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Teacher Gift for Kindergarten Graduation

Hi all. I wanted to know if anyone had any gift ideas for my sons kindergarten teacher. I have been volunteering all year in her class and wanted to say thanks for a wonderful year... Any ideas?

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I was looking at Walmart.com and I think I am going to make a photobook with various pictures throughtout the year. Thanks ladies!!

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We took the kids in the gym and had them spell out THANK YOU with their bodies. It was way cute and a momento from that class with all the kids in the pic.

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Hi K.. When my son graduated kindergarten I went to a teacher store that we have here by us in St. Charles, MO and I got her a 20.00 gift certificate so that she could use it for herself on things she needed like new stamps and such. When she opened it she seemed to really like it.

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My husband is a teacher....you have so many students thru the years that you end up with a lot of coffee mugs, ceramic apples, bells, papaer weights...ect...the thought is alwyas appreciated. WE always enjoy, gift certificates, movie rentals, food, starbucks. good luck.

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I got mine a teacher bag from Current with her name embroidered on it and am filling it w/ stickers, pencils, etc. that she likes to hand out to the kids throughout the year. Another idea is a nice over the shoulder nylon tote with her name embroidered on it and fill it w/ goodies for the field trips (wet wipes, portable kleenex, bandaids, etc.) Another idea is just get her a gift certificate to Scholastic so she can choose some books for her class for next year...most teachers just think that rocks!

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SPA gift certificate!! Who could need some relaxation more than a kindergarten teacher in May??? hahaha

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I love Linda B.'s suggestion about the bag full of goodies for handing out to students. I am a teacher and I LOVE gift certificates-food, teacher stores, Bath & Body, etc! Other ideas, post it notes-those go so fast!!! Or magnetic picture frames for the edge of filing cabinets. Just a side note-I have gotten far too many candles in my day, I can't even enjoy them at work and I don't burn them at home often b/c of my youngest! Thanks for thinking of your child's teacher. I still have gifts from almost 10 years and remember each child I got them from. Oh yeah, I got a homemade bookmark about 3 years ago and still use it. My student drew me a picture and I laminated it. It's National Teacher Week also.
take care,
E. F.

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Hi K.. When my son graduated kindergarten I went to a teacher store that we have here by us in St. Charles, MO and I got her a 20.00 gift certificate so that she could use it for herself on things she needed like new stamps and such. When she opened it she seemed to really like it.

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My husband is a teacher....you have so many students thru the years that you end up with a lot of coffee mugs, ceramic apples, bells, papaer weights...ect...the thought is alwyas appreciated. WE always enjoy, gift certificates, movie rentals, food, starbucks. good luck.

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We took the kids in the gym and had them spell out THANK YOU with their bodies. It was way cute and a momento from that class with all the kids in the pic.

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Save the stuff and get her a coupon for something she might enjoy like lunch out after all she has all summer to remember what fun class was. Teachers have so much stuff and no room to put anything-so a certificate or lunch treat sounds like something I think she will use and think fondly of you and your child. Make it a salad type place like Applebees, or Panera someplace she would not have time to do during the school day.

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how about a gift certificate to the book store or the mall. my best loved gift.

Hi K.,
Not knowing your budget, here are several suggestions in various price ranges. (I am a former teacher and these are some of the things I really appreciated.) Gift cards or certificates from the teacher store. Gift card for Borders or Barnes & Noble (she could use is for herself or to add to her classroom library). A massage. Depending on your relationship with her - invite her to join you for lunch at a tea room or someplace special. If you are a crafty person or a scrapbooker, a keepsake book with photos of her students and something they can write about her or dictate to you.
She's a fortunate teacher to have had such a wonderful volunteer mom!

Being a teacher myself I would like to say that I really appreciate when the children make something for me. I still have a book that a child made for me 6 yrs. ago. He was a 4 yr.old and made a book with his mom fro me about what he liked about school that year. I actually took it apart and laminated it b/c it is one of the most precious gifts I have ever gotten from a child.

