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When Do Babies Start Sleeping All Night

Its been 15yrs since i had a baby in the house, my little 4 month old grandaughter does not sleep all night yet. We did just find out the baby has larangomalaice and Gerd and she is going to have to see a ENT when she turns 6 months old and they are going to schedule her for an UGI in 2 weeks. I just know i am loosing alot of sleep and its hard on me when i work full time. I am the only caregiver at home My sig.other works off.

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Thanks for all the advice, the baby had to have an UGI yesterday and she does have Gerd and when it comes back up its going into her lungs so we are having to do about everything you mama's suggested, i am having to thickend her milk with ceral and keep her upright for 45 mintues after feedings and keep a suction bulb with me at all times.

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All babies are different, but we used some of the methods found in On Becoming Baby Wise and found it to be extremely helpful. Never really got into the crying to sleep part, but I think the scheduling was really helpful.

I was always told that a baby would start sleeping through the night at 12 lbs. My son was 4 months and my daughter was 4 weeks (and 11 lbs). So, I believe it depends on the baby. The idea of elevating the head of her bed is a good one. My friend's baby with GERD had to sleep like that. A pillow or a rolled blanket under the mattress should work.
Good luck!

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my daughter is 6 months old... at 4 months she started sleep[ all night long... what a blessing!!! but all babies are different... some don't sleep through the night until their terrible two's! some parents get lucky and have a new born that sleeps all night long... I have found that if I keep Jaidyn on a set schedule and do NOT deviate from that schedule, she will sleep through the night for me... it's the days that we don't get that last nap in or a nap at all for that matter that she will have problems all through the night... so, try to keep her on a routine of some sorts and sooner or later your precious little one will give you the greatest gift of all... SLEEP! =)

H. K

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It depends on the baby. It also depends on whether mom & dad wake the baby during the night every 2-3 hours during the first 8-12 weeks. I personally think that is insane, because a few short months later you have to break them of the habit which is a misery for mom, dad, & baby. As they grow and gain weight, they will sleep longer and longer, in between waking up, crying and letting mom & dad know they are hungry. Also, make sure they are comfortable, and do not bundle them in blakets and warm PJ's any more that what you would be comfortable in as they will get too hot, and wake up. Other than that.....I will have to say some babies just sleep longer than others, i.e. my nephew who is about to be 2....he has yet to sleep through the night, and he is not much of a napper. If you have checked & tried everything you know to do......it may just be that your baby is a night owl. Good Luck to you, and all new moms (I have 3 children, and am enjoying 85% of my nights to myself now)
P.S. My oldest is a teenager, and I believe that is truly when they start sleeping through the night.
e l gunn

Babies should sleep through the night (meaning sleep a solid 5 hr. stretch)at about 6 months but there is wide variablility. At 4 months, I fed my little girl at midnight (she didn't really WAKE up but would feed) and then would sleep until 5 -6AM. At 7 months, she now goes down at 8 PM and sleeps until 6 AM. It's a long road, with lots of set backs that happen when babies teeth start to move (~4 mo.)and with any illnesses. If your baby has GERD or even with babies who have URIs, raise the head of the bed (pillow under the end of the mattress) and try not to feed the baby RIGHT before you put him or her down. Good luck!

I think its probably unrealistic to expect a baby this young with GERD to sleep all night. Think about it... if my esophagus burned, and I didn't have words to communicate, I would wake up too. And cry.

My son had severe GERD, and did not sleep through the night until he was 12 months old. He always had trouble gaining weight at first because he would throw-up most of his feedings. The doctors put him on Reglan and Zantac. He became a very irritable baby due to one of the side effects of Reglan. The only thing that we found helped him to keep his meals down was to add Rice cereal to his PUMPED breast milk. Then we fed him small frequent feedings. He was about 8 months old before he could hold down a 4 ounce bottle, therefore we had to feed him through the night. Once he turned a year and could take solids, everything improved. I am sorry you are having to go through this.

Hi R.
All babies are different. I have 3 kids, now 14, 13 and 12. I don't remember which got up during the night, but most nights I was up... I started to sleep all night long (meaning none of my kids would get up during the night) when my baby girl turned 3 years old. I know there's a lot of literature around telling you to let the kids cry until they fall asleep and then it'll be ok, But mind you , 9 out of 10 times I went to see what was happening, the kids needed my attention... they were cold, they were hot, they had thrown up, they were wet.. whatever, and just once in a while they were scared or wanted a little attention.

They always needed me..

good luck

Well I didn't know what larangomalaice was so I looked it up on Wikipedia and I am so sad that that has happened to your little angel. I also have guardian ship of 3 grandchildren. The middle one had GERD and we gave him 0.09 mg. of liquid Reglan, smells yummy, before each bottle and at bedtime. He loved it and learned that when he got some of that he was shortly going to get a bottle. He began sleeping through the night, about 10 hours at a time, after starting Reglan. When he started teething he began waking up odd hours and we were quickly sleep deprived. He now sleeps 10 to 12 hours at a time at 14 1/2 months. He is ready for bed at 8pm and is cranky until he is down for the night. He grew out of the need for Reglan at about 7 months. He could not process Oatmeal cereal until after 13 months of age but Rice cereal was a life saver, plus it thickens the milk and keeps it from burping up quite so much. He eats anything that doesn't eat him first and has no digestive problems now.

I hope your little one grows out of the larangomalaice before long because that sounds really trying. My thoughts are with you....

My Children did not sleep all night until they were a year old. but would only get up once a night after they where six months old. You might try seeing if there is a family member that she can spend the night with one night to let you sleep, or them come to the house and get up with her. My mother would do that for me so that I could get some sleep.

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