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Suggestions for Baby Registery

It has been a long time since we've had a baby in the house, we already have the crib and other "major" items, but I wanted to hear from you mom's if there is anything you would suggest that you "can't live without". I am going to breast feed, use cloth diapers (fuzzybunz maybe), and we will co-sleep for a while. Any advice or suggestions are VERY welcome!!
Thanks in advance!

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One of the only things that comes to mind is Pinxav (pronounced pink salve) for diaper rashes. It is the best stuff I have found. It is located behind the pharmacy counters at most stores.

I agree with everyone on the Bumbo chair - I wish I would have had one! I loved having a bouncy chair before she could sit up on her own - you can put the little one in it while you're working in the kitchen, and she can see you. Crib music: We have a Little Einstein fish tank. SLING! Unfortunately I got mine "too late" - she was 6-7 months old and "set" in her ways...and didn't want any part of the sling! In fact, if no one gets you one, feel free to email me at ____@____.com and I'll sell you mine (NEW) cheap! Same with my bouncy chair! Oh, contrary to ALL advice, I put Kaitlin in walker when she was 4 mos. old. Very liberating for me AND for her! Good luck!!

1) My Brestfriend Pillow (instead of Boppy)
2) Pump n Style Breast Pump
3) Swaddle Designs swaddle blanket (online or in boutiques)

Good luck!

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I loved my Boppy for nursing. I would get the naked Boppy and buy the covers for it. It makes it much much easier to keep clean. We have a cover that you can attach toys to and it worked great for tummy time. I also love our pack n play. We used it as a bassinet between co-sleeping and the crib and I used the changing table until she was too big for it. I don't know what I would have done with out our Jumparoo when my dd got older. That thing was an absolute lifesaver so many times. I've heard really good things about slings and wraps and I plan on getting one if we have another baby.

From a fellow AF wife, you'll want a bouncer (maybe a swing) and an exercsaucer, especially if he deploys. I loved having a few Baby Einstein videos as well, there are some days I could not get a shower any other way. Beaudroux's Butt Paste is great for diaper rash...and the Beaudrouxs are an AF family as well.
Babies R Us and Target have online "Essential Lists" if you need a little extra help.

I would say a sling! My little girl cried a lot and it really helped to be able to get things done and keep her happy at the same time. Oil, I used olive oil, to give baby massages. You could also use lotions. a sling for the sink for quick easy baths. I had a cover up for breastfeeding. It had something in the top that made it bow out so that I could see them and there was plenty of air.
If you are looking for some more natural options in baby care items, The Body Shop has just come out with a new baby line. It is exclusive right now through the at home division. You can check them out at my website. www.thebodyshopathome.com/web/aoaks.
Oh, and you should make little cards with pictures of important people and things like cat, dog, and other everyday items. I did this with my son when he started sitting up and he is very smart. He was writing letters of the alphabet before he was 2. Write the name of what it is on the bottom and use them as structured playtime.
Have a happy pregnancy!

Burp cloths & bibs. I have about 30 of each and still don't have enough. LOL! Congrats to you, your hubby & son!

If you are going to nurse I would for sure get a Boppy. It helps so much. Also, since you have aother child, I would get a Baby Bjorn carrier. It frees up both hands in caase you need them with your older child. Good Luck with baby #2. I personally believe it puts you in the category of Sainthood;) Welcome to the club!

I would have to disagree with all thre reccomendations for a boppy. I found it very difficult to breast feed with it, which might have been becasue I had a c-section also. My advice would be t olook at a breast friend pillow. My lactation specialist recommended it for many resongs. It is flat and allows the babyy more stability and allows you to position them better.

I did, however, use my boppy to lay my son on a lot, so it is worth getting, but I thought that the breast friend was more helpful with nursing.

Do you have a Babies R Us where you live? That is the best place to go. It has all kinds of baby items.
I would say something that plays music for the crib
When my son was that age he really enjoyed listening to the music
car seat
High Chair
Baby towels
Baby blankets
Bottle Warmer
Baby Bath Tub
Baby Oraljel for the babys teeth when he/she teeths
Nose suctioner
Rocking Chair
Baby Lullaby Music
Baby nail clippers
Toy clip ons for the car seat while the child is in the car
Baby tyenol
a Sun advisiour for your car to block the sun out of your babys eyes
Baby swing
Baby bouncer
Safety locks for your cabinets in your bath room and kitchen
A gate
Bottle Brush to clean the baby bottles
I hope this helps. May God bless you and your family.

