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Signs of Labor Before the Big Day? Yes? No? Yesterday Was My Due Date. :)

Hello! Yesterday was my due date and obviously, I have not had the baby yet. :) This is my first baby. If I don't deliver this week, my doctor will induce me on Sunday (in 5 days). I have continued to feel "normal" and have not experienced any of the expected signs of labor yet (i.e. loss of mucous plug, water breaking, burst of energy, increased discharge, bloody show, etc...). I do, however, continue to have my Braxton Hicks contractions pretty frequently. At yesterday's doctor visit, I was 30% effaced, 1 cm dilated (was approx 1/2 cm last week) and baby was in -3 station (where she's been since week 32).

My question is this - when you went into labor, did you have muliple signs leading up to the event in the days prior (hence, have a good idea that labor was coming) or did labor just start to happen and sort of take you by surprise? I guess I'm holding on to hope that I'll go into labor before Sunday's induction and therefore am keeping my fingers crossed that my lack of labor signs aren't necessarily a bad thing. :)

Thank you so much for your help! Regardless of delivery method, my husband and I will have our little girl by next week!

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When I went into labor, it started very early in the morning and I was just uncomfortable, but it woke me up. I had cramping (contractions) and started to time them. Then, I had to go to the bathroom...#2 a lot! That was my sign. I called the doc and they confirmed, told me what to look for, etc.... You will know. Good luck! It's the best thing in the world!!!

Hi H. - I have had 2 children - with the first, I did lose the mucous plug about 2 or 3 days before my water broke. With the 2nd I did not, I never had the nesting. The day that I delivered I woke up with some contractions very irregular. We went to the dr and he said that I would probably have the baby that day but that it would be a while. So I went home and went for a walk. I also wlaked the entire length of Town Center Mall the day that I went into labor with my first one. You might try getting out ang walking! Good luck - maybe today will be the day!

Hi H.,
I was a week overdue with my first child. I woke up at 3 am with really strong contractions. The day before I was feeling a little more restless than normal but it really wasnt something I noticed. You will know when it happens. Good luck for a safe delivery:)

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The contraction sensation often moves to your back. With my first I was conscious of when labor really started, but my second was two days of off and on contractions that weren't painful.

I'm concerned about why your doctor would induce you, if there is no sign of trouble in you or the baby. A due date is estimated, and an induction creates a more painful labor and dramatically increases the likelihood of a c-section. Personally I would refuse, but just be aware of your options. Meanwhile, do as much walking as possible and try to have sex if your belly isn't too in the way.

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Hi H.! I had no major signs with either of my children. My first was born one day after her due date. I just woke up in labor, leaked a small amount of fluid, while in labor. (Her head was so low at that point that she blocked the fluid.) My labor ended up stalling and after many hours and hours of waiting they gave me pitocin. I HIGHLY recommend NOT going this route unless you are 10-14 days late! It was insanely painful and really changed the whole process to just pain mode! With my son I went in the day before my due date for a check and was progressing normally... not in labor though. My doctor actually talked me in to induction for the next day! On the way home I decided to cancel! Don't let them push you around! The main reason they do this,(ask and nurse - off the record of course!) is for their schedule and wallet!! Anyway... I went to the fair and walked for miles! That night I never got to sleep, my legs were a little achy and lower belly for about an hour (just figured I over did it) and then it was time! So the point...? No flashing signs... no signs at all until THE time! AND don't let your doctor talk you into an unneeded, unnecessary induction. There are good reasons, medical reasons, not too and usually only scheduling issues speak for it in these early induction stories...

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You will know when it is real labour. I was enduced with my first 2 and I just had #3 natural. So it was all new to me, but like they said, you will know because the conractions are painful.
Let me just tell you thought that it is so worth it to not have any meds, labor went so much quicker and my baby was so much more alert. Pleasse don't get to anxious, going a week over isn't a big deal. Just remember that your baby will come when it is ready. If you want to go into labor before you are induced. Try castor oil, if you are ready you WILL go into labor. 2oz. castor oil, 4oz orange juice and a blob of vanilla icecream in a blender. And believe me if your body is ready to have a baby you WILL!!!
Congrads ahead of time and good luck~!

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Every body -- each body -- is different.

I was 80% effaced the last 3 weeks and 2 cm dilated the last 2 weeks before I finally had the baby. And I had zero contractions right up until I started labor. And, when I started labor, contractions were at 5 minutes apart. Baby 3 hours after first contraction. NOT a normal first time.

Walk! Walk! Walk! I went into labor during the nightafter I had gone Christmas shopping for 6 hours. I woke up thinking I had to go to the bathroom, only to realize I didn't have to go. I laid down and then I had the same pressure feeling on my bladder and bowels about 15 minutes later. I started timing the pains and that"s when I realized I was in Labor. It's different for everybody. Good Luck!

i wonder if you're still pregnant! congratulations...what an exciting time. with #1, i was 1 cm, 90% effaced, -2 station at my 39 6/7 week appt. the midwife predicted i'd have a baby within the next 2 days. 5 days later, i woke up to go to the bathroom a little after 5am and had bloody show. went back to bed and contractions started immediately. within an hour they were 5 minutes apart, and i had her at 10:20am. water did not break until i was pushing.

with #2, i was 4 cm, 70% effaced and -3 station at my 39 1/7 week appt. i'd had bloody show several days before. the midwife told me i should not dawdle getting to the hospital when i went into labor! the night before my due date, i had more bloody show. then i'm sitting on the couch just after 10pm and had my first contraction. after about 5 of those in 25 minutes, i decided i better get moving. i had him at 12:24am, less than 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital. they broke my water two minutes before i delivered.

both deliveries were fast, but amazing natural births. please consider very carefully before agreeing to early induction unless there is a strong medical reason to do it. babies put out signals that they are ready to be born...that's why your body goes into labor (not because your uterus is so big, or because 41 weeks have passed!). you were made for this. i know it's hard, but try to let it go...let it come naturally.

best wishes for a beautiful delivery and healthy girl!

I never knew my labor was coming. I did have Braxton Hicks for quite some time. I just got up one night to go pee and the next thing I knew my water broke. After that I still really didn't have any major labor pains to hours afterward.
Everyone is different so don't worry.
If you wish to have this baby without be induced I suggest walking. And depending if you are up to it or not sex can bring on labor when it's around your due date. All depends on how ready you are...lol

For my first I was five days late (and scheduled for an induction). My water just gushed out of nowhere, no contractions or anything (although my sister and husband said i was very irritable that day!). for my second I was dilated 2 cm and the head was at stage +1 from 35 weeks on but no other signs. I woke up at 4:30 am 2 days before his due date with mild contractions and had him at 6:19 am. good luck. for both I ate spicy foods and walked miles but it didn't seem to do anything but give me heartburn and make me tired. For both of them I was scheduled for inductions and then went into labor. good luck!

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