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What Does It Feel like When Your Water Breaks?

Now my water hasn't broken yet, although I wish it had already. lol I am 37 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I was just curious as to know what other mom's experienced when their water broke and or Contractions hit. I've heard that contractions feel like menstrual cramps times like 5000. I just want some moms to tell me what their experiences were.

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Thanks to all you moms I have more of an idea of what will happen. Either my water will break at home or they will do it at the hospital. All your stories were very interesting and I thank you for sharing them with me. I am getting excited he will be here in only a few weeks, all this waiting has defiantly been worth it. I will let all you mom's know when I have him. :)

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While lying in bed next to hubby, felt a "pop" and release of fluid. My husband said he actually heard it, too! I felt a warm sensation, like I peed myself. The leaking continued after I went to the bathroom.

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My contractions with my son felt like really bad gas/stomach pains. I was asleep and would wake up and toss and turn for a few minutes then it would go away. I was 3 weeks early so I was convinced it was either Braxton Hicks or just gas. They progressively got worse to the point where it felt like someone was taking a knife or needle and slowly dragging it across my stomach. The pain is very hard to explain, but counting through them works. If you count through the first one and relaize it lasts 30 seconds, then the next time it hits, you can get through it easier because you'll know how long it will last.

As my mom once explained, it feels like a train is heading towards you then you feel like you were run over but then right after the contraction is gone, you feel normal again. Until the next one! LOL

I was in the hospital and trying not the push my son out even though my body was pushing for me! The nurse kept telling me to not push but I kept telling them I couldn't help it!! It was as if my body was just trying to get him out even though I wasn't doing any work. Then I felt a gush of warm water and knew my water broke. At first I thought I peed from my body pushing. It was a very strange senstation!

The first time I delivered, I did not shower until the next day because I had an epidural. The second time I delivered very fast and they had me shower almost immediately afterwards. I didn't want to because I was tired (middle of the night) but they insisted and I am glad that they did!

Sleep as much as you can/want but for me, I just wanted my baby in the room with me! That would usually mean me calling and asking them to bring the baby to me because it seemed like even if I asked them to bring the baby to me at feeding times, they would not so I could sleep.

The pads (or diapers filled with ice) that they will probably use to help reduce swelling after birth are wonderful. I had those for an entire day! Don't worry if you need to take pain medication for a day or two afterwards. That is normal!!

Buy pictures of your baby in the hospital. You will take a bunch (as will family) but it's nice to have a professional one of him/her when they were 1 day old.

I put on regular pajamas almost immediately after the birth of my daughter. It made me feel better. With my son, I was in the hospital for a little over 24 hours so I just stayed in their pajamas. If you are planning on breastfeeding, make sure you remove your bra before getting into the gown because it will be harder to do after you have the baby!!

Congratulations and good luck!

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Hi, my water broke at home at 38 weeks. I was lying on the couch and my stomach made this HUGE rumbling sound! (lol) my sister was sitting there and we just looked at each other like what the heck. So, I thought I had to go to the bathroom. When I went "pee" just kept coming out or so I thought. Then, some of the plug was in the toilet......I called my Dr office and they said even if I thought my water broke to go to the hospital. It was really just a slow trickle. The contractions started about 20 minutes after my water broke. I got to the hospital and they tested the fluid to be sure it was my water and it was, so I was admitted, I was only 2cm. And by 3cm I had my epidural, 6 hours later I had my little one, who is now almost 8 by the way :-)
i remember being really annoyed because everyone would say "you'll know when the contractions are real" , because braxton hicks sure felt "real" to me! But, honestly it is true. The "real" contractions to me, felt like a knife jabbing in your super low pelvic area. But, I only had to deal with it for a couple of hours. After I got the epidural I felt nothing until it was time to push. Good luck!!! How exciting:)

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Oh, it's a fun ride waiting for that moment to happen. I think every expectant mom dreads that moment (will I be out at the store? driving somewhere?).