A Wahmies wet bag for the diapers. They don't leak and even have a swatch where you can drip essential oil on to make it smell better. You can find them online. Also, you may want to buy a few BumGenius diapers. They are great and come as one-size.

I think I'm in the minority, but I never could get the hang of nursing in the sling or with the Boppy. The Boppy was great to swaddle the baby then lay them in that - both my kids liked to sit in it.

I have two recommendations: a SwaddleMe blanket (with the velcro). Even if you are co-sleeping you can wrap your baby up in it and put him on his back. My two kids really weren't able to sleep on their backs without it for the first few months. Also, I agree with the people who said a sling or a Baby Bjorn. I have both and have used them both all the time with my 5 month old (we've pretty much moved on to the Baby Bjorn now). It frees my up to play with my two year old, go to the playground or whatever, and my baby will sleep in it. Good luck!

A good breast pump and a swing...you're good to go!

Infant feeders are real life savers when you start solid foods. We found them at Walgreens.


I loved my boppy pillow, especially with #2. We also co-sleep and in the beginning, she would spit up alot right after eating. The pillow was just enough elevation to stop that and let her sleep between us. A sling or wrap would be great. I wish I had had one. Good luck and congratulations.

I bought a peanut shell sling which I love!!!! You can use it from newborn until your child is 35 lbs. Check it out on-line (just put in your search engine: peanut shell sling) If you want to get one, get one that has the spandex in it for a better fit and order it at Target.com, they have the best prices). My son is 18 months and we use it as a hip sling. He loves it and it gives me hands-free while carrying him. The bouncy seat was a life saver (we bought the Fisher Price Aquarium bouncer) and when he could sit up a little (about 4 months), we started to put him in an exersaucer which was even better! By the time he was 6 months, he absolutely loved it. A swing was great when he was little for naps but I wouldn't buy one new. I would get a used one b/c by the time (on average) kids are 5 to 6 months old, they don't want to be in the swing anymore - too confining :-). Don't know what your budget or financial status is, but since you like to go camping, check into the Baby Bjorn travel bed. It's pricey but completely worth it. Speaking of Baby Bjorn: they have the best carriers and the easiest to use. If your baby falls asleep in the carrier, it is soooooo easy to transfer the baby in the crib without waking up the baby. We also bought a Primo bathtub for our son which is a smaller bathtub that you can use up until they are 2 years old. It has a lay-down part for infants that I lined with a towel when my son was tiny and now he can sit up on the other side of the tub. I love it b/c it still confines him and it saves on water! When my son was 6 months old, we got him a crib toy that plays melodies which helped him going back to sleep in the middle of the night. And my absolute favorite thing that we got for him is the Trevi stroller by Chicco. It's not a full-size stroller and not an umbrella stroller. It's right in-between, folds up like an umbrealla stroller, is light weight and yet has all of the conveniences of a full size stroller. We didn't get it until my son was 1 year old, so we didn't need the car seat with it but it comes with a car seat. Had I known about it before I had my son, we would have only gotten this stroller. It's awesome. We did buy a ray shade with it (makes the shade bigger) b/c the Trevi's shade is a bit small. Anyway, it has wider wheels, so it rides smoothly, it lays down in multiple positions so the baby can even lay flat, the foot rest comes up to lengthen the seat which my son likes and the basket underneath is not too small. Definitely check it out. And since you will co-sleep, check into the co-sleepers they have out there. Don't know how long you would be able to use one - I would probably go to your local craigs list and get one used. Congratulations!

The Boppy is great for breastfeeding when they're really small. It takes some strain off the back. We just got a jumperoo for my 5 month old and that's great too. Most of the stuff people say you HAVE to have we have gotten by without just fine. We are also co-sleeping. I get a lot of flack for that as I'm sure you will too, but just tune it out. A changing pad is great to have though I think a changing table is unnecessary. From what I can tell so far, babies don't really need much aside from mommy and daddy. :) We got the Chicco Cortine travel system. It has a car seat and stroller. It's been great. The stroller rides super smooth. And it's good to have a baby carrier like Bjorn and Infantino make, for when you don't want to push a stroller.

I would recommend a nursing pillow, a baby sling, and a bumbo seat. The bumbo seat is awesome and a 3 month old can start using it. It is nice to have so that you can get some things done. Hope this helps. I'm a 29 year old stay at home mother of 4 children- 8 years old,6 years old, 2 years old and 3 months.

