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16 Month Old Walking on Her Tip Toes All the Time

I have a 16 month old and she walks on her tip toes all the time except when she is wearing her shoes (guess it is hard to tip toe with shoes on).
I want to know if that is normal.
The reason that I ask is that someone told me that is a sign of autism.
I don't know if that is true or not. She seems to be a very loving, calm, and VERY bright child.

What can I do next?

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My daughter is now 3 and walked on her toes all the time at that age. I asked her doctors about this and they were not too concerned. They said it was pretty normal. She still walks on her tippy toes from time to time, but for the most part she walks flat footed. Don't worry, she will probably grow out of this habit.

I would have to say its normal. Both of my little brothers and my little girl did that to. My youngest bro is 18 now and I think he still does it sometimes. None of them are autistic.

I have a friend and her grandaughter has walked on her tip toes since the day that she started walking. There isn't any sign of Autism and she is a well rounded extremely bright 1st grader working above her grade level in a few subjects.

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I have a friend and her grandaughter has walked on her tip toes since the day that she started walking. There isn't any sign of Autism and she is a well rounded extremely bright 1st grader working above her grade level in a few subjects.

Not neccesarily autism, but it can signal a neurological condition. I have a son with a movement disorder, and the tiptoe walking was one of the first signs that he had this condition. My youngest tiptoe walked too, and he is fine. I would suggest you make an appointment with a dev. specialist to rule out anything, if you have any concerns. Good luck!

I do know someone whose son has autism, and this was one of the early signs the doctor saw. I've read that if your child is walking on their tiptoes, you should alert your doctor. However, not sure it is always the case, especially if that is the only sign.

I walked on my tip toes until I was in high school! I am now a very normal 30 year old. No one really knows why I did it, it was just something I grew out of.

My oldest daughter (who's 7 yrs old) walked on her toes ALL the time and still does from time to time. She is very bright and definitely not autistic. I think some children just do this. I'm not sure about the autism thing for your daughter. If you are concerned about that, you should check with your dr. Good luck!

My nephew will be 3 in April and he still walks on his tip toes when he doesn't have on shoes. Don't worry they'll outgrow it eventually. He is a brilliant child, no worries.

We have some friends whose son did this. He is NOT autistic though. They watched him for several years--all the while attempting to teach him to walk normally. The pediatrician referred them to a specialist. Turned out he did have a problem with some of the ligaments in his ankle. He had surgery and within weeks, was running, walking (mostly running!!!!) and jumping like a normal boy would. Today, three years later, you would never know there was a problem with his feet, unless you look very very carefully to see his surgery scars---they are very very little!

So all that to say......there is hope out there.....and this is the first I have heard of autism associated with walking on the toes.

S. :)

Congratulations on your FREDOM!

Walking on toes is an issue im dealing with right now! My 9 month old neice is living with us and i noticed she kept her toes pointed all the time. Even if it could be a sign of a neurological disorder, i wouldn't get worried just yet. It could just be that the muscle or ligamet is growing slower then he leg. Our doctor has us use work on streeching the muscle and The aquilise(spelling) tendon everyday everyday. We are careful not to hurt her but the muscle is getting looser and her fett sre looking better. We do it with massage and through play. She really loves the intense one on one time.. I like it too. I have also known other people who have the same problem. My friends grandaughter is nine and still walks on her toes when barefoot. the doctor has them working on streeching the muscle and tendon. he thinks that hers probably hurts to keep her feet flat. They also keep her in the same type of shoes everyday. Don't borrow trouble and get worried until you have discussed this with her doctor. It could just be stiff muscles and a short tendon.

Ill keep your familly in my prayers

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