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Well-Water Stains in toilet...yuck!

Recently moving from the city to the country, we now have a well. I have tried everything (so I think!) to get rid of the orangish stains that are in my toilets. My husband told me not to buy anything with bleach, as supposedly this is not good for our septic system. Does anyone know of a product that works great but is eco-friendly? Thanks!

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I have a home in the country with the same problem. I use a product called The Works. It is septic tank safe. The best part is that it is cheep.

Not eco-friendly but Whink is the only thing that has ever gotten the rust stain removed from my toilet bowl and bathtub WITHOUT scrubbing. All I do is squirt it on and it instantly disappears. It is sometimes hard to find but Meijer sells it.

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That is rust stains in your toilet. Get any product for rust removal. "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner is pretty good. I am not sure on the whole eco friendly aspect, but you could read the label.

I would recommend the Get Clean line from Shaklee. The products are non-toxic and biodegradable. I have not found a job yet that the products couldn't handle! For my toilet, I use the Basic H2 straight and then you could also use the Nature Bright Stain Remover. I even removed green paint from my berber carpet with this combination! Let me know if you would like info on how to order.

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Try "the works toilet bowl cleaner" and if u are having the problem in the shower as well "the works bath/ and shower' just spray them on or for the toilet squirt it in let it soak about 1/2 hr an it should come right out however never use the toilet bowl cleaner in the tub and besure to rinse the shower well and wear gloves or be very careful not ot get it on your skin> it does work to remove the rust and lime scum u are getting

I've lived in several different places with wells. Unfortunately, the stains are mostly something you just have to deal with. Do you have a water softener? If not, definitely check into getting one. It doesn't get rid of it entirely, but it will make your rust-treatments less frequent and it will definitely help with the rust build up on your HAIR!!

I'm not sure of the eco-friendly factor... I can only say that The Works is the only thing that I've found that will do it with little scrubbing. It stinks to high hell, but it does what it says (works!) and with little effort on your part. They usually carry it at Meijer, Walmart, Sams, etc. Or, you can go here to find a store: http://www.theworkscleans.com/default.asp

Like I said, I don't know how eco-friendly it is, but if you pair once every 10-14 days of cleaning with the Works and a water softener, you'll be using less cleaner than if you just used cleaner alone.

Oh, and Bleach... won't do ANYTHING to rust stains. Don't bother trying! Good luck!

Bleach is NOT what you want for rust stains. Use any toilet bowl cleaner that says for Rust, but not with bleach in it. You also may need IRON-OUT POWDER. We had real bad rust and I used Iron-out powder to clean most everything. I even put it in the washer when I washed white clothes (bleach made the white clothes still come out yellow - Iron-out is the key).

Try a product called Iron Out. It is found in the cleaning supply aisle at the store. You can also put it in with your white clothes as they too will turn orange. It really does work quite well. A water softener will help, but possibly not completely depending on how high the iron content of your water is.

You need a water softener. I grew up on a lake with well water ... my mom has blond hair and the rust in the water turned her hair carrot orange, I kid you not. She had to use special shampoo to get it out until my father replaced the water softener. Then, buy the Morton's water saver salt ... big green bag is rust remover ... it will take awhile but it will work ... as for the stain, this will be the one time I would recommend using bleach on something.

I have a home in the country with the same problem. I use a product called The Works. It is septic tank safe. The best part is that it is cheep.

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