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When Does Your Period Return After Having a Baby

I was wondering how long it took for some of you to get your first period after giving birth. I thought your first one would be at least 6 weeks, and then if your breastfeeding longer. I have only just stopped bleeding about a week ago, and all of a sudden I'm starting to bleed again. My son is only 4 1/2 weeks old and I am breastfeeding. Any advice would be good, so I don't freak out. LOL

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Thank you all for your stories and advice. I have my 5 week check-up with my doc. on mon. and I will talk to him about it. I had a c-section and my tubes tied (I have complicatated pregnancy's). I think I am doing to much, cause DH is hardly at home, so that leaves me to do everything. My bleeding is very light, and was just so unexpected. I'm going to talk to DH about trying to be home more and help out more. I am VERY drained. Thank you all again!!!!!!!!!!!

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It might just be that all the original bleeding didn't get done. With both my kids, I started again after about 6 months. I breastfed both. I would talk to the OB

I bled for almost two months after my first child and I was breastfeeding...didn't have that at all with my second. No words of wisdom, just that it can happen. I had a C-Section, don't know if you did or not.

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After having my son in November, I had bleeding on and off for 5-6 weeks or more, and it would stop for days and then start back up also. So you shouldn't be worried, especially since your baby is only 4 1/2 weeks. My OB told me (and I've read) that if you're breastfeeding exclusively, you won't have a period until you finish breastfeeding or until the baby is older and is mainly eating solid foods and only nursing a few times a day. What you're experiencing sounds perfectly normal, so I wouldn't worry if I were you. :)


You probably just haven't stopped bleeding yet. It took me 7 weeks to fully stop.

I have one child, 2 yrs old, and I breastfed him, and looked forward to having no period for months and months (so I had heard)!! I began having mine between 2-3 months after he was born. Boy was I disappointed. So much for getting excited! I nursed for 14 months. Much luck with continued breastfeeding!

Dear N.,
Congratulations on your new baby!!

There is only one hard and fast rule about your question and that is---call your OB! Your bleeding is not so uncommon, but it could also be indicative that something is awry.

So--always--when in doubt---call the doctor or his nurse. Your local hospital probably has a nurse line for questions like this. Worrying about it can affect your milk and your babies health.

Have you been back for your check up yet?

About me---I am a 70 great grandmother. I breast fed my babies, as did my sisters and my daughter. Enjoy!

Everyone is different. I breastfeed my children for 2 1/2 years, each, and my period returned long before they were 6 months old. If you've been bleeding this long I would recommend you call your OB. With my second child I bleed for 6 weeks! Then some tissue came out, and the bleeding stopped. Turned out a very small piece of the placenta had not come out.

Like other posters said, it's not unusual to bleed for a couple of weeks after having a baby.

I think I bleed for about 3 weeks initially. I BF and did not get my first period until 12 months later.

I bled after the birth for about 3 weeks, some days slower than others. I also breastfeed my first and I am now four months pregnate with my second and I never got a peroid. I feel as some of the other ladies you may be doing too much. If you are feeling very tired and are hurting it never hurts to contact your OB and just ask. I would think it's all normal. I have had friends that have started their period a little more quickly than others due to stress.

I did the same thing and thought I must have started my period, but my son is 14 weeks and I am still breastfeeding and have not bled again since my 6 week check up! Everybody's body is a little different, but you are probably still just bleeding from the contracting of your uterus, from delivery! Good luck to you.

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