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Ultrasound Showed Nothing in Sac

I went for my first appointment with my labor and delivery doctor today. He did a vaginal ultrasound and was a little concerned. I am at around 7 weeks according to my lmp; however I really don't think I am that far along. Anyways, he could see a perfectly shaped sac but there was nothing inside as he thought he should see at 6 or 7 weeks. I am going back next Thursday for another ultrasound. He warned me not to get stressed and upset yet just to act normally but it could be a possible missed miscarriage. I am so very concerned and cried my eyes out when I got home. My husband is looking to the good side of things and thinking I am just not as far along as they originally said and that everything will look great next week. He told me to have faith and that if it was meant to be it will be. I know I should be thinking like he is but I am finding it so very hard right now to look to the good side of things. I know my faith should be stronger, I am just so afraid next week will be even worse news. How can I just live life like normal until then. Any suggestions on keeping my mind off this or calming my fears even a little?

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Well everyone, first I want to thank each and every one of you that responded to me and helped me keep my sanity this week. I was so very nervous this week, and I actually started feeling sick on Sunday. Well, I thought I was just so worried, even though I had not really been thinking about, that I made myself sick. I did not. Everything was right as it should be for barley 6 weeks today at the doctor and my morning sickness started on Sunday. The doctor was so excited that he was wrong the other day. My husband of course just said, "See I told you everything was fine." Mr. Optomistic was very touched when he saw the tiny little baby on the ultrasound screen. We are so very excited, I feel like I am floating on a cloud.

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Lori -

I know how hard it is to wait and see. With both my girls I went in and it was too early to see anything in the sac. Talk about a let down.

The only words of wisdom I have are these: no matter what the outcome, happy or sad, you are still you. Beautiful, strong, worthy. No ultrasound will ever change that.

Much Love,

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Dear Lori, I am going to respond to you like you are my daughter. First I would hug you and hold you and stroke your hair and tell you no matter what happens, it will be all right. Everything will be the way it is meant to be. If there is or is not a baby, that is the way it is. PLEASE stop scolding yourself about what you Should/should not be doing or that you Should have more faith etc. You Already have at least as much faith as a mustard seed. That is all you need. If there is no baby, you can try again. If there is a baby, you will do fine. It is appropriate for you to be sad that you recently lost your father-in-law. It will be fine either way about the baby. You already know this but I want to remind you: ALL Things Work Together For GOOD For Those Who Love The Lord And Are Called According to HIS Purpose. What is best for you is Already in place. There is Nothing wrong with you. You have not lived long enough to know these things. It is difficult to learn to wait. Worrying only makes waiting more difficult. Doing things that you enjoy will make the wait pass more quickly. So many people love you and others like you. Know that, even when you are hurting.

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The best advice I can give is to stay calm and do what you are doing by reaching out and getting advice but try not to search too much on the internet.
I also would think that the doctor would tell you straight away if there were cause for alarm.

I hate the saying that "it was not meant to be" No, I tend to believe that a loss is not meant to be and my child is meant to be here with me.
"Things happen for a reason" This is true but why bring it up if someone is mourning, surely you are not implying we are being punished?

Sorry I lost a baby 26 weeks in and remembered the well intended well wishes.

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Good luck amd my prayers are with you and your family.

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oh hun..... I am so sorry to hear this.. My sister went threw the same thing. The medical term for it is "blighted ovum"
(at least that is what the dr said) She went to all her dr apts, and took all the prego meds. He told her to see what happoned, and maby the baby would show up by next apt. Well the 3 mt apt came and same thing. Full sack, even an unbelical cord, just no baby at the end. He said he was surprised that she had not miscarriage. He said that if she did not miscarry the blighted ovum soon, we would need to do an DNC.... Well 4 1/2 mts came and we did the DNC. He said she would have gone full term, and delivered a placenta, but no baby. He said this is rare for a woman to go so long, that when this happons, a woman just thinks she is late... I wish I had better news for you, but I dont want to feed you with false hopes. You need to know the facts, so you can be prepared....

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you...

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I had the same thing happen to me and I have a beautiful 9 month old girl now. When Iwent in for my annaul pap I had just taken a pregnancy test 2 days earlier. So they decided to do an ultrasound at my appt. The sac was there, but there was nothing in it. They did a blood test and said that with my numbers where they were there should be something in the sac. So for the next week I was a mess, thinking something was wrong. I went back for more blood work and 2 more ultrasounds. Fianlly at the 3rd ultrasound there was something to see.

