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Too Smart for Kindergarten?

OK moms, I know we all think we have the smartest kid in the world, but I'm actually worried that my son is going to be bored in Kindergarten. He already knows how to read extremely well, can do math (add, subtract, even some multiplication), tell time, count money, and the list goes on and on. I know he really needs the social aspect of Kindergarten, but does anyone know if the do anything special for kids like mine. If he gets bored with the material, he's going to get antsy and anxious. Any suggestions?

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Thanks for all of the advice! We are going to talk to the teachers at his school and make sure that they keep his busy. I do not have any plans on having him skip a grade, I think that would be way too much pressure on him. I want him to feel like a kid and not a machine! I would rather him be the oldest and ahead of the class then be the youngest and fall behind because he is intimidated. Wish us luck!

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It is my understanding that public schools don't have any programs for advanced students until 2nd grade. You might want to try Montessori, which challenges a child where they are at. Otherwise try a private school. Best of luck!

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My son WAS just like yours! They tested him prior to K and wanted to place him in first grade instead. I went back and forth on this but because of the social skills he would learn in Kindergarten I decide to not pass him into first grade.

When he would get done with his work he would go around the classroom helping other students who needed it.They also had a computer in the classroom that my son helped other kids with (this was 14 years ago so that was a big thing most kids did not know) I thought it was great since I had such a smart kid!

Well, unfortunately it did not last as I had hoped :( My son was actually just average in the long run. Around 4-5th grade school began to challenge him more and more! I was so glad that I did not pass him to 1st since he would have definately been lacking as he got older and then there would have been self esteem issues.

The first few years we always talked to the teachers to make them aware that he was ahead of most students and got bored easily. His 3rd grade teacher was the best with this and actually had extra work to challenge him. I wish this teacher could have followed him throughtout the years!

Make sure you talk to the school. Let them know your concerns and see what options are available. If they feel your son is too advanced for Kindergarten make sure you consider his social skills as well before passing him in with older children. Remember that they can always do this later on also.... it is better to put them forward than to hold them back in the future!

And whatever you are doing now to teach your son.... Keep it up! That is awesome he can do all these things!
Many blessings to you and yours!

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Talk to his teacher - see if he can get some "extra" things to work on after he finishes whatever they're doing. Can he have a book to read while he waits for others to finish? Or another assignment like drawing a picture of something specific? Offer to work with him/her (the teacher, that is) to come up with some ideas that would work for him in the classroom.

Hi C.,

Let your child's teacher know of your concern. You could ask her if it's possible to have him tested. There are social/emotional aspects that go along with the intelligence and both need to be in place before you consider moving him along. As he gets older, there are advanced classes that they can put him in that will be a bit more challenging without having to move him up a grade. If your son's teacher is truly "in tune" with her class, she will be able to find things for him to do and create an atmosphere to keep him from being bored.

Good Luck!

It is my understanding that public schools don't have any programs for advanced students until 2nd grade. You might want to try Montessori, which challenges a child where they are at. Otherwise try a private school. Best of luck!

Your child does sound very intelligent. I know the Lemont school system tests for gifted children and I'm sure that Lockport probably can test, as well. I used to know a mom whose child took additional classes, at Joliet Jr. College, because they were gifted. I don't know if it was a satellite class or at the actual school. Whatever you do, you will need to discuss your son's intellect with the school - a good teacher should be able to challenge your child more if they see he is not being challenged enough. If you do choose to send him, however, school at that age is very social-minded and the social interaction is very good for your child. Whether your child gets bored, antsy or anxious....sure he may - it's school. The child that I knew was brilliant but socially inept - they were too busy trying to be perfect and the mom had them enrolled in one lesson after another...and she would tell her friends how "gifted" she was! A kid has to have time to play, too. You may want to consider even a less traditional teaching style like a Montessori school in your area.
Good luck!

one of my friends had a child very bright as well. she had the school evaluate the child and the school made the choice to skip kindergarten. the child did but is now 9 and in sylvan learning center to make her mommy proud. she thinks that she has to be the best because she skipped a grade. be ware of the reprocautions. if he is ready for it that let him do it. good luck

Hi C.-

Check with your school. Many schools or districts will allow children to go to first grade rather than kindergarten first, depending on their academics and emotional maturity. I know of two girls in my daughter's pre-K class who were allowed to skip kindergarten and go to first grade. One was at a public school, the other at a private school. It's worth a shot. Good luck.


