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Milk Spill in Car = VERY SMELLY!!!

About 2 weeks ago, we spilt almost a half gallon of milk in our mini van. We cleaned it up as much as we could immediately. The next day, we removed all of the seats and had the carpet and floormats professionally cleaned. The detailer used ALOT of orange cleaner to try to clean the spill and get rid of the sour milk smell. Now, the orange scent is gone, but the car still stinks of sour milk. I've tried febreeze, but it hasn't worked. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to get rid of the horrible smell?
Thanks so much!

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Try putting a pie pan of charcoal in the van overnight and letting it absorb the odor. .charcoal really works on bad odors.

I once had this happen with a sippy cup in the middle of a hot hot summer! YUCK! I used the Febreeze Air freshner on the carper. Not the regular fabric refresher, the one for the air. Sounds crazy but it worked like a charm!!

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Last summer my husband broke a half gallon bottle of milk from oberweise in our car...took it to the car wash and they shampooed it. Thought I was in the clear...WRONG!!!
I researched like crazy on the internet and tried everything. What did work it called ODOBON you can get it at Sams club and I think I saw it being sold at Walmart! Did the trick...smells like pinesol sorto of! Good luck!

I'd try some baking soda....When my kids were little and had an accident on the couch, I used to make a very thick paste with baking soda and water and rubbed it in real good.........let it sit for a couple days.....when it dries all you have to do is vacuum it out. It worked for urine smells......it might work for sour milk!!! It would only cost 57 cents for a box and no chemicals!!! Good luck

Definitely have the "professional carpet cleaner" clean it again. We had this happen and the guy that did ours said you literally have to go over the spot about one hundred times to get it out. He offered to come back in a day or two to do it again if the smell wasn't gone. Then leave the car windows open over night so it can dry out really well. Good luck!

There is one very effective method:
Put a pound of fresh ground coffee in a cotton sack (e.g.pillowcase) and leave it near where the spill occured

Ammonia tends to get smells out. The ammonia itself stinks, but the smell dissipates quickly. Maybe spray some on the area where the milk spilled, and that could help. Be sure not to use it at the same time as any other cleaner, or if you have already recently used a different cleaner, make sure the area is dry before using the ammonia. If that doesn't work, I'm going to guess you'll have to pull the carpet up and clean the backside and underneath. I know that's a pain, so hopefully someone else will be able to give you a great idea that doesn't involve dismantling your car!

In the area of the spill pour a half and half mixture of baking soda and water and soak the area. Dab it up with heavy towels and repeat several times. Crack open all the windows of the vehicle and place an open bag of charcoal brigquest(not quick lite either.) in the vehichle, you will have to ride around with it for about a week. Also let the peaple who cleaned your vehicle that the smell is not gone and would either like for them to try again or refund your money.

there are some natural remedies for smelly problems - especially in the car, i know that can be a nuisance. i would try coffee grinds. just lay course coffee grounds (probably fresh is better) on top of where the stain was, leave them there for a day or so and then vacuum up.

good luck with that!

Hi A.,

My son spit up in our car and I cleaned it up with Pet Oder and Stain Remover (target and petsmart carry it). It is formulated for all types of organic stains - I also use it in the house when my kids throw-up on the carpets. It gets rid of the stain and the smell.

Good luck,

I know we've got the "borax mule cleaner", it's a powder from the laundry section. It says on the back of the box that it cleans milk spills? You can try it. It's only $4 for a box and I've found it's been excellent and true to it's other claims for being an excellent, non-chlorine cleaner.

I use white vinegar on everything, once it dries, it doesn't smell like salad dressing...

I had this happen too. Yuck! My husband found that the milk had leaked down to places we couldn't reach or get at. We ended up having to have it detailed. The Toyota people were great. They had to take some parts out in order to power wash it. Finally, there's no smell. Good luck. I really feel for you and I don't get glass bottles anymore!

I would try cleaning it one more time. My thought is that it probably soaked in deep and needs to be cleaned again. Ask them to use a deodorizer on it this time. That might help.

I once had this happen with a sippy cup in the middle of a hot hot summer! YUCK! I used the Febreeze Air freshner on the carper. Not the regular fabric refresher, the one for the air. Sounds crazy but it worked like a charm!!

Rewet the spot cover it with 3or4 boxes of baking soda let it dry for days. vacuum it up and repeat the process 2 more times. This will absorb the smell and any left over stuff in the rug. Do this also in your haome for carpet spills. If its a stain I clean the area as good as I canwet it down and appl the baking soda it not only absorbs the smell it draws the stain up too. Be very generous when you apply it. good luck

My now 3 year old was a bottle/sippy cup thrower and sometimes she would throw it and I wouldn't find it until it had leaked all over the place, so I feel your pain. My M. suggested pouring club soda all over it - soaking it like crazy. I bought a 2 liter of it and just soaked the areas where the spill was and let it sit for a while. Later I went back and wet vac'd it up. It really works and it is cheap!!!

Good luck!

Nature's Miracle worked when this happened to me. You can buy it at Petsmart.

I would try sprinkling a lot of baking soda on it. It should absorb the smell. After a few days, open all the windows and let it air out outside. Hope that helps.

I had the same thing happen but it I didn't clean it up as quickly as you and when the weather warmed up wow! I tried everything. Lastly I poured half a bottle of febreeze on the spot and the smell went away.

If you had a professional clean it and it is not clean, go back to them. I assume you paid them and you paid for it to be like before, and it's not. He should have something else he could try, or he could repeat what he did before.

Good luck!

Try putting a pie pan of charcoal in the van overnight and letting it absorb the odor. .charcoal really works on bad odors.

Same thing happened to me (only 3 days after I'd had the whole van detailed.) Since I didn't want to go back and have everything shampooed again, I poured 2 boxes of banking soda over everything, waited a day, and vacummed it all out. Worked great!

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