For me, my water broke at home while I was laying on the couch. It was an audible "pop" and the flood gates opened. I soaked my shorts and the couch. I remember saying to my husband, who was sitting across from me on the computer, I think my water just broke. He jumped up, I jumped up, and the flood gates opened again. It's so funny thinking back. We were bothing panicking, at not only the impending arrival of our first child, but what to do to get the water to stop coming out! =) He grabbed me a bath towel and I remember waddling around the house with the towel between my legs wrapped up like a diaper. This was at 10:30 at night. Called the doctor, headed right to the hospital (45 mins away). Got changed into the wonderful hospital gown and the nurse checked me and I was already 7 cm. They ushered me across the hall to the birthing room and checked me again, and I was 10 cm and pushing. My daughter was born at 12:02 am....hour and a half after my water broke (and 2 weeks early)! Turns out I have an extraordinary pain tolerance. Apparently, I was in labor all day and didn't know it. The contractions weren't anything terribly unbearable (for me). I remember feeling crampy and having to sit down a lot that day (we were at Lowe's earlier buying paint to paint the nursery that night). Once my water broke the contractions got more intense. That was ever more apparent with my second child. For fear that baby #2 would come even faster than the first, we headed to the hospital way too early. I labored in the hospital for about 5 hours...mainly because I need 2 doses of anitbiotic for testing positive for the group B strep. The doc told me they would break my water after they got the second dose in. They started the second drip around 5:15 am, and broke my water minutes later. The nurse no sooner left the room and the contractions were unbearable. She came back in and checked me, and I was 9.5 cm. I told her I couldn't wait for that last .5 cm, so I pushed past it. My second daughter was born at 5:24 am.

I am currently pregnant with #3 and my biggest fear is waiting too long at home. With my "inability" to know labor contractions from Braxton-Hicks contractions, I worry that I will wait too long, and with the hospital being 45 mins away, plus having to drop off 2 kids at grandma's house, that I'll end up delivering at home...yikes!

The best advice I can give you is to just listen to your body. You'll know when it's time. And no amount of advice or mom's labor stories will prepare you for how labor actually feels. It's just one of those things that you have to experience to FULLY understand! Good luck and hang in there...you're almost there!!! =)

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My water broke 5 weeks early (YIKES) so it was totally unexpected. Sitting down, I literally felt a "gushing" and then I was completely soaked through panties and sweatpants. I went in the bathroom to clean up before heading to the hospital and THAT was totally pointless because I then proceeded to soak through two more sets of clothes. However, I guess it should be noted that I had already been told I had excessive amniotic fluid, so that could be why I kept gushing so much.

I finally just put on black sweat pants and a thick maxi pad (which didn't really help BTW) and headed for the hospital. While it totally sucked to go to the hospital at 2 a.m. looking like such a hot mess, I figured if you can't be your messy self during labor, when can you be.

I've looked back on it now and thought "thank God it didn't happen at someones house or while hubby and I were out" cause based on my experience, it would've been a mess. So I suggest expecting moms try to be prepared in case it happens away from home.

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A bit of water came down my leg then the contractions came. I had a bowel movement which was good because I didn't want anything else coming out while i was pushing. Your body totally takes care of everything... truly amazing. YES they hurt like you have never hurt before. Get the epidural and relax, put on makeup and watch TV. Good luck you will do great!

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I'm sure everyone will have a different story...with each pregnancy.

For me, water breaking was an audible "pop" that woke me from a dead sleep. My underwear was wet. As soon as I stood up, the "leaking" stopped. Typical since the baby's head blocks the birth canal. I cleaned up, put tissue in my underwear crotch then laid back down for 5 mins. Then I got up and checked the tissue, which was wet. So I KNEW I was leaking fluid and we were on our way to having a baby.

Contractions for me started like a dull backache, eventually progressing to can't catch your breath menstrual like cramps. I also had back labor with two of my kids. That feels like muscle spasms that make your knees weak.

The bottom line is they don't give out medals for "waiting" to get pain meds.

I've had three kids and every labor went differently.

I'm happy to answer any questions based on my experiences.

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Mine broke early and I didn't know that is what had happened. I was supposedly no where near ready to deliver at 37 weeks and no cervical changes. Mine broke when I lost my mucus plug, and just felt like I needed to pee. Then I was having tiny contractions that I thought was the baby kicking my bladder, making me feel like I needed to pee or was leaking pee. Turned out it was my amniotic fluid leaking with every contraction, every hour or so. I expected either a big gush, or for them to have to do it for me, not what I got.

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My water broke before the onset of labor. I though I was having to pee (like my bladder was weak and losing urine), there was no pop or anything, I just "knew" something was unusual. Every time I lied down I would loose a little water and when I got up, it stopped. I also lost my mucus plug right then and there and that's when I was sure (slippery, blood tinged mucus).

My contractions didn't start until 2 hours later. They were just uncomfortable cramping for about an hour (much like menstrual cramps). I had a very short labor (just five hours from the first weak contractions until my baby was born, 7 hours after my water broke). My contractions picked up in an instant, they did not get stronger slowly. At the strongest they felt like very strong menstrual/diarrhea cramps - painful but manageable. I did not get pain meds and did not need them.

BTW, my daughter was born at 37 +3 - so it could be any day now....

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