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Tongue Feels Burnt, but I Didn't Eat Anything Hot or Spicy

Hi Everyone,

6 days ago my tongue started to feel like I burnt it but I didn't eat ANYTHING hot or even spicy.. It's now been 6 days and it feels worse.. My throat is killing me also. I have an appt tomorrow with my doctor but from what I've researched it can be 1,001 things... My taste buds are all popped up on the front of my tongue, red and REALLY sore. My lower lip feels a little burnt and my throat hurts... Something like this happened to me about a year ago but it went away after a few days (and my lip and throat were never affected)... What's even more weird is that my husband has had similar symptoms with his tongue and the "burning" feeling but not as bad as mine... If I was allergic to something, I think my tongue would of swelled by now..... Anything like this happen to anyone on here? What was it? I looked up oral thrush but it talks more about your tongue being "white" and mines not white, it's red.... THANK YOU in advance

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The same thing happened to me and my husband and I realized that we recently switched to Arm & Hammer toothpaste. We switched back & within a couple of days the symptoms were better.

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Are you nursing, could it be thrush? I had something very similar, and while the doctor said it wasn't, the antibiotics totally cleared it up...I think he was wrong, and I was right! :)

I just remembered what my doctor thought it was...he was going on about an auto-immune type disease like lupus...scared the HECK out of me, but was willing to try the antibiotics before going that route with all the testing. So glad that I even thought of thrush before going through that rollercoaster.

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I once had a reaction like this to eating fish at a restaurant.

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Hi K.,
I had the same thing happen to me last year - my tongue felt like it had been burned, but I hadn't eaten anything hot or spicy. Unlike your situation, however, my throat did not hurt. Maybe it's just a coincidence that your throat hurts, too, along with the tongue and they are 2 different things. I read that there is something called "burnt tongue syndrome" or something like that and found out it could be a vitamin B deficiency. I started taking Vitamin B stress complex vitamins and I stopped using mouthwash and harsh toothpastes. I went to Walgreen's and bought something in the toothpaste aisle that was for dental problems. Can't remember exactly what, but I think it was made by OraGel and it was a mouth rinse for gingivitis and other dental issues. Just read the front of the bottle - it will say. Then I bought Tom's All-natural toothpaste. After a week or so, it cleared up and no further problems. It definitely doesn't sound like thrush - you would have white patches or a white coating on your tongue. Good luck and feel better!

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Glad you have a dr. appointment. Years ago, I had the weirdest feeling like what you describe, but not as severe. I actually think I got it from kissing someone because it happened right after (yes, this was well before I was married or even dating my current husband). I tried using Listerine (not Scope, listerine kills way more germs) and it kind of hurt when I did it, but the problem went away in a couple of days after that. Not sure what I had, but was glad when it went away!

i know how yu feel, bu i permanently burned my taste buds off from eating too many warheads, too much sour candy or salty candy can do it too you

Maybe strep, but what about hand, foot & mouth disease?

Sounds like 'Thrush' problem...hmmmm...maybe Strep Throat...BUT that usually STARTS in the throat not on the tongue...there are different types of Thrush, or so I have seen... years ago daughter #4 got Thrush from bad lake water while @ a company party, last Feb. my husband was hospitalized and when sent home got Thrush from too many antibiotics, his had the 'white' bumps, my daughter simply had the 'red' as you have...(she writes while shaking her head wondering)...A.

This happens to me when I drink (too much) green tea (hot only?).

Put something cold to cool it down. Then the next day at your appointment ask your doctor about a cooling program

The same thing happened to me and my husband and I realized that we recently switched to Arm & Hammer toothpaste. We switched back & within a couple of days the symptoms were better.

I had something very strange like that happen....a few hours after eating pine nuts (that tasted fine.) It took nearly 2 weeks before it went away but it finally did. Have you eaten pine nuts lately? If so, do some searches on google to find more info.

I started feeling like my tongue was burnt and swollen yesterday and today.. and now my throat feels like its on fire. the only think I can think of is I started taking Lipitor a few weeks ago.. and it is part of the side effects.. I am calling my doctor today to see if thats what it is.. .. Have you started to take any cholesterol pills recently. .

Sounds to me like you have strep, my son just got back from the dr with strep. His taste buds are swollen, tongue red, throat sore, and tongue hurts. He is on antibiotics for 10 days.
Dr said the "strawberry" tongue is a sign of strep throat.

hand foot and mouth disease?

It sounds like Strep throat to me.. good that you are going to doctor! God Bless

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