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Where to Find Goat's Milk?

My 12 m.o. is not digesting milk well, and it has become apparent he is/has been sensitive to milk products. We have been using soy for a few weeks with good results, but would like to switch to goat's milk. Does anyone know where we can find it? I came across cans at Walmart for nearly $3/12oz. Would rather get cold/fresh if available.

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Better Health or Whole Foods. There's also Almond milk. You can get all the nutrients, unsweetened or not, or Vanilla flavor. If you're using soy, this would work too and it's an easy transition. I used to use Silk and switched to almond milk.

Kroger sells it it fresh in 1 quart cartons. I think it was about $3.29 or maybe $3.59. Hope this helps =)

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Just an fyi, goat's milk still has milk protiens in it, so if your son has a hard time with milk, I would buy a test can first. I know trader joe's has it, if one is near you.

Hello R., I used to buy it at Meijer in the milk cooler. Good luck.

Hi R.---As I understand it, and I tend to think it makes sense, milk, is meant to be consumed by the 'animal' that produces it. Cows milk for cows, human milk for humans. I apologize if I've shared this with you before, but take some time to explore www.strongbones.org.

Having said that, I also think, on a limited basis, that raw milk may have some health benefits, as a majority of the nutrition will not have been destroyed by pasteaurization. I have also read that goats milk is most like human milk. There is a farm in Grand Blanc that sells shares in their goats so that you can get raw goats milk. I have always been meaning to try it, but I only have an 18 yr old at home, and he is the only one that uses milk (organic) occasionally in his cold cereal. So I haven't seen the need to get 2 gallons a week because we don't use it that much. I use rice and almond milks mostly. I do use goats milk yogurt on the occasion I need it.

Here is their location: Grand Blanc: Simple Times Farm, 6081 E Baldwin Rd Grand Blanc, MI 48439. ____@____.com . Formerly Panting Deer Acres. Offering goat shares for those wishing to drink raw goat's milk from their own animals. Farm fresh eggs, raw honey and more.

Good luck. Let me know how it turns out. In health, D.

I don't know where you're located, but there is a farm in Zeeland that has a goat share program. We've owned a share for about 2 years now. You pay a monthly boarding fee of $32.50 (for a full share) and get one gallon per week. They also offer half shares. My kids love the goat milk, so much so that my son asked me if McDonald's sells goat milk :-) The people's names are John & Mary Windemeuller, and there email address is ____@____.com


You may want to try either an Asian market or a Jamaican market. I know they use those products a lot and I may be wrong but they may carry it there. However, be prepared because I don't think it comes in a gallon like cow's milk. The largest may be a half gallon, if that and I think it is pricey.

Take care,


The best price I've found is at Trader Joes - it's still expensive but worth it if you're little one is having issues with cow's milk! Good Luck!

Not sure where you live but you can probably get it at any health food store. We have Harvest Health Foods here in Grand Rapids and I know they have some.

Maybe consider rice milk, that is what my family drinks, we don't do dairy either.

Better Health or Whole Foods. There's also Almond milk. You can get all the nutrients, unsweetened or not, or Vanilla flavor. If you're using soy, this would work too and it's an easy transition. I used to use Silk and switched to almond milk.


My DS (almost 7) cannot have cow dairy products either. We tried goat milk, but the taste was so pungent he didn't like that either. I found goat milk at Meijer in the dairy case (around $5-7 for a medium sized carton) and at my local Better Health Food Store (about $4-5 for a medium sized carton).

I now purchase Rice Milk for my son to put on his cereal, but supplement his diet with a really good chewable vitamin from Meleluca and lots of green leafy veggies to help him get all of the calcium he needs each day.

Good luck with your search!


Check Whole Foods Market (corner of Washtenaw and Huron Parkway) and try Trader Joes (in the Lamp post shopping center where if heading away from Ypsilanti and into Ann Arbor, it's where Washtenaw turns into Stadium Blvd.)

Good luck!

Have you looked at Whole Foods? I know they have it there in both fresh and powdered (in a can). We used both for both my young boys (now 2.5 and 5.5) -- they both drink soy milk now, but spent about 4-5 months each drinking goat milk.

You can also consider using Almond milk. My sister in law uses it for my nephew because he has dairy allergies. I know that Whole Foods carries it and I believe Trader Joes may as well too.

If your child is reacting to cow's milk, there is a good chance they will react to any other animal's milk. My daughter is allergic to milk and there are a whole list of things she cannot have. Check out www.foodallergy.org and read up on the milk allergies. Click on common food allergies and then milk. Also, if you click on downloads you can print off a list of items to avoid. You might want to talk to your pediatrician as well. Hope this helps... :) Merry Christmas!

I have seen goat's milk at Trader Joe's but I don't know how much it cost. Goat's milk will be more expensive no matter where you buy it. I gave my #1 daughter goat's milk for a few days (30 years ago) as she totally refused to breastfeed and had tummy trouble with everything else I tried. My aunt had a goat and brought me fresh goat's milk. My daughter loved it, her tummy was fine with it but goat's milk is more acidic and she got a terrible rash on her bum....something to watch for. I feel sure goat's milk would be better than the soy, long term. Good luck!


I know that Better Health store in Novi carries goat's milk. You could try a health food store near you. J.

Hi there,
I believe I saw the milk in the dairy case at Better Health store on Eureka in Taylor. You could also do a search for it locally made. hope this helps in your search.

Dear Regin;

Contact Judy -

, Ruby's Goat Farm is a 5 acre farm run by Jodi Martinelli. 1225 Snake Hill Rd
North Scituate, RI
map | farms nearby

the story behind our farm

15 miles from Providence, 02909
###-###-#### preferred

Dairy + Eggs

i would check harvest health - they can also hook you up with local farmers so you can buy direct.

Goats milk is a great choice! I find goats milk and Kroger and Meijer, in the milk cooler, but usually with the special milk products, like eggnog. It's not cheap. If you're suspecting this is a lactose intolerance issue you may want to try lactaid milk. It's not cheap either, but definately a better deal than goats milk. My kids also really enjoy almond milk. If you think it may be an actual milk allergy, go see your doc before you switch anything up.
imho, organic goats milk is tastier, but that's just me :)
Good luck!

Goats Milk is a good choice. I think I've seen it at my local Holiday Market (Canton) in the dairy case. An upper-end grocer or health food store may have it. If you ask your fav grocer manager, they may be willing to stock it just for you. If you use Rice or Soy be careful of the added sugars and of course be sure its Calcium fortified. There are some questions re: safe quantities of soy for children so you may want to look into that.

Kroger sells it it fresh in 1 quart cartons. I think it was about $3.29 or maybe $3.59. Hope this helps =)

I would try the whole foods stores. They also have other options for milk beyond soy and goat's. My son has been on rice milk for about six months now.

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