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It has been a long time since we've had a baby in the house, we already have the crib and other "major" items, but I wanted to hear from you mom's if there is anything you would suggest that you "can't live without". I am going to breast feed, use cloth diapers (fuzzybunz maybe), and we will co-sleep for a while. Any advice or suggestions are VERY welcome!!
Thanks in advance!

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One of the only things that comes to mind is Pinxav (pronounced pink salve) for diaper rashes. It is the best stuff I have found. It is located behind the pharmacy counters at most stores.

I agree with everyone on the Bumbo chair - I wish I would have had one! I loved having a bouncy chair before she could sit up on her own - you can put the little one in it while you're working in the kitchen, and she can see you. Crib music: We have a Little Einstein fish tank. SLING! Unfortunately I got mine "too late" - she was 6-7 months old and "set" in her ways...and didn't want any part of the sling! In fact, if no one gets you one, feel free to email me at ____@____.com and I'll sell you mine (NEW) cheap! Same with my bouncy chair! Oh, contrary to ALL advice, I put Kaitlin in walker when she was 4 mos. old. Very liberating for me AND for her! Good luck!!

1) My Brestfriend Pillow (instead of Boppy)
2) Pump n Style Breast Pump
3) Swaddle Designs swaddle blanket (online or in boutiques)

Good luck!

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I loved my Boppy for nursing. I would get the naked Boppy and buy the covers for it. It makes it much much easier to keep clean. We have a cover that you can attach toys to and it worked great for tummy time. I also love our pack n play. We used it as a bassinet between co-sleeping and the crib and I used the changing table until she was too big for it. I don't know what I would have done with out our Jumparoo when my dd got older. That thing was an absolute lifesaver so many times. I've heard really good things about slings and wraps and I plan on getting one if we have another baby.

From a fellow AF wife, you'll want a bouncer (maybe a swing) and an exercsaucer, especially if he deploys. I loved having a few Baby Einstein videos as well, there are some days I could not get a shower any other way. Beaudroux's Butt Paste is great for diaper rash...and the Beaudrouxs are an AF family as well.
Babies R Us and Target have online "Essential Lists" if you need a little extra help.

I would say a sling! My little girl cried a lot and it really helped to be able to get things done and keep her happy at the same time. Oil, I used olive oil, to give baby massages. You could also use lotions. a sling for the sink for quick easy baths. I had a cover up for breastfeeding. It had something in the top that made it bow out so that I could see them and there was plenty of air.
If you are looking for some more natural options in baby care items, The Body Shop has just come out with a new baby line. It is exclusive right now through the at home division. You can check them out at my website. www.thebodyshopathome.com/web/aoaks.
Oh, and you should make little cards with pictures of important people and things like cat, dog, and other everyday items. I did this with my son when he started sitting up and he is very smart. He was writing letters of the alphabet before he was 2. Write the name of what it is on the bottom and use them as structured playtime.
Have a happy pregnancy!

Burp cloths & bibs. I have about 30 of each and still don't have enough. LOL! Congrats to you, your hubby & son!

If you are going to nurse I would for sure get a Boppy. It helps so much. Also, since you have aother child, I would get a Baby Bjorn carrier. It frees up both hands in caase you need them with your older child. Good Luck with baby #2. I personally believe it puts you in the category of Sainthood;) Welcome to the club!

I would have to disagree with all thre reccomendations for a boppy. I found it very difficult to breast feed with it, which might have been becasue I had a c-section also. My advice would be t olook at a breast friend pillow. My lactation specialist recommended it for many resongs. It is flat and allows the babyy more stability and allows you to position them better.

I did, however, use my boppy to lay my son on a lot, so it is worth getting, but I thought that the breast friend was more helpful with nursing.

Do you have a Babies R Us where you live? That is the best place to go. It has all kinds of baby items.
I would say something that plays music for the crib
When my son was that age he really enjoyed listening to the music
car seat
High Chair
Baby towels
Baby blankets
Bottle Warmer
Baby Bath Tub
Baby Oraljel for the babys teeth when he/she teeths
Nose suctioner
Rocking Chair
Baby Lullaby Music
Baby nail clippers
Toy clip ons for the car seat while the child is in the car
Baby tyenol
a Sun advisiour for your car to block the sun out of your babys eyes
Baby swing
Baby bouncer
Safety locks for your cabinets in your bath room and kitchen
A gate
Bottle Brush to clean the baby bottles
I hope this helps. May God bless you and your family.

A Wahmies wet bag for the diapers. They don't leak and even have a swatch where you can drip essential oil on to make it smell better. You can find them online. Also, you may want to buy a few BumGenius diapers. They are great and come as one-size.

I think I'm in the minority, but I never could get the hang of nursing in the sling or with the Boppy. The Boppy was great to swaddle the baby then lay them in that - both my kids liked to sit in it.

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