I am not sure if she has a green thumb or not, but maybe a plant that the teacher can keep in the classroom or at home that is a easy one to take care of.

We just made some appetizer skewers/cheese skewers. Not sure what to call them, but they take the place of toothpicks to pick up small food items at get togethers. We used small metal skewers (I think they're called turkey laces and cost about .15 per pack of 8), took some colored beads, put them on the skewer and put a dab of tacky glue on the end to keep the beads from sliding off. They are really cute and I think are great gift ideas w/ summer coming up.

A gift cerificate to a spa or salon would be nice...maybe a foot massage. Those are inexpensive and fitting for a Kindergarten teacher. Something consumable, like homemade food or a gift certificate is much better than a traditional gift. At my daughter's preschool they like gifts for the classroom too, like books. I'll probably do that this year, unless I bake bread.

GIFT CARDS! These things are great, teachers really do appreciate them, or something home made is always nice. If you can give a gift in a container they can continue to use in the classroom, that is like 2 gifts in one. I used to teach pre-school and my first Christmas I got, I kid you not, 10 different Bath and Body gifts! I swear, I was seriously wondering if these people thought I bathed at all! So, when thinking of lotion/body gel/soap gifts, think again, please! Because someone else already has! Congratulations to your little graduate!

We have always given our teachers an end of the year gift that is something they can use. Like one year they received Pampered Chef Gallon Pitchers filled with post its, a stapler, magnets, highlighters, pens, etc. Stuff they can use the next year or if they are teaching summer school. I usually send them a survey to fill out to find out what brands they like so I can get that particular brand for them. Good luck.

Hi...I am a teacher myself and I get lots and lots of mugs and teacher stuff. While those things are nice and very thoughtful one of the best gifts I have ever gotten was a spa gift certificate from several of the families at my school. They went together and got an certificate for whatever I would like to do at the day spa. Once school was out I treated myself to a cut and style and a massage. It was a wonderful gift. I would suggest anything like that, dinner out, babysitting for her kids and a movie night. Something other than another "World's greatest teacher" mug.

K. -

I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consutlant. We have a FANTASTIC gift for teachers who wash their hands all the time (many Kindergarten teachers do)! It's a cute little mug with a hand cream and a hot chocolate packet. This way she can keep the hand cream on her desk or in her purse and enjoy some hot chocolate when the kids are napping! Teachers LOVE this gift and it's only $10! You can email me at ____@____.com to order, or if you want to see what else is available. I gift wrap everything personally, so if you give me her name I will make a special tag for her!


Hello K. -
I like to give them spa products to pamper themselves. It seems they always get the photo frame or nick nack. My favorite gift to give is a Foot Fetish Kit. I buy this and then go buy one of those dish pans (to soak their feet in). I put tissue paper in the dish pan with the foot kit and then a bow around it. It looks really nice and the teachers absolutely love it!!
I get my spa prodcuts at www.ourlemongrassspa.com/tisha! They are all natural spa products and wonderful! It is my website - check it out!

Something homemade. Or at least something no one else may get her/him. I found a plate that says "#1 Teacher" on it and it comes w/ a permanent pen. I had all the kids sign it (that was fun..trying to get 3-4 yr olds to write their name) but you may have no problem w/ kindergartners. It's just finding the chance to pull them out of the class to have them sign it. I found the plate at a place next to schnucks on 141 and big bend. This gal personalizes everything. She can even put name on it.

Buy a wall clock, and depending on how many students are in the class, you could take a school picture of each child and glue on each child's picture where there are numbers.

If there are more than 12 children in the class,buy the teacher a tree or rosebush. As the tree or rosebush grow, the teacher will also remember that particular group of children.
All the parents would chip in for the cost.

Make a contribution to the teacher's favorite charity.

