your dermo asap. If you don't have one, your family doc can probably remove it too.

Moles can develop any time, anywhere on the body and this is considered normal. However, when moles start changing their appearance, it is one of the alarm signs that it should be checked. You know yourself how much time you have been spending in the sun throughout your whole life, so you can say if you have skin cancer risk. Even if you think that you haven’t been exposed much, here are the general rules one should follow when deciding whether to see a doctor or not:

1. Moles that develop on sole of your feet, palms of your hands, under the nails, inside your mouth or on vagina
2. Moles that suddenly appear and start growing
3. Moles that change colors, size and shape
4. Moles that start burning, stinging, itching or bleeding,
5. Moles with mixed colors
6. Moles with irregular shape and irregular edges
7. Moles that ooze or scale
8. Moles larger than 6mm in diameter
Good luck!

I would advise you to get to a doctor and get it checked out ASAP.

Not sure about the burning part - but I have had a few removed. It can be done in the Dr's office. They can sometimes freeze it off, or numb it and cut or burn it off. Either way - there is not much discomfort, just some ugliness for a while as it heals.

Good Luck!


If you haven't irritated this spot in anyway you should see a determatologist right away. I've had several moles removed and it isn't painful. They can do it in the doctor's office.


Changes in moles are very serious... cancer serious. And you should not put this off. Go directly to a dermatologist. It may be nothing, but since skin is your largest organ, you should err on the side of caution. A dermatologist will know best what to do.

My mother was hyper-sensitive about my moles when I was young. She always checked the raised ones, and when I was a teen, she had me remove a couple just to be safe. I guess we had a family history.

The doctor used a variety of techniques, based upon the location of the mole. All were relatively painless... like getting a small cut... and they were simple in-office procedures. I remember how simple it was.

Hi T.,
I've had many moles removed. When I had my first one taken off I was at the doctors for a check-up. I asked her if they should be removed and she did it at the check-up. It was so easy and painless. I've had many more since then because I would worry if they were still on me. Good luck.

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