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What Is the Best Car Seat for a Taxi?

I have a 14-month old son and we are going to the airport tomorrow. I can't bring myself to put him in a taxi with no car seat, though I know it's not against the law. I do have a Britax for our car, but I want to buy a car seat I can get in and out of taxis easily. Any suggestions? I know I could get a car service with a seat for $125..I just figure I should have a seat for taxis...am I too cautious? I feel like everyone puts their toddlers in taxis with no seats...I have only lived in the city for two years so this is an issue for me...my husband is a native New Yorker and thinks I am overly worried....ugh!

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There is a foldable seat that is made for taxi.It looks like back of the car seat with 5 point harness. They claim it folds small to put in the diaper bag. I have no idea where I saw it, but I remember it had great reviews. I'll update if I find it.
Another option might be sit n stroll.

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So far we have taken the infant care seat whenever going to the airport and have checked it, but now that my daughter outgrew it, I will probably only take a car seat if we will be renting a car on the other end. I saw the Eddie Bauer Portable Car Seat in Buy Buy Baby. I read some good reviews. Not sure if it's safe. My guess is it's safer than no car seat, but not as safe as a regular car seat. If you get one, let me know what you think!

I absolutely do not think that you are being overly worried. A car is a car and you should ALWAYS use a car seat. The worst thing you can do is put your child on your lap - if you are in an accident, your weight will push your child forward, compounded with speed - bad idea. Never let people bully you about your child's safety or anything else for that matter. Every time I second guess myself and do what someone else thinks rather than what I think, even those with our best interests at heart, whether it's nap skipping or whatever, I always regret it. Now, for your question, I do recall seeing a fold-up, if you can believe it, car seat, but I'm not recalling the name, I do recall it being expensive. I walk everywhere. On the bus into the city I do have her on my lap, but I don't know of any other options. She's 18 months. Hope this helps you, in some small way!!

Hi M.-
Go to the website onestepahead.com There is actually a seat belt device that is used on planes. It's a belt/harness that attaches to your seatbelt so you can have a child sit on your lap with a secure belt around them.
Hope this helps-

There is a foldable seat that is made for taxi.It looks like back of the car seat with 5 point harness. They claim it folds small to put in the diaper bag. I have no idea where I saw it, but I remember it had great reviews. I'll update if I find it.
Another option might be sit n stroll.

I have the same problem- but I agree w/ you not to take a baby in a taxi w/o a car seat. With the way people drive in the city, I think it's crazy and I know plenty of people who have gotten into taxi accidents. I looked into the Sit n Stroll which my friend swears by but it's not supposed to be either a great car seat or stroller- she loves it though. I plan to get the Go Go Baby attachment at another friend's suggestion that turns your regular car seat into a stroller so at least I don't have to lug the seat thru the airport.

I don't think you are being overly worried, cab drivers freak me out. And my husband has the same reaction as yours, "what's the big deal everyone does it."
I try to take trains as much as possible and when I am not in my own car, I use a carrier.
It makes me feel more secure, I wish my daughter could always be in her carseat, but I can't carry a carseat around the city with me.
If you have a bjorn, ergo or a similar carrier I have been told it is best to strap your child on to you and then buckle yourself in under the carrier.
I like the bjorn best for this because even though she is a little to big for using this carrier normally, it keeps her sitting on my lap and strapped in.
I don't know of any "portable" carseats or I would have purchased one already,
good luck.

i am a native nwe yorker and a MOM (not dad :) who understands but would not buy a carseat just for taxis, unless you are really that flush with cash, it is not something you need. If you are holding on to him with an arm around him, and he has a seatbelt on, he will be fine, we do it many times a week with our 3 1/2 year old son. Brind a car snack and a favorite book or toy.

I'm so glad to see other moms urging you to follow your instincts...it is NOT paranoid to be concerned for your child's safety, especially when you're talking about a ton of metal flying down busy streets in the city. I don't "get" parents who let their children ride in cars without car seats or seat belts. Convenience can't hold a candle to the safety of your baby.

I'm sorry that I don't have any suggestions for you, other than to do what you're already doing and look for some way to keep your child secure when riding in a taxi. Good luck!

You're not too cautious. Why would you trust a complete stranger whose driving skills you know nothing about with the life of your child? Just because people do it does not make it safe.
We use our car seats from our car in the taxi to the airport, and then either check them in or use them on the plane. Then we use them in the rental car during our vacation. To get around Manhattan with the kids we either take the train or use our own car.
I think the Baby Bargains book has a suggestion for a (somewhat) portable car seat, you might look there, and check user reviews on Amazon.

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