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Well Water Ruining My Hair!

We moved to a city (twshp) 1.5 years ago where our water comes from a well. This is a first for me. Besides the obvious disadvantages: smell, taste, and challenging toilet stains; I am now dealing with hair damage. I have a very good hair stylist who suggested malibu treatments, however, I am not noticing much change at all. So, I wondered if anyone had any other ideas. Is there such thing as a showerhead filter that can purify the shower water - much like a purifier on a refridgerator? I did some searching on-line for such a thing but still not sure if it will do what I want. Basically, my hair is getting dry, damaged, and regardless of the conditioner I use, it takes a lot of work to get my hair detangled every morning. Oh, BTW - We do have a water softner but still problems. Ideas?

What can I do next?

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Did you look into puting in a water filter that connects between the pump and the house hookup? This will help with the taste, and stains. They can be located at any hardware store. good luck

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Try washing your hair in vinegar. It will take out all the build up from the hard water and any other styling products you may use. Wet hair normally, rinse in vinegar then wash with shampoo without rinsing the vinegar, then rinse normally and rewash if needed.

Hope this helps - S.

Did you look into puting in a water filter that connects between the pump and the house hookup? This will help with the taste, and stains. They can be located at any hardware store. good luck

We had the same problem, my blonde hair was gradually turning red. We got a whole new system put in that requires no maintenance, goes through half the water for regeneration and is much better for the environment. It needs no salt, nothing. It's great! It's Eco-safe - ###-###-#### or www.saltfreewater.com The guy Max is really great. The system is great! If you call him, let him know A. sent you.

Your water softner isnt working, dont waste your money on one of them shower heads just call your culligan man and get your softner fixed then do the white vinegar trick.
I used to have the same problem when my hair was long and its blonde but would turn orange, SUCKED !!


I live in Beverly Hills and although it's not well water, it has completely ruined my hair. It took me a long time to realize what the difference was between my old Livonia good hair days and then after the move. I'm glad to read the different suggestions here. Hope one will work for me too.

I have very long, curly hair that is now very dry. It's a struggle to keep it in good health. Please try Aussie Moist shampoo and the conditioner. You'll be amazed. My absolute can't live without, will cry if it's ever discontinued is Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner. You need very little and it will completely change your struggle with brushing your hair and the dryness you have now. You'll wonder how you ever did without.

Good Luck

If your softener is working properly you should not have any smell, taste, or problems with rings in the toilet. The softener actually makes your hair too soft, that is why I think your might not be working. I can tell instantly when we need more salt or if it needs to be cleaned out. My water will start to smell, and the water in the shower will not be as slippery. You will notice a huge difference when you get it taken care of and you will probably even like the taste of it.

If your problem of dryness and tangling persists, you need a silicone product. The pantene that somebody suggests is great, and I also recommend a product like frizz-ease (pricey but it goes a long way, plus there are some cheaper options). Start with a light formula and use a small amount, like 2 or 3 pumps on wet hair. After your hair is partially dry, you can use a shine spray if you need a little more shine. I cannot live without silicone...okay that's a stretch but it makes all the difference in my thick, wavy, long highlighted hair! Of course, it's a topical fix as the silicone doesn't absorb into your hair (or your skin, don't be scared by crazies!) so you'll have to use it every day. Until you find better water, you'll have great luck!


you need to do a final rinse with cool water, but first you need to use a clarifying shampoo and a good deep or leave in conditioner that you can get a a salon. redken, matrix, paul mitchell,and nexus all have very good ones.

I would check and make certain that you are using the appropriate "salt" for your water conditions. I have a well and I love it - my skin-hair, etc., have never been healthier... If a malibu isn't working - she isn't doing it correctly...

Also, if you are having toilet stains, then again check your salt and have your unit serviced. Sometimes it just isn't working right. You should have no smell in your water. You may need to have a few chlorine tablets dropped into your well as you might have had a period of time prior to buying your house when the well wasn't used as much and some bacteria have set up house there. A qualified well person can do this for you.

Our water softener recently had to be replaced as we were having the same problem. My daughters hair was orange, the shower was orange, the toilet was orange. (by the way, The Works is awesome at getting the orange out of the shower and toilet) Once we got a new water softener that actually WORKS, we have not had this problem. Yours might just be broke like ours was. Suggestion, do NOT get a Kenmore. They are not designed to last long.

We had AWFUL water until about a year ago. We had Canney's Water come out and test our water. Because of the results of this test, we ended up having them put in an Iron Giant. It is a whole house water system and it works GREAT!! We can no longer smell the water, it tastes better, it was so worth it! Before we did this, we tried a do-it-yourself whole house water filtration system (you can buy them at home improvement stores and install yourself - so it's cheaper) in addition to our water softener and this did help, but did not solve all the problems. Good Luck!

BTW, You can take a sample of water into most Sears stores and they will test your water to see what is in it (too much iron, etc.) and recommend treatments for it - of course they will try to sell you the treatments too :) - but it is a good way to find out what exactly is causing the problems in your water!

I live in the city and we bought our home 2 years ago and we also have well water, to get the stains out of your tub, toilet and sink use the toilet bowl clean called the works, it gets the rust off immediatly, but i have been reading up on what to do and there were several others saying to buy lemonade koolaid packets no sugar, and water make a paste and put it on your hair for about 10 to 15 mins cover it with a shower cap they said it may burn a little bit but it works amazing i have yet to try it because i just learned about it. But if you do this I would buy gallons of water or if you have family with city water take some jugs to their house if they don't mind and fill them just to rinse your hair. Hope it works for you im gonna try it tomorrow.

What about using distilled or bottled water solely for the purpose of washing your hair? Do you have a de-humidifier in your home? If you do do you realize that the water in the resivoir that you dump out is distilled water? You could save this to wash your hair in, and best of all its free.

We live in Davisburg which has well water too. And I have my hair colored and highlighted so I was VERY concerned about what would happpen when we moved here 5 years ago. We use Red Out water softener and when I go to the salon they use 2 different deep conditioners. My hair is in great shape and I have never had issues even with coloring and highlighting. I'll be at the salon this week and will ask what the conditioners are so you can ask at your salon!

Call your local "water" company (like culligan or clearwater systems) and get someone to come out and test your water. Maybe the softener isn't working like it should anymore. With a softener, as long as it's functioning correctly and you keep salt in it you shouldn't have TOO bad of a problem. Also, the same companies will sell something they call a "whole house filter". It's like the ones you'd put under the sink but for the whole house instead. The pros can tell you what you need to fix it. Do your research on the options they give you. They will be able to tell you exactly WHAT minerals are high in your water with their fancy water tests.

P.S. - it could just be that your water softener needs to be reset and the brine tank (where all the nasty gook goes) cleaned out.

You need to invest in a water softener! They make a total difference and its 100% worth it!! Makes your hair super soft and silky, makes your dishes look cleaner, and it taste and smells very nice.

ci a ; yes ive had this issue before, although i got some nice red highlights out of it, aahah it was a pain, however i would recommmend using pantene pro v shampoos and conditioners, they are marvelous on your hair, ive never had a problem with my dryness of my hair, by using them, also when i condition i use a bit more than most, and i rub it in on my scalp and then pull the rest of my hair into that mixture, then rinse never have any tangle problems, use more conditioner, also what we eat could affect our hair, are you getting enough water ? have you been to a public pool often this summer ? things like that can also dry out your hair, hang in there and i hope it works for yah, D. s

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