Good Morning K.. Nice idea of gift giving. Alot of Teachers are not apperciated enough. A gift card would be nice, for manicure or pedicure, gift card to barns and noble or a closer book store depending where you are. You don't need to make it expensive either, even a movie card would do.

Or find a gift shop like Hallmark and they have little figurines for teachers also.

Bless you for thinking of your childs teacher.
In His Amazing Grace
K. aka Nana of 5

A beautiful vase full of flowers
A small shovel and seeds to plant in the garden
Gift card to whatever resturant she likes best

As a teacher, I can tell you the best gift is a gift card. Target, Wal-Mart, food are all good choices. That way she/he can get what they really want or need.

If you are looking for an online site to create storybooks, please check out www.MyPhotobookStory.com - the templates are 100% customizable, and you can add pictures, text boxes, art, wherever you want!

You can also have other parents help with this, and they can order copies for themselves if they'd like to.

Watch this 5min video to give you an idea of what we are about! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irdqtq7mF6Y

Please contact me at ____@____.com for more information.

Hi K.,
A teacher friend of mine shared with me once about her favorite gift of all time. It was a HUGE basket, full of "rewards" for her class! It contained tons of reward stickers, stamps (complete with ink pads) and other small treats like non-perishable candies and such.
The reason she so much appreciated it, is because teachers know the value of simple rewards like a sticker for good work, but school systems don't provide these items or the money for them. The teachers must provide them at their own expense and these things do get expensive !
You wouldn't have to this on such a grand scale as the basket she got, but every little bit helps that teacher to help her children to do well. I don't know if teachers still use chalk boards in most schools, but if they do, chalk would be helpful too, as well as dry erase markers, or children's books. Look around your child's class room. All the little 'extras" are provide by the teacher or other parents. Not the school system.
Hope that helps you !

I have also gone with a gift from a teacher's supply store, art supply store, book store, etc. I am amazed at how much of their own money the teachers end up spending, especially just to decorate their rooms. You can't go wrong with this one! L.

I am a teacher myself and the BEST gifts ever are gift certificates. There are tons of teacher stores around. You will find them in the phone book. As a teacher I spend a lot of my own money buying things for my classroom. I am always appreciative of gift certificates. Even to Wal Mart or some store that's similar. Really the best gifts for teachers are gift certificates.

You might be sick of ideas by now, but I am a huge fan of the homemade gift! A gift card is a great idea especially for teacher, but find something your son can make in addition, there are little wood box kits available, he could glue it together, paint it and stick the gift card inside. I have started making soy candles, so that is what my children and I plan on doing for their teachers. Just a thought!

Hi K.,

I used to have a stationary business where I made ribbon-tied, personalized notepads. I am getting out of it but still have some paper left in stock...I have done a TON of these notepads for teacher gifts. We usually have it say, "A note from..." and then on the next line "Mrs. XXX". Teachers love these because they are personal, thoughtful, and useful! They can write a note to parents and they don't have to write their name on the sheet b/c it's already printed on. I am selling these for $5 until I run out of paper, so please contact me for more information if you are interested!


Oriental Trading company online has many themed items that are inexpensive. Another idea is a gift card to her favorite resteraunt, store, or spa. Hope this helps. S.
www.stephanieuhde.myctmh.com for great scrapbooking stuff!

I think homemade gifts are the most personal. This would be one your son could help with. Buy a bag of epsom salt, pour in a glass bowl, put drops of food coloring in and stir - how ever light or dark you want it and whatever color you like. Put drops of scented oil in and mix well. Put mixture in a pretty jar or clear gift bag, tie with ribbon or raffia. Make a home made tag and attach to the gift. Home made bath salts -she will love the relaxing treat! The scented oil can be found at any craft store, usually used in home made soap and candle area. A few other fun and easy ideas that mean so much, soaps and candles. Good luck!