Hi A..
You have a nice, unique name by the way. I have never heard it before.
Anyway, I have really appreciated my breast feeding pillow we got; it's a "My Brest Friend". It's a weird name, but I read some online reviews about it before we bought it & everyone thought it was much better than a Boppy. I haven't tried a Boppy, so I can't compare, but I do really like the Brest Friend & still am using it! Even my husband has used it when bottle feeding our son & he said he is glad I got it.
I guess you can never have enough baby wash cloths & onesies & that kind of thing. :)
Congratulations on your coming baby!

I agree with everyone on the Bumbo chair - I wish I would have had one! I loved having a bouncy chair before she could sit up on her own - you can put the little one in it while you're working in the kitchen, and she can see you. Crib music: We have a Little Einstein fish tank. SLING! Unfortunately I got mine "too late" - she was 6-7 months old and "set" in her ways...and didn't want any part of the sling! In fact, if no one gets you one, feel free to email me at ____@____.com and I'll sell you mine (NEW) cheap! Same with my bouncy chair! Oh, contrary to ALL advice, I put Kaitlin in walker when she was 4 mos. old. Very liberating for me AND for her! Good luck!!

One of the only things that comes to mind is Pinxav (pronounced pink salve) for diaper rashes. It is the best stuff I have found. It is located behind the pharmacy counters at most stores.

Bag balm (comes in a green can - much better than desitin or aquafor. We call it "booty balm".)
Fall/Winter's coming: Get a "bundle me" for the car seat.
If you're going to use a bottle at all: Dr. Brown's bottles
Saline Drops for the nose
Swaddling blankets
Wipes (I like Huggie's wipes)
Wipes for the diaper bag
baby wash cloths
Baby wash
comfy blankets
Johnson's Bedtime Lavendar wash and Lavendar Lotion

We have a 2 story house, so we got a dorm-fridge and microwave for the second floor (it's in the laundry room next to the master bedroom) to put snacks/drinks/forumula, etc. in so I didn't have to go up and down the stairs so often.

My first daughter HATED sleepers with feet (she liked her piggies on the loose), my second daughter can't get comfortable without them on (sleepers with the footies).

Good luck!

For nursing - babysling www.babywearing.com (wonderful site) and a boppy. Both are versatile especially if you have other children.

I recommend the swaddlers blankets. My son is now four weeks and he still loves to be wrapped in the blanket. I also recommend the boopy pillow, it helps support your arms when feeding the baby and it helps to have when the 5 yr. will want to hold the baby. ALso the mioors for the car are very handy. These are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head that I cam currently using.

Hi Lea,
It's been a long time since I've had a baby in my house (my kids are 5 & 8) but I remember seeing in a catalog a co-sleeper bed. I don't know who makes them or if it's still on the market. It was kind of like a bassinet that you could attach to your bed. I looked a little bit pricey. I'm not sure if it's a must have but I would have liked to have had one.
Also, some of my new baby friends have a thingy (it looks like a cape that goes on the front of your body) that you can wear for privacy while nursing.

I also breastfeed, use cloth diapers (and infant potty training), and cosleep. I mainly registered for clothes and a few toys, feeding items for later, diapers, and some cute picture frames. I also asked for a Sit n Stand stroller (I also have a 2 y/o). I definitely think having a sling is a "can't live without" item. I bought a Baby Ktan camo print sling this time (www.babyktan.com) since it wasn't really something I could register for at a store. I also do use a boppy pillow for breastfeeding while typing at the computer. And I love my Amby Baby Bed for naps (www.ambybaby.com). You can take it off the stand and hang it on hooks installed in the ceiling around the house.

One thing that i love and wish i would have had when my son was an infant, is a Over the Shoulder Baby holder. Its a sling that you can use in many dif ways. My son was older when i got it and he is 15months now and i still use it. If he falls asleep in the car i put him in that and still do my shopping :0) Also a Boppy pillow exp if nursing then when they get older its nice to use when teaching them to sit up or for tummy time. And a Video monitor...I just got one and i dont know how i made it without one. I love it! Its so nice to be able to roll over and see your baby sleeping in the next room. My friend said she had one and was able to put her baby in her crib at 3 months beacuse she could see her and how she was sleeping and the sound is awesome i can hear my son breathing and to EVERY MOM that is the sweetest sound!
Good Luck to you :0)

1) My Brestfriend Pillow (instead of Boppy)
2) Pump n Style Breast Pump
3) Swaddle Designs swaddle blanket (online or in boutiques)

Good luck!

