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Snacks for 10 Month Old

I have a 10 month old daughter who is eating mainly table food. I am looking for some ideas on snack foods for her that I can take to daycare. Right now for afternoon snack she is eating yobaby yogurt and cheerios but I wanted to offer her some other healthy snacks that are easy to take with us.

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fyi; Go on the gerber website and click on the promotions. There is a form you can print to send in upc labels from Gerber Graduate products and get a great coupon booklet. They also have other coupons you can download.

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I gave my kids canned fruit drained and put in a container, crackers with cheese, fresh cut up fruit like peaches, grapes cut in half, strawberries. I also got those rice cakes my kids loved the little ones. I also would give them rice chex other cereals like that, dried fruit. At the mother's morning out i sometimes sub at I see little ones with many kinds of snacks I never thought of I've seen mom's send in hummus with little toast crackers, small containers of alphabet noodles with peas and carrots, those jarred little hot dogs for babies by gerber, some moms make those mini muffins at home, I've also see kids with french toast stix's as a snack, pancakes mom's have made at home little silver dollar ones to eat with yogurt. I guess it's all in what your little one likes I have noticed that kids like different colors and change or else they are attracted to the other kids snacks. (it's funny just like adults sometimes someones else's food looks better).

Rice Cakes, Grapes cut in fourths, gerber pears, apples in the jars.

Gerber Graduates has an excellent line of snacks for toddlers! Meat sticks, fruit and veggie puffs,fruit stips, even jarred fruit. Of course its Gerber so they were very aware of the needs for your baby, I love them because they were the one thing I didnt have to be paranoid about them choking on.

For veggies you could blanch (boil them for just a minute then put them into an ice bath to stop the cooking process)them to make them soft and easier for a 10 month old. Or you could have fruit or veggies in one of the net feeder that you can find at Babies R Us (let me know if you don't know about these and I will send more info). Then your child will get good fruits and veggies but be safe feeding. Frozen fruits in those feeders work great during teething also. The other snack I would recommend is called "booty" in different varieties - Pirate Booty (cheese), Veggie Booty (spinach, kale and cheese), Fruity Booty. Some can be found at Publix and at Whole Foods or Trader Joes. But the are a more natural snack. You can read the ingredient list and know what everything is (rice flour, cheese, spinach, etc depending on the flavor). In the Eat Smart brand there is a Ched-Air snack which is the same as the Pirate Booty but is usually a better price. The Gerber or Earths Best snack are all good - puffs, wagon wheels (broken into smaller pieces), granola bars, dried fruits and veggies, etc and you can find them all in your grocery store or Babies R Us. If you have any questions please let me know! I hope this helps!

Hi A.
I gave my daughter puffs (by gerber) They are the best. They come in fruit or veggie. I also would give her a carrot or celery stick to chew on. This also helped with teething. And like you I gave her cheerios too. Goldfish probably isn't the most healthy snack but my daughter loves them!

Depending on teeth etc cut up apples and pears are good or if that is too advanced apple sauce or pear sauce is great (you can make it yourself or buy it pre-done).

My 11 month old likes blueberries and raisins but I just read where raisins are a choking hazard so be careful.

Another vote for Gerber Puffs. Parents choice are good too and come in other flavors. We also like the freeze dried fruit bits (both of those companies sell these also). Bananas work well for us too. We also love the no sugar added applesauces - you can get with other fruits mixed in too like blueberries. DD also likes cheese so that works as well. We just started goldfish as well and I was surpised that they are actually quite good - no trans fat at all or HFCS.

I am also a big fan of the gerber puffs that are already mentioned. Another thing that I loved with my son and I got it at BabiesRUs is a little strainer that the baby can hold in their hand like a teething ring and you can put fruit in it. That way they get to taste and enjoy healthy snacks without risk of choking on them. My best friend and I are both nurses and loved them. Would recommend them to anyone. I also put cooked squash, carrots, green beans in it and my baby loved to chew on it. It looked like a little net but the holes let some food through but the baby could not open the strainer part. Best of luck.

My daughter is 11 months and if you don't mind spending the little money, I gave her the Graduates for Toddlers, Yogurt Melts (they're new)and also from Gerber Fruit and Veggie dices, fruit strips, cookies/crackers.
They're really good and my daughter loves them.

Quaker rice snacks that are flavored with Apple/Cinnamon, etc. They disolve pretty well. They are small and easy to handle.

I also love the star puffs by gerber. They are great and my little one loves them. Another thing is Earths best organic crunchin crackers. You can find them in the health food section of your grocery store(I get mine at Food Lion). They are crackers shaped like big bird, Elmo etc. My little one loves them, and they are packed full of vitamens.

the little prepackaged cheese snacks are good. Cheese doesn't have to be refrigerated for the short term, especially those that are packaged. Fruit, of course, is always good, too.

fyi; Go on the gerber website and click on the promotions. There is a form you can print to send in upc labels from Gerber Graduate products and get a great coupon booklet. They also have other coupons you can download.

I give my daughter nutirition bars. She loves them. If you are really health conscious, get the ones from the organic section that do not have high fructose corn syrup in them. Oatmeal bars are good too. All can be found in the cereal isle.

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