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What Is Your Favorite Bottle for Breastfed Baby?

Hello! My husband and I are getting prepared for our baby who is due in July. I am planning on breastfeeding him as much as possible but, need to have some bottles on hand in case my husband needs to feed him some milk too. In the past, we've used Avent bottles and really liked them... But, we're wanting to replace our old Avent bottles for ones that are BPA-free. When I was looking for new ones, I noticed that the price of Avent bottles has gone up quite a bit. I tried finding some reviews on bottles and saw that a lot of moms recommended Gerber Nuk but, I was hoping to hear what other moms prefer... Hopefully from moms who breastfed their baby as much as possible. Any and all responces would help me out. I really appreciate the help!

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Thank you for all of the wonderful suggestions. It's definately helped in deciding which bottles are worth using and which ones to stay away from. I appreciate all the help! Thanks again!

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I exclusively breastfed my little guy until I went back to work. Then I had the same challenge you are in-- which bottle to get. I ended up getting the Soothie bottle. He has that for his paci and it seemed to be the only that he'd really like. My sister-in-law watches him and she got him to use the Doctor Brown bottles too.

Good luck!

BreastFlow by First Years. It took a little while to get the hang of it, but my daughter (now 9 months) has had no problem switching between me and it. Blessings!

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I used Dr. Brown nipples with Evenflo glass bottles for my breastfed daughter and they were great! She rarely had bottles and took to these very nicely. I found it to be the most inexpensive ($5.99 for 3 Evenflo 8 oz glass bottles on Amazon.com - good deal!) , BPA free, breastfeeding friendly way to go.

I used Evenflo glass bottles from Target. They're small. They're maybe half the size of the big plastic bottles...or about 500 ml. (which is 4-5 oz. I think). It's the only bottle I've ever used and I like it because it's glass. When my son was very young (2 mos or so) it seemed to come a little fast for him, but we would just tip it back so he could catch up a little. He is still exclusively breastfed and it's still the same bottle I use when he's occasionally babysat or when we're traveling in the car.

I love the Born-Free bottles, which come in glass and BPA-free plastic. I'd had Avent recommended to me when I was pregnant because it was supposed to be good for reducing upset tummies. Because of BPA concerns, I switched to Born Free and really love them. When my daughter started to struggle between breastfeeding and having a bottle, I switched back to only using Level 1 nipples on the bottle at home, which kept the flow closer to what she gets when breastfeeding. My baby turns one this weekend, and breastfeeding and bottle-feeding have not been problem!

We use the Playtex Nurser (the one with the drop in liners) on the rare occasion our now 5 month old takes a bottle. We've never had a problem with him taking it.

My husband I went thru the same situation. We used Gerber Nuk, due to cost reasons, for several months until we switched to the BPA free Advent bottles. I loved the Gerber Nuk bottles for a while, but then noticed that my son was spitting up quite frequently. He was getting too much air intake when feeding off of the Gerber Nuk bottles. I tried the Advent bottle over the Christmas break and we noticed a significant difference in his spitting up. The Advent BPA bottles are more expensive; however for the quality that they bring you cant compare in the price then. My friend also used the Dr. Brown bottles and absolutely loves them. They are BPA free and they are known to reduce spit ups significantly. If my husband and I didnt just spend an arm and leg on all new Advent BPA free bottles we would have switched to those. Good luck and always use something that you and the baby are comfortable with.

We made it to one year and only used 3 ounces of formula (and I worked at least part time!) I started out with the First Years BreastFlow and when he stopped taking them very well around 4 months we switched to the Nuk (it seems pretty common for babies to want to change bottles around that age)

I breast fed as long as I could and we use Born Free bottles. We love them and my daughter loves them. They are a little more expensive than some others, but they are BPA free and not too crazy of a system. My sister loves Dr Brown, but I just thought there were too many parts. Good Luck!

we've used the medela bottles and nipples and they've been great (BPA-free too). now that he's teething more, he works on the nipple pretty hard sometimes, which causes it to get crooked and leak on occasion, but we've liked them just fine and they fit my pump. at 10 mo, he's exclusively breastfed (and breastmilk bottle fed). good luck!

My DD had to have a bottle a couple times a week between about 3-6 months before I was staying home full time and the only one that she would drink from (and even that was only an ounce or two!) was the Gerber Nuk. I think the wider base around the nipple seems more similar to a real nipple for them. I'm not sure if they are BPA free though. I nannied a breastfed baby who really like the Borne Free bottles (not sure if I am spelling that right). I would recommend either one, but I say let daddy take care of the older boys and you focus on the baby! haha, I suppose it can't always work like that. Good luck with everything!

We used the playtex nurser and had no problems with it.

I excusively breastfeed and the bottle I use is Playtex Ventaire Advanced Wide bottle. My baby seems to do just fine with this bottle. I breastfed all my kids and used this same kind of bottle. I think the NUK bottles would be fine also because my baby does take a NUK pacifier. Hopefully this helps. Congratulations on your soon to be new addition.

