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What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Brown Spots on My Face?

I am 33 years old and have pretty nice skin. No wrinkles or any major problems except I have some small areas of discoloration on my upper cheekbones and nose. I am pretty cafeful with my facial skin and I always wear SPF 30-50 whenever I go out to the pool. To keep a tan face, I only use sunless tanners and bronzers. I just hate having these brown spots and if I could get rid of them, my skin would look great. Anyone else have any luck with a product or maybe a good Doctor? Let me know. Thanks.

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I, too, had brown discolorations after the birth of my daughter. There is an over-the-counter product called ActiFade that really works! I noticed a difference in two weeks and now don't have them at all. It's $40 but the jar lasts a really long time. They have it at CVS and it comes in a white and orange box.

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The brown spots are likely hyperpigmentation from sun damage. Whether you wear sunscreen or not, if you've ever had a tan or sunburn, you have sun damage. I tried EVERYTHING, from skin bleachers/lighteners to microdermabrasions, to all kinds of retinols. I finally broke open the wallet and tried photofacial which has worked miracles. It completely removes the brown spots from underneath the skin instead of just bleaching the surface (which then darkens again if you quit using it). My complexion is so even and clear after 2 treatments! An aesthetician usually performs this particular laser treatment. I go to Facial Techniques in Dallas. They are wonderful!!!

an over the counter product (otc) is hydroquinone cream in the ethnic section, or pharmacy otc section. Elderly use it for age spots. It takes a long time though. Do you know why you have the spots? Did you recently have a baby? Pregnancy mask? I had it after having a baby on my cheeks. It went away after a few years. I heard microderm abrasion will remove it if your impatient for the hydroquinone cream to take affect.


I have been using the Bare Minerals make-up. I have really bad brown spots and it does a great job hiding them. This doesn't get rid of brown spots but will help you cover them up.

I have that type of spots on my cheekbones as well. My dermatologist (Allen Menter) prescribed Renova which is a great product but due to my sensitive skin, I ended up with more redness and peeling therefore I preferred the spots over the redness and peeling.

I am a Clinique fan since I was 13 (now 45 and happily pass for early 30's) and I now use the Repairwear products they have for day and night. I just recently went to Saks and found out that there is a Clinique serum only available to Saks and Neiman's in Repairwear. I have used it for the last 3 weeks faithfully and I can tell a difference in the spots and overall skin condition. It was pricey $125 for the bottle but as of now, with use, I am sold.

I also, faithfully wear a face zinc oxide daily before any makeup and after all other face products are used and that seems to help as well. I have noticed that 1 episode in the sun, not protected enough, will make my spots get darker.


The brown spots are called hyperpigmentation. It us caused from the sun and is a change that happens to the cells in the dermal layer (beneath the surface of the skin. It can be corrected but OVER TIME. I would recommend microdermabrasion treatments combined with a prescription bleaching cream. It would take at least 6 treatments before seeing visible results. You are doing good by using sunscreen, but it is a cell change that will correct itself over time when doing the correct thing. Microdermabrasion increses cell reproduction, sluffing off the outer layer, so this will cause the change to happen much quicker. Hope this helps :) www.beautymarkboutique.com In a medical setting and are the lowest prices you will find in the area.

I recommend the Arbonne NutriminC RE9 products. I am a consultant and can offer you my 35% discount when ordering. However, I would love to send you a 3-5 day sample for you to try. I began using Arbonne 2-3 years ago, and have found a tremendous difference in my face in regards to dark-spots, wrinkling, and the over-all appearance. I definately found the "glow" that I had been looking for in other products.

If you are interested in a sample, please contact me and I will get one sent to you first thing.

Good luck... I know that you will receive a number of responses from consultants of Arbonne & other products, as well as responses from other products. I encourage you to try them all, and do what feels and looks best for your skin.

Good luck!

I have the same problem..and I have noticed since I started using Olay regenerist (their microderm abrasion kit) that the spots have faded considerably. I am sure that any exfoliator would probably work over time..this is just what I use. And I have pretty sensitive skin and it hasn't hurt my skin at all. Good luck :)

I, too, had brown discolorations after the birth of my daughter. There is an over-the-counter product called ActiFade that really works! I noticed a difference in two weeks and now don't have them at all. It's $40 but the jar lasts a really long time. They have it at CVS and it comes in a white and orange box.

Ditto on what Debi said. The Even Complexion Essence is a good product.

I use Renova. It is perscription only and expensive if your insurance will not cover (which they probably won't). It is really great stuff. Google Renova for before and after pictures. I have been using for about 1 month and have seen great results.

There are a lot of prescription products. Most of them contain about 4% hydroxyquinone compared to the over-the-counter formulations. Lustra AF is a good prescription product. Talk to your doctor or a dermatologist about the various options. Covering make-up is a good option, too, if you have sensitive skin.

The spots are melanoma in the skin that just collect there for whatever reason. Mary Kay makes a great product that breaks down the melenoma in the skin so that the brown color disapears. It takes several weeks before you start noticing the difference and it is one of those products that when you stop using it the brown spots will reapear. If you are interested you can contact me, as I am a consultant with Mary Kay. www.marykay.com/alexisdavis

I recently did some research and found that hydroquinone is toxic, not a good product to use on your skin. I also have a few brown spots and have been using the Even Complexion Essence from MK. I've seen a noticeable difference in these spots. I also use their microdermabrasion kit that has the same aluminum oxide crystals that the dermatologists use as well as the patented Time Wise anti-aging complex. The crystals are perfectly round so they can enter into the pore and polish away the dead skin. I'm currently offering Mamsource members a 40% discount on their first purchase. Blessings!

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