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Sporadic Pain in Breast

I have a question for anyone that can help, I have pain in my left breast which I have had examined around two 5 years ago with an ultrasound and yearly mammograms. They find nothing. They did spot a mass in that breast but it was not benign. I have pain there every once in a while and it shoots towards my nipple. I also recently have been getting the shooting pain towards my nipple on my right breast. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this situation.

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Thank you Ladies, this is great information from everyone which has put me at ease somewhat. I have made an appt. with my gyno to get it checked and confirm that its nothing else. Sorry when I was writing the email I meant to say it is not cancerious, sorry for the confusion. I will let you know what the out come is when I get checked. It good to know that I am not alone! :~)

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I get shooting pains in my breasts, too. I was told that it is not a sign of cancer, but an issue with the nerves in my breasts. Sorry I don't have more info.

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Do you get reflux? I do, am on Nexium and I get pains in my chest sometimes (my reflux is pretty strong). My husband is a physician and he always says that it is reflux. Try that. I think if the shooting pain goes inwards towards the chest then it's thrush (which I JUST had, annoyingly, while nursing my son.)

Yes. It is cyclical with me, although I had a benign (not cancerous)lump. My doc said it is quite common. Keep your dr. posted on this just to be safe. GL!

Hi M., I am merely informing you and not trying to scare you. There is another form of breast cancer that is under diagnosed and doctors dont really know about it, Here is the website for Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

I would strongly encourage you to change your diet and detox your body for about 1-3 months. Caffeine might be the culprit that is causing you breast pain (hopefully). Try eliminating it. Please note that something that you are eating or putting on your breast is starting to affect you. I would just pust a shea butter on my skin for now. Now perfumes in directly on your skin. (For your detox diet-no sugar, no carb (pasta, bread, etc), no coffe, no dairy and very lean organic chicken. No fish (all of it is highly toxic and carcinogenic, except wild alaskan salmon). Your body is telling you that it is inflammed-listen to it. Your life depends on it. All of us women are in trouble-especially our daughters (if you have one). We have to change our diets or we will get sick-it is that simple. Good luck and stay diligent with the doctors. Change your diet!


T. Parker, Holistic Health Counselor
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Had the same problems a few years ago. Turned out I was drinking to much caffeine. I gave up most if it and the pain went away. If you drink coffee, try decafe or give up most of what you are drinking, also stay away from hard cheese. I think it may be called Polycystic breast disease. Your doctor should be able to give you a list of foods to avoid. Hope this helps.

Stupid question, but are you breastfeeding? If so, it could be thrush.


I assume you meant that the mass that they saw was not malignant, and WAS benign....if it were cancerous, you'de know why it was paining you.

Unless I miss my guess, I would say that the mass is probably a cyst, which becomes painful when it fills with fluid. If so, the size of the mass, and how much fluid is in it, will fluctuate, depending upon where you are in your menstral cycle. If it is, indeed, a cyst, the only way to get rid of the pain is to have it removed.

I have one on the underside of my left breast, which also causes me some pain periodically. I don't have it removed, since I no longer have a menstrual cycle, due to my going through menopause, so it doesn't bother me enough anymore to justify having surgery, but if you are still young, it might be worth your while to have it removed, if it is, indeed, a cyst.

Do you mean it was not malignant? Sometimes when I was about to get my period, I would have a shooting pain. It was just my hormones. I would have it checked out, just to be on the safe side.

i just had this in my right breast too. it lasted about two days, on and off. i'll keep me eye on this post.

Not sure how old you are.. but in my early 40's I would get pain in my breasts... I gave up on lacey bras.. and now wear softer type of bra.. and this helps a lot. good luck

<<They did spot a mass in that breast but it was not benign>> NOT benign? Not benign means cancerous. Are you saying that you have breast cancer? If not, then the mass WAS benign. Have you actually been examined by a breast surgeon? If not, I would start there. Good luck. Pain isn't usually indicative of breast cancer. I was dx when I was 35, and there was no pain involved.

I get shooting pains in my breasts, too. I was told that it is not a sign of cancer, but an issue with the nerves in my breasts. Sorry I don't have more info.

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