Hi Stacy!

We have been useing the Gerber Nuk bottles for our daughter for almost a year. I breastfeed and/or pumped the 1st 9 months and when she took a bottle this is the one that really worked well. They have an air hole on top that you can hear the air coming out of. She never had gas or spit up issues while using these. We used the Platex natural aire ones with our first daughter and we really liked them, but they were a much bigger pain to clean (more parts). The Nuk bottles are a bottle, nipple, and ring. We LOVED them! She had no problem switching back and forth. They are shaped the same as the nuk pacifier so that is easy back and forth too (if you plan to use one). Good luck in bottle searching!

You might check the Avent ones again, because I think they may have some BPA-free ones now. That could be the reason for the price hike? We had really good luck with Avent.


I exclusively breastfed my little guy until I went back to work. Then I had the same challenge you are in-- which bottle to get. I ended up getting the Soothie bottle. He has that for his paci and it seemed to be the only that he'd really like. My sister-in-law watches him and she got him to use the Doctor Brown bottles too.

Good luck!

Our daughter would only accept the playtex nursers (with the drop in liners) if Mom wasn't on duty.

First, did you know you can take your old bottles (the BPA ones) and take them to Babies R Us and turn them in for new BPA Free bottles? You don't need a receipt or have to have bought them there. They will give you money for your old bottles that can ONLY be used on new bottles. So if you are turning in old avent ones, you might get 1/2 as many new ones, but hey, you don't have to pay for them.

We went from avent with #1 to playtex drop ins with #2. I wanted to be able to pump, freeze, and serve in 1 product. And I didn't want a ton of bottles in my freezer. What I love is that I only have 2 or 3 bottles now. I have used a couple others with him (avent and medela) and he doesn't seem to care what the nipple is like.

Good luck!

Hello, my son is now 6 yrs. old and I breastfed him until he was 10 mo old. He learned to walk and couldn't "take me with him" so he started to like his bottle more. I don't remember the brand but I used the bottles that I could put my bag of milk in. I would pump, put my milk in the bag, and drop that into the bottle. It was very easy and I never had to worry about if the inside of my bottle was clean as it was open. Good Luck and good for you for wanting to breastfeed!

Hey S.! My daughter is six months old and has been breastfeed and when I am at work my husband bottle feeds her> I have tried alot of different bottles and found that she likes the Gerber ones. Not the Nuk ones. I have found that the Nuk bottles leak. She likes the ones that are about four dollars for three. It all depends on your baby! Good luck and congrats!

We use the Playtex drop-ins and love them. I'm not constantly washing bottles! My son is breastfed and he goes easily between the breast and this bottle. There are store brand drop ins that are inexpensive and it is easy to warm the bottle using a warm water bath.

Love your boys' names!

I used Playtex Nurser/ Drop-ins with both. Nursed my daughter until almost 14 months. We tried every bottle with her...and I mean every bottle. We started trying the bottle way too late with her...around 7 months and she didn't start taking one until 10 months! With my son, we tried the Breastflow (by First Years, I think) it was kind of hard to use and has too many parts to wash. He takes the Playex one fine and I am still nursing him.

Good luck!

I absolutly Love the Playtex Bottles with the plastic liners inside! Hands down, would never use another kind. Not to mention so much easier to clean!!!

Playtex Nurser/ Drop-ins <--- Oh yeah.. thats what they were called! :)

I too used the avent bottles with my last baby because they went with my pump. This time around I have a new pump, so went with the nuk bottle since it is the same as the pacifier. My son is 10 weeks old and we tried a bottle yesterday for the first time and all was well. I'm guessing because he likes his pacifier so much. I'm not sure if it is BPA free or not.

I breastfed and used the Target brand of the avent bottles and my girls liked those. Good luck , and congratulations.

I haven't personally used this brand, but several moms I know seem to like the Born Free bottles. You can get them at Target and Babies 'R Us. If you get mailings from Babies 'R Us, they periodically send out coupons for these...

BreastFlow by First Years. It took a little while to get the hang of it, but my daughter (now 9 months) has had no problem switching between me and it. Blessings!

Mam Ultiventbottles are great - and BPA free - available at walmart.coma and Target.com

We used Avent with our daughter and I used it again with our son. Babies R Us had an exchange program where you could bring in your old Avent Bottles and trade them in for new BPA free ones, as long as you had all of the parts (rings, nipples and bottle- they didn't require the caps. I'm not sure if they still do that or not. I was able to trade all of mine out. I did pick up 2 Dr. Brown's bottles- which I like, but there are alot of pieces with them that I don't care for when it comes to cleaning and washing them up. Otherwise- let me know if you want the AVENT brand- we are done with the bottle stage and I am looking to sell mine- all of them have been cleaned, in good condition (only used with one child) and sterilized!

Hope this helps!

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