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How Long Should Your 1St Period After Having a Baby Last?

I recently had a baby girl just over 10 weeks ago. I already went through the regualr post partum bleeding. Had a few weeks off and then got my 1st period. It has latsed for almost 4 weeks now!!! Is this normal? Has anyone else had this same problem? Or is it something I should talk to my doctor about?

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4 weeks is far too long,

you need to call the doctor,

more than likely, its material from the birth, however you can't be certain you won't get poisoned or infected.

so call them ASAP


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The same thing happened to me and the doctor said not to worry at all, it's normal for the first period.

I am not a doctor or anything but you might not have had your first period yet, it might be just the post pardom bledding. I bleed for about a month plus with both my kids. If it is getting heavier you should see a doctor asap.

I would have contacted my doctor after week two. But then I didn't have my period until my son was 7 months old. It lasted just about a week and seemed like a normal period only a little heavier. I don't think it's normal to last that long.

Hi C., I think 4 weeks is a long time for any period. I hope you are taking an iron supplement and call your Doctor.
Best wishes, Grandma Mary

Definitely call your doctor. My sister-in-law had the same thing and she had a retained placenta and needed a D&C.

I think it's best to get checked out by your doctor....

4 weeks is far too long,

you need to call the doctor,

more than likely, its material from the birth, however you can't be certain you won't get poisoned or infected.

so call them ASAP


That sounds like a lot of bleeding. I haven't heard of this before, not that I have any form of medical training whatsoever. But you should definitely talk to your doctor about it. Why take a chance?

Mine lasted 2 weeks after the regular post partum bleeding. Then it stopped and started for a week and stopped.Women who don't breastfeed find that their cycles resume very quickly -- as early as four to ten weeks after childbirth. If your bleeding only stopped for a few days, you may not be having a period, but just a continuation of your lochia (postpartum bleeding). Especially if you were more active than usual after your bleeding stopped, that could have caused it to start up again. 8 weeks of postpartum bleeding is long (and frustrating!), but not unheard of and still within the range of normal. Remember that your body is still healing from childbirth, and don't do too much while you are bleeding, and it will stop sooner. it'll take your body a while to adjust back to normal. If you are truly concerned or feel something is not quite right, talk to your ob/gyn and get the answers that will give you peace.


Congrats on the new baby! Defintely check with your doctor as I had 4 children and don't remember my first period after wards ever being longer than a week. Even when I stopped breastfeeding which delays the return of your period. Good luck.

I found after my bleeding started to slow up after my first and second children if I got really active the bleeding get heavier. You may want to mention it to your doctor just to make sure that everything is ok.


Did the doctor put you on birth control? If he did then maybe you should talk to him about it. If not you should without a doubt call your doctor. After being put on birth control I was getting my period every 2 weeks. Your system went into shock. Talk to your doctor.

It can last up to 6 weeks, isnt it great? ha ha

Call your DOCTOR!!! It may last longer than normal (mine did) but that sounds really long! A.

I had this with my first and I was nursing too. I barely made it to my 6 week check-up, I was bleeding still. After the 6 weeks, I didn't get a period till my baby was 6 months, which is normal with nursing. I think it is totally fine as long as it is not excessive bleeding everyday and make sure you continue to take your prenatal vitamins and eat well....maybe even an iron supplement.

talk to your ob. to make sure though.

Hi C., I bled for a month after my first child. However, if you are still bleeding by your six week check up you need to tell your OB. A friend of mine kept bleeding on an off for months after her third child and needed a D&C because there was still a piece of placenta that she did not pass with the birth, however, she also had a lot of pain. Good Luck.

I wouldn't worry but I would call your doctor...after my first I bled FOREVER (about 2months) after my second not so long but I relapsed like it sounds like you are...call your doctor to chat, as long as you aren't having any other symptons like a fever I would think you should be in the clear, your body is just healing but just to be sure call your doctor... Goodluck! (not to be to personal but if you had sex, that could have started it up again...if you weren't all the way healed)

Hi, what you are experiencing doesn't sound unusual - your body is trying to figure out a cycle (and that is not always exactly the same length/intensity of cycle as you had pre-pregnancy).

I would make sure to rest regularly, not to do too much heavy lifting or major house cleaning (as this would encourage bleeding), and eat well. If you are feeling at all weak, or tired, please see a doctor. You will be tired anyway with a new baby, and it's OK to admit this to a doctor! They may want to check your iron levels, esp if you are breastfeeding, which burns up a lot of calories.

I had to see the doctor after 8 wks of lochia (HEAVY flow the WHOLE time) and he gave me tablets to dry it up, but it sounds like yours is actually not lochia but your first period.

Take care,

I think I vaguely remember the doc telling me hormones could do anything - but if you aren't comfortable with what you're experiencing - See Your Doctor! To me, a month is rather overlong. But, I am not a doctor.

Mine showed up not only 28 days after my son was born, it showed up 2 weeks later, then 2 weeks later again, then another 3 weeks! Talk about more than my fair share!

Good luck, and hope you find some relief - Congratulations!


Well, remember that you body has changed and didnt have a period for about ten months. generally you can bleed longer, but at the same time you body has experienced a trama, and of course anything unusual you should call your doctor. If you call, ask the nurse and she should be able to let you know if this is something you should come in for.

Go see your OB/GYN immediately! You can get anemia from that. I had that same problem that my period wouldn't stop after I had my son. My OB/GYN said it was hormonal problems and had to put me on the birth control pill to stop it.

Hey C.,
I bled for a long time, PP bleeding. Also it stopped for almost 2 weeks and then started back up again. It's possible it's that? I don't think you have to worry, but I would contact your doctor anyhow.

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