I am a teacher and I would personally enjoy a bottle of wine (especially teaching kindergarten!), a gift certificate to a local restaurant, or a gc to a teacher supply store. Teachers never have enough stuff for their classroom. You might ask if she has any needs for the classroom like games for rainy indoor recess games or pockets that hang over the backs of the chairs to hold student supplies and workbooks. I think those can get somewhat pricy but so easy to make. Hope these suggestions help!

I did a couple of different things with my kids teachers. The first was a real 'hands on' type, so I got each kid to put a paint handprint on an apron & I put their name underneath. She loved it & I still see her wearing it to this day! The other was really into bears & Americanna, so I did a build a bear with an uncle sam hat & had each kid sign the t-shirt. She has it on her bookshelf & the kids get to hold it when they have a special day or need some special hugs. Good luck!

Storybooks with photos from the school year are the way to go. I even offer a paper version that is a little more price conscience. You can put it together in an hour and it will be sent to your door. Just order from my website and it will be delivered ASAP!




I've done these as gifts before and they are the most cherished! Also, the Storybooks can become a class book and other parents may want to buy one for their student. It's digital so just order extra copies. What a great way to remember their kindergarten year--it goes by so fast!
Have fun!

Hi K.,
My sister is a third grade teacher. She loves gift cards...to Target, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Panera, Walgreens, wherever. Even if the amount is only $5 or $10, that is still money well-spent, because she is sure to use it. The other is to find out the teacher's favorite restaurant and get a gift certificate there, or for a pedicure or manicure at a local salon.

My suggestion if you have enough time is buy a large picture frame and take any pictures you have of the class, teacher or field trips and scrapbook them right on to the cardboard back of the frame. It will create something that doesn't get put away, something she will be able to hang up and see always. I have done several myself (I was tryng to turn it into a business, everyone loved them but noone wanted to pay for them). I would be happy to send you a picture if you would like an example ____@____.com.

Gift cards for restaurants, Beauty Brands, supply stores etc. are great. Candles are good. It is something they won't have to wonder what to do with after a few years and can enjoy it and not feel guilty when it is empty and can throw it away. Teachers get so many gifts and after a few years they aren't sure what to do with them all so I recommend candles, bath and body works, hand lotions, school supplies, and stuff like that instead of nick nacks and trinkets.

My kids' teachers have always enjoyed gift cards to a favorite restaurant or a store that sells teaching supplies. These seem to be much more appreciated than another gift that has "#1 Teacher" on it, as they have so many of these already.

Hi K.. I work at a school as a library aide. I'm around teachers all the time and they work hard...I say a certificate for dinner, or a movie or even a massage would be a great gift for a teacher. Especially a Kg teacher. Something to help her relax would be great. Of course there is always a BIG bottle of Tylenol, or maybe stock in the company :)...
Have fun coming up with something. Teachers don't get as much recognition as they deserve, so it is nice of you to think of her.

I am a current teacher and I always enjoy gift cards, scentsy, bath and body works products, potted flowers, and one year a received a quilt with all my students on it.

Teachers have lots of things to dust, coffee mugs,glass apples etc...
Please give the teacher a gift certificate to a teacher store,we spend a lots of our cash on classroom supplies, or a nice massage place, for the sore muscles, or a great place to eat, it is nice not to have to cook after a long day with your children.
Please understand as a kindergarten teacher I love your children and enjoy teaching each and everyone of them. I just want to give you some ideas a teacher would really like.

Hi K.,

What a nice gesture! I think most anyone would enjoy a spa certificate. Or you could purchase spa products, or a gift card so she can treat herself, whether it be a movie, lunch out or what ever. I think any gesture would be appreciated by a teacher! I also have a home based business and we offer all natural products like aromatherapy and spa items. Best of luck in your search for the right gift!


I would recommend a gift card or something that can be consumed. I'm a teacher and I like getting thought of by my students but it is hard to find enough space for years of knickknacks. Book store gift cards are always a good idea since they work for both in store purchases as well as online.

My teacher friends all say money or a gift card.

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