I think that's great your son is doing so well with academia so early on...obviously very bright. Did you do a pre school screening earlier on? THe other thing I have heard of is talking with the school to have him tested, see where he falls on the testing scale, and home school him. Some things to ponder...will he be one of the older kids entering the class, or one of the younger ones? Is it full or half day programs? Are there enrichment programs through the school or in your area? The other thing I am going to mention here is that you said so yourself that "I know he really needs the social aspect of kindergarten." I too have a child who starts kindergarten this fall. Honestly my main concern for him is that he makes some friends, learns to sit still and and follow directions, and gain some social I.Q. Obviously I want him to do well academically, but there is so much pressure on kids to perform now a days. When we were kids kindergarten was half a day, learning to count to ten, ABC's, writing out names, etc. It was about learning how to share, cooperate, help out, bouindries...something I personally think todays' youth is lacking. Also, sometimes boredom is a fact of life. Nobody likes being bored, but sometimes we just are. Sometimes our jobs are boring, sometimes our home life is boring, or our lives in general..but we have to find ways to deal with it and go through it anyhow. It's okay, patience is a virture, and it something we learn. Now, I am sure that if they find that he is way past what they teach in kindergarten they will suggest bumping him up a grade, or enrichment classes, etc. I'd say wait and play it by ear, see how everything unfolds, he may really enjoy just being with other kids and going with the program that it will present no problems at all, if it does address it then. The other thing is this, make sure he gets plenty of fresh air and exercise if he is not already, this helps ant in the pants a lot. Anyhow, you'll know what to do when the time is right...being a parent is so tricky, and the fact that you care so much shows what a terrific Mom you are. Good luck.

wow!!!!did you teach him all of that? you could always send him to a school that has excellerated teaching...i can't remember the name of the school but there is one in lisle...i know it is expensive but it is for gifted children...let me know if you want me to find out the name for you.



I'm in the same boat as you. My son started reading when he was 4, he was reading and doing math at a 3rd grade level in kindergarten. We had a wonderful preschool and kindergarten teacher who saw his talent and were able to help him. We did end up skipping a grade after a lot of input from teachers, and the principal. He's 8 and just finished 3rd grade and is doing great. He knows everything academically but he doesn't want to follow directions, (just like his dad). He's going to be going into 4th grade next year and we continue to check his progress to see how well he is doing.

He does go to private school and there are only 13 kids in his 3rd grade class.

Hi C.,

My daughter is very advanced also. She just finished kindergarden. I was worried at first too. The teacher spoted it right away and tested her. She was reading at the 4th grade level. The teacher took extra time with Emily and had us work with her at home. She said they would retest her in 2nd grade and if she was still advanced then they would move her to the gifted program. She said that alot of kids are advanced in kindergarden but then the others catch up later and they may test in the average range.
It did not seem to bother my daughter as much as I thought it would. They teacher said she would finish her work early and then help the other kids with theirs. She loved going and can't wait for 1st grade.
I hoped this helped you. Good luck and let me know how it goes. L.

As a mom and kindergarten teacher I know where you're coming from. Kindergartners come in at all different ability levels. It is our job to make sure that you're son is getting challenged appropriately. I would just make sure to say something to your son's teacher and make sure that you continue to challenge him at home as well. Most kindergartners are just so excited to be in school and we keep them so busy that they don't have time to be bored. And as you said a lot of kindergarten is working on social skills which he will benefit from. I would just make sure you talk to his teacher and voice any concerns that you have from the beginning. If the teacher knows what to expect they can better address your son's personal needs.

Quest Academy is designed for highly intelligent children, though very expensive. I sugggest you keep her in her regular grade for now and expose her to higher learning at home. Take her frequently to museums and explore, I mean read books about what you will see so she can be challenged. Take her on vacations to historical sites and read about them. Lewis University has a gifted program for children you might look into. My son went to summer programs at Lewis. Public schools are very project oriented and many gifted children do not do well on projects especially if they are creatively gifted. Lewis allowed my son to exercise his gifted abilities while he struggled with the ritual of a public school. I known of children who were mathematically gifted but were failing math in public school. Public schools do not have the capability to work with each child's abilities. However, the social aspect is also important. If your child is socially at grade level, putting them in a gifted school might not be the best for them. One final thought: have your child tested. We were astonished to find our son was reading at 5th grade level when he was in second grade. We found him reading every minute he could and he gained a a wealth of knowledge that way but stayed in his grade level where he was comfortable socially.

Have you considered home schooling you son the first few years of school. Home Schooling will allow you to be in control of what your child will learn. Before our son went to high school we did home school him for a while. It was the best experience for both me as well as our son. In fact I still work for the home school co-op in Crystal Lake "Heartland Home School Workshops". With home schooling you can move him along at the right pace and not worry about him being ahead of everyone else.
Also if you are with a home school co-op he will get the socialization that he needs each week.

Just an idea.


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