Congrats! I know you received a lot of really good advice, but I wanted to tell you my opinions. I have 4 boys, ages 9,6,21 months and 1 month. I can't live without my sling, also. I love my Lillypads (nursing pads). If you go to www.childmed.com they have these wonderful things called wubbanubs. They are the soothie pacifiers that you get in most hospitals but have a little stuffed animal attached to help baby keep in mouth (also helps keep from bouncing all over when it does fall). Fuzzibunz diapers are wonderful. I use them! I keep cloth wipes in a wipe warmer with wipe solution I make. My babies have very sensitive skin and we love Method squeeky green diaper cream. I also feel I need to tell you that we had trouble fitting our convertable car seat in our van and we went to have it inspected (and bought a different one) but found out a lot of safety things. First, those baby mirrors to see baby when rear facing are not safe during an accident. And the roll-shades for the windows are unsafe,too. If you need to shade, use the cling kind. Actually, all things not safely strapped down become missles during an accident. Maybe you knew this already; but we just assumed that if it is made for baby it is safe to use. And the co-sleeper everyone keeps talking about has been a lifesaver for us. It also is a pack-n-play for travel. Good luck!!!

i love my babyborjn pack! freehands and lots of close time. boppy pillow for nursing, a good pump, the graco snugride frame stroller...it is the lightest easiest stroller for quick shopping trips, i keep it in the car..we have a jogger for big walks/runs. lots of onsies and burp clothes(fewer loads too do!)a monitor if you have more tan one floor in your house.
good luck!

if you're nursing a pump, storage items and nursing pads are a must. if you won't be working then go with a cheap pump but it is still nice to have should you ever need some time away. and a sling is a must when you have more than one at home. also if you have an active little one at home somehting be it a bouncy seat, swing or play pen for baby to lay down in is a great idea, you can't hold a baby 24/7 and the floor isn't the safest place with other little ones running around. and strange but pratical if you don't have a detachable shower head a turkey baster is great for washing hair. lol. best wishes

The Rainforest Jumperoo has been the BEST at keeping my youngest son entertained while I make dinner. Also - Baby Einstein DVDs work wonders for very young babies so you can get something done :-)

The 2 things that I couldn't live without for either of my kids (3.5 and 1.5) would be the ocean wonders crib soother (I have 2 different ones because my 3 year old still uses hers) and the ocean wonders full sized side to side swing. My son slept in this swing for pretty much all naps for the first 6 months of his life. It was the only thing that let him rest.

If your budget allows a bouncer seat with activities on it is a great investment for the early months (especially if you want to get a shower!) Also, TinyLove has a playmat that has chimes that go with it, it is very colorful and looks jungle themed. My son adored this play gym. I am keeping it in case we decide to have another soon!

Congratulations on your coming baby and good luck!

One thing that I cannot live without is my Boppy. Not sure if you are familiar with them but they are wonderful! It really comes in handy when breastfeeding.
You could maybe put nursing pads on your list, check out what type of bottle you want to use (if you plan on your husband helping you feed sometimes), and maybe a pump if you don't have one already.

Not sure if that helps but I hope it does!!!

Good luck!

I probably have more suggestions of what you CAN live without! LOL Don't bother with a pack n play, a large high chair with the fancy tray tops that come out to clean--what a waste: they don't fit in the dishwasher and food still gets on the main tray underneath (get one that sits on a chair and doubles as a booster), baby swing (if you wear your baby in a sling), crib mobile (if you are desparate, you can string objects on a clothes line--my kids never laid in their crib awake), a baby-wipe warmer.

Hope this helps,

As a few moms said earlier, Swaddle blankets with velcro are great! Literally the first night I put my son in one he went from sleeping only three hours at a time to six hours at a time so he must have felt really snug and secure in it. The first night I was so worried that something was wrong because he slept so long and I kept waking up to check on him but he did it almost every night after that as well.

Congratulations on your little one on the way!

A boppy pillow, shopping cart cover, and swaddle blankets!

Here is a list of my favorite and my son's favorite baby items.
*Fisher Price Aquarium Cradle swing
*A very lightweight stroller (heavy strollers are a pain! and breastfed babies are heavy enough)
*A front pack or sling (I LOVE wearing him to the grocery so he doesn't have to sit in the cart)
*the First Years stackable cups (these are by far his favorite toys and have been for several months)

Congratulations and good luck!

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