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Stomach Virus - What Can I Feed My Son?

I think my son has a little stomach bug. He started yesterday morning throwing up a few times. Then after that stopped for most of the day, he started having diarrhea last night. Because of all this, I have only given him Pedialyte and Jell-O. I know he is starving. Can I give him anything else? How long should I wait before resuming his milk? Thanks ladies!

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I echo Heather. I had to have IV fluids for a stomach bug several years ago and that's what the nurses told me. I've used this for all of my kiddos ever since!

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Poor little guy...
I usually stick to the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet when my little ones have tummy bugs/diarrhea and it really seems to help, since the foods are all so bland.

Hope he starts feeling better soon.

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BRAT diet--broth, rice, apples, toast (dry). When he can hold that down, then you can introduce other stuff. Good luck!

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Yep, the bananas, rice, applesauce and toast is my tried and true method also...gotta love the BRAT diet:) Also, i will give my kids some plain crackers, even like the plain goldfish ones..I will admit to giving them the cheese goldfish too. Or, if he likes plain mashed potatos, a plain waffle maybe. Just some simple, easy on the stomach things..what would you be willing to eat when you are sick?? And, while i understand the jello thing, none of my kids liked it, and I never wanted to add that much dye when they arent well. Sometimes I would give them dye free popsicles (hard to find however) or I would even make some. I hope he is better soon..it is no fun seeing them miserable, but if he wants to eat, I say let him try a few simple things. ~A.~

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S. you are getting great advice, one thing to add, Popsicle... baby's get dehydrated and they don't want to eat much, my sister is a nurse and she told me to give it to my son when he had a really bad stomach virus. He was just a little over a year old and had a horrible case of it... he didn't feel like eating anything, he actually would suck on the popsicle a bit... I know it can be very hard when you little one is sick, hang in there..
God Bless

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