I hope you are experiencing the same thing I did. Don't get yourself all streesed and worried because it just may be too soon. Try to relax and think of the fun things you have to look forward to soon. Oh and get LOTS of rest while you can.

Good Luck

p.s if you ever want to talk to someone that was in the same boat you are in just email me - ____@____.com

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Hi,Lori. Don't panic just yet. That's exactly what happened to me, exept I was 6 weeks along. They didn't see anything in the sac then, but they did a week later. My Doc supposed that the ovulation could take place about a week later than it was expected to, they peformed two blood tests a week apart to see if the hormonal level was going up (if it stays the same, means the pregnancy is not progressing in wich case the miscarriage is likely to happen). Turned out, it doubled over a week and there was nothing to worry about.
I know how hard it is not to know for sure what is going on with you and keep guessing (I was a nervous wreck), but try to calm down and trust God. That's what I did and it helped to bring my sanity back :)
Million hugs to you. E.

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Hi Lori

I'm so sorry that you have so much stress about this! I can truly identify with this. I miscarried my first pregnancy with the same problem. I was 10 weeks along before I lost it, but the sac had stopped growing at 6 weeks. I didn't have an early ultrasound (it was almost 14 years ago when they didn't do them). I know you can do a lot of thinking "baby" within hours of taking that pregnancy test.

I understand how hard it is stay positive. Sometimes it's OK to prepare for the worst and be pleasantly surprised when things turn out OK. Sometimes your gut instinct lets you know what's going on and part of having faith is trusting those instincts. Put your faith in trusting that regardless which way this goes, you will be able to handle this. I really understand your fear and feel for you. Having said that, here is some information I learned.

IF the sac truly is empty, it is called a blighted ovum. You can google it and get more information. Basically, when the egg splits, half of it is the sac and half of it is the embryo. But in a blighted ovum, the fertilization wasn't complete and the embryo doesn't develop. I'm not a doctor, this is just how it was explained to me. Even though I was really sad and very disappointed, it helped me to know that nothing had died.

I have 4 beautiful healthy children and have had 3 miscarriages in the efforts to get them. The best thing that was ever said to me when I went through the first miscarriage (especially it being my first pregnancy)was by by my doctor. He looked me in the eye and told me that there is a 1 in 4 (25%) chance of a pregnancy miscarrying. It is a statistic. Sometimes when periods come late, they are actually really early miscarriages. It had nothing to do with my fertility and ability to have children. I needed to not worry that something was wrong with me and just try again. He told me that if I started worrying and stressing about it, I could cause myself to have a fertility problem!

Doctors recommend that you wait 3 months after a miscarriage, and that is good advice. You want your body to heal (especially if you have a D and C)and your cycle to regulate. My second miscarriage was around 6 or 7 weeks (before my 3rd child). My period came 28 days (my normal cycle) from the day I miscarried. I could tell that my body was fine and I knew in my heart I could go for it. We tried again the next month, I got pregnant and had a perfect pregnancy.

Again, put your faith in God that you will be able to handle whatever comes your way. If everything is fine, that will be wonderful! If you end up losing it, it is just a bump in the road, surely not the end of the road on your journey to raising a family.

Good luck and please let us know what happens!

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Keep your head high sweetie. I know this is really hard on you right now. Your faith isnt being questioned here honey we can tell you are worried and scared. What you need right now is a shoulder you can cry on for a while so you can let off all the stress the doctor just put on you. Take your husband in the room tell him if you want to not say a word and just cry, that way you get it out of your system. It will be alot easier for you to go through the next couple of days, then repeat if needed. Just remember sometimes the ultrasound people do miss things becasue they are new or just dont see it. with my middle daughter they wernt able to see her the first time around and told me that within a week or two I should come back in to see if anything has changed. After a week went by I went back in and had another ultrasound done and there she was.
I've also gone through a misscarriage it really hurts physically. I didnt know I was pregnant so I really didnt know what was going on until I went to the ER and found out I was miscarriaging. I dont wish this on anyone.

I hope you will take my advice and have a good cry so you can let some of the stress off. I know how stressed and worried you are right now and I think this will help you alittle.

I wish you well and your in my prayers. Take care of your self.

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