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Spilled Milk

How do you get the smell of spilled milk out of your carpet in your car?

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newspapars so works. We had a fridge that went out while we were on vacation. They fixed the fridge but the smell was still there. I did some research and found out that newspapers really do absorb the smell..

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I once had a gallon of milk leak in the trunk of my mustang during the heat of the summer. I sprinkled some baking soda and let it sit there for a few days. Then I just vaccuumed it up and the smell was gone.

Good question! If it were me, I would use a hand held steam cleaner. Maybe in the water add some vinegar and amonia. Other wise, you might try dampening the area with water and patting dry with a towel, then invest in lysol and febreeze! LOL good luck

try baking soda... good old stand by.
Good luck...

We had spilled milk in our car last yr, about this same time. Thank goodness it is not 100 degrees anymore!! I had the carpets in my car shampoed twice. I also put some arm and hammer carpet deoderizer on the spot and vacuumed it a few times. Between that and leaving the windows cracked for a while, it cleared up.

baking soda and vinegar... then roll down the windows and let fresh air/sunshine in at every opportunity...

Go to PetSmart or any of the pet places and they have spot remover for carpets. It breaks down the enzines. G. W

again, go to petsmart- Petzyme is a good enzymatic cleaner & the favorite of many I have used- it also has a light pleasant scent after drying. saturate the entire area & let it dry naturally. works wonders

I'm so sorry that I can't remember the name of the product we used...but it worked FABULOUSLY!! The word "milk" was in the name, and I think my husband picked it up at AutoZone after my daughter's cup of milk spilled in the car. (I had blotted it and wiped the area with soapy water when we got home, but the smell was completely intolerable...even with the windows down!) The product was easy to apply and worked wonders immediately! I poured it on the area where the spill occurred, blotted and repeated a couple of times and it was gone for good.

Take your car to a car wash with a carpet cleaner. There is something about the soap that will take the funky smell out. Just scrub until all the milk is up and you should be good. For a little extra goodness, take your perfume with you out the car next time you go out and spray your self and a squirt or two in the air around you. Do that a couple times and the scent will stay in the fibers of your car. Its a lot better than sour milk!!

newspapars so works. We had a fridge that went out while we were on vacation. They fixed the fridge but the smell was still there. I did some research and found out that newspapers really do absorb the smell..

I first used Resolve Rug cleaner and then I left car windows down so that fresh air could be involved. I followed up with vanilla air freshner.

I hate milk spills in cars, they're the worst! The only thing that worked for my car was that TKO orange oil. You can find at stores like Wells Brothers Farm Store, Whole Foods or Market Street. It's expensive, but a capful goes a long way. I tried the vinegar, but then it took forever for the vinegar smell to go away. I sprayed a mixture of water and TKO on the spot, and then used a hot steamy rag to blot up. Then I used a wet/dry vac to vac up as much as possible. The result was much nicer on the nose.

I had the same problem and I used Simple green and it worked.

OxyClean or Resolve Carpet Cleaner.

Hi, you need to go to a car detailer and have the carpet detailed including steam cleaned this should do the trick!

A. J

No one has suggested wadded-up newspapers yet, but they really do work. Put a bunch of newspaper wads in your car with the windows cracked slightly and let them sit there overnight. It may not get rid of all of the smell, but it will improve things. I had nearly a whole gallon of milk spill in my car during hot weather, and the car wash guy recommended this newspaper trick over the phone. By the next morning when I took the car to be detailed, the milk smell was very faint, and it vanished completely after the carpets were shampooed.

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