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Shoes for Tiptoe Walker

My daughter is 14 months old and she is a tiptoe walker. What shoes should I buy that will last longer? First I bought Robeez, but after 2 days, they already had a hole on the big toe.

Actually when she is at home, she is fine. When we go out I hold her hand (she is still not able to walk independently), she is trying to walk too fast, so that is the only time that she walks on tiptoe.

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Thank you, everyone for responding! Today we went and got a pair of Stride Rite shoes that the tips of each shoe is actually made from rubber instead leather. I really hope this would help, and I'll share this with her pediatrician on the next visit. Thank you again.

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I would be more worried about the tip toe walking rather than the shoes, she may need therapy to help her walk, try hard bottom white high top shoes.

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You need to ask the Pediatrician, about her tip-toeing.

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I would be more worried about the tip toe walking rather than the shoes, she may need therapy to help her walk, try hard bottom white high top shoes.

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Stride Rites have rubber toe covers on some of their shoes.

Many kids walk on their tiptoes at that age, and also when they start running, but you should still mention it to your daughter's pediatrician.

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Has your pediatrician said anything about her walking on her toes? My sister's 14 month old was sent to a physical therapist at 12 months old, for tip toe walking. They found he has a very tight Achilles tendon, that has to be worked on to fix his walking. After just two months, it's so much better. In the mean time, you might opt for a little harder (but still flexible) sole. I know Stride Right has great early walker shoes, that have a harder sole, that's still very flexible. It would take her a while to walk through those.

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Tip toe walking could be a sign of a tight achelies tendon. She needs hard bottomed shoes that don't flex or bend easily. You also need to remind her to walk flat footed as well. If it's because you are walking too fast for her, slow down.

Hi there-I'm a pediatric PT. So you are saying that when your daughter is cruising or walking w/a push toy she isn't toe walking. The reasons that the PP stated below can be reasons for toy walking but it doesn't sound like that is the kind of toe walking you are referring to. I would recommend getting her a supportive pair of sneakers(they don't have to be expensive-Payless has a great line). Hope that helps!

IS she getting OT services for the toe walking? If not that would help and they can also giv eyo ushoues out of their catalogs that help this.
Call your local earl childhood intervention center and get her some free threapy.

Have you tried losing the shoes? Let her learn to walk barefoot so her muscles can develop before they're encased in shoes for the rest of her life.

Try Pedipeds...pedipeds.com I think. I find them very durable.

See your doctor. My neice is 5 and lasy year she had to get casts for a few weeks and then wear braces to get her to stop walking on her toes. That thought it was corrected and she stopped wearing the braces and now starting doing it again and is back in braces. Since she is just walking maybe you can correct it now and not have to go through all that.

well since its not all the time it may be nothing but i have a friend that is a chiropractor and explained how that behavior is a sign of something more structural and a good chiro can easily fix that. You are not far from Palatine and may benefit from a great chiropractor for your child.

Hands on Family Health
37 South Northwest Highway
Palatine, IL 60074

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