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Seeking Help with a Scalded Butt from Too Much Diarrhea

Help! My 6 month old granddaughter just got out of the hospital after a terrible bout of stomach flu. She lost 1.3 lbs in 24 hrs. Now that she is better, she has the worst butt scald all over her bum. We were changing diapers v=every 20 min or so, so it's not that she layed in it very long. We have tried Desitin and Boudreaus's Butt Paste but nothing helps. We can hardly touch her when we hold her. Any ideas,Moms and Grandmoms?

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Wow! I never knew there were so many remedies for diaper rash! Thank you moms and grandmoms! We tried a variety of your suggestions and finally her poor bum got better. Whoever said that we wish we could be sick instead of our little ones really hit the nail on the head. My daughter was 4 before she caught a stomach bug. Having a little baby heaving and having the runs just about put Grandma in the nut house! LOL Thank you again for all the suggestions!

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A generous sprinkling of baking soda in the bath water is what I used when my son was little and I have told several friends about it. It works really well and you can let her soak in it a few times a day and it should help soothe it and help it heal. Good luck, my son always got these kinds of rashes while on antibiotics because he would get diarrhea from them.

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There is an over the counter topical cream paste that you can buy that is perfect in situations such as this. It is called Calmoseptine. You would have to ask the pharmasist if they have it behind they counter (that's where they keep it). If they don't have it they can order it. It is the BEST stuff. They actually use it for sensitive g-tube's and other relief (special needs situations). Anyway, I swear by the stuff. It has a cooling effect and works a million times better than any other topical cream I have ever seen.

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At 63, I have been out of the game for quite a while, but when my 5 kids were infants, there was a product called Balmex that worked geeat. It is still available, but it may be that now there is more than one formula. Since the one we used was white in color, I am thinking it would be the one with zinc oxide, but other formulas might work as well. Hugs to you sore little one.

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the only thing that works on my daughter is dr smiths. sometimes you have to get it at the pharmacy counter (places like target). my daughter battles yeast infections that leave her looking like she has been burned - all puffy and red. i also would wash her off in the sink every time i would change a poopy diaper and sometimes in between when she was red to wipe the acid from the pee off her. my dr told me to wipe her every diaper change, even if no poop and let her air dry out a bit then use the dr smiths.

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This is probably belated advice, but my baby had a problem with butt rash because of the milk she was drinking and a daycare that wasn't changing her regularly enough. At any rate, the doctor prescribed Cholestyramine which worked wonderfully. My baby's butt was too raw to touch and I had to beg the doctor's office to give me something and the Cholestyramine really helped ease her discomfort.


I've also read a lot about a prescription ointment called Vusion, but my doctor insists that Cholestyramine is even better.

Hope you've already resolved your issues though!

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This just happened to my little baby girl & we used plain old corn starch instead of powder. There is baby powder with corn starch, but it's not the same. Go to your kitchen pantry & get the box of corn starch. It worked wonders!! Good luck, hope your granddaughter gets well soon!
God bless -
H. B

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Sounds like you should call the nurse who released your granddaughter from the hospital. They are supposed to give you follow up instructions.

What has worked for me, though I haven't dealt with this severe of a case, is 1) leave off the diapers as much as possible and 2) try a product called Aquaphor (thickly applied), available at most grocery stores or Walgreens type of store.

This will be a tough next few days. I hope the best for you and yours.


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My cousin had to deal with something similar with his daughter. Their doctor told them to clean her bottom with water not wipes let it air dry then but ointment and powder on. It creates a better layer of protection. I am so sorry she is dealing with this. I would let her air out as much as possible.

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I had the same thing when my daughter was about this age. We set up a changing station in the kitchen (I know this sounds gross!). She couldn't bear to be touched, so we would put her over the sink and use the vegetable sprayer to clean her. Then we plugged in a hair dryer and would give her a gentle blow dry on the lowest setting until she was good and dry. Then we bought the foaming desitin that is kind of a mousse and would spray that on her. She did heal up in a few days... the first 24 hours were the worst!

Good luck!!!

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foot powder... i have six kids and you should leave now for walmart... good luck... oh and no milk of course.. but you knew that im sure...

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This may sound crazy, but mix up the following 3 things & use it everytime you change her diaper: in a container mix Aquafor (you can find it at any pharmacy OTC), Regular Maalox, & either Beaudreax's Butt Paste or Desitin. It works!!! The Maalox protects the bottom from anything acidic. My cousin is a physician assistant & when she did her pediatrics rotation she found that this is the mixture they used in her hospital. We've used it on my son & the problem was solved in a day or two.

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Sorry to hear that. Try Dr. Smiths Ointment. It is sold at HEB and some Walmarts.. It has worked really good with both of my boys. Infact, that is the only one I have used in the last 4 years.. Try to keep her diaper off as much as possible. I know that is hard due to the fact she is only 6 months old. But open to air will also help greatly... Good luck.

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There is an over the counter topical cream paste that you can buy that is perfect in situations such as this. It is called Calmoseptine. You would have to ask the pharmasist if they have it behind they counter (that's where they keep it). If they don't have it they can order it. It is the BEST stuff. They actually use it for sensitive g-tube's and other relief (special needs situations). Anyway, I swear by the stuff. It has a cooling effect and works a million times better than any other topical cream I have ever seen.

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A generous sprinkling of baking soda in the bath water is what I used when my son was little and I have told several friends about it. It works really well and you can let her soak in it a few times a day and it should help soothe it and help it heal. Good luck, my son always got these kinds of rashes while on antibiotics because he would get diarrhea from them.

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This is so horrible for them, this has happened to my son a few times. If she is on baby food I would limit if not take away fruit for a little while and no juice. When you bathe her I would only use cool water and no soap. Take her outside and let her air out. A & d work really well for my son and he acts like it does not sting when I put it on. Balmex is my favorite cream.

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1) Boudreaux's Butt Paste for the bottom.

2) Jarrow's Baby-Dophilus for the tummy. She needs her intestinal tract set back right, and our pediatrician recommended this. You can get it in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods or another health food store and you mix it with juice/milk. Designed for babies. This was the only way we could get my oldest son over a diaper rash that he got from antibiotics (so red we couldn't touch him...could only put him in bath to wash him off poor kid. Nightmare). This will speed recovery of the whole system.

Good luck.

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At 63, I have been out of the game for quite a while, but when my 5 kids were infants, there was a product called Balmex that worked geeat. It is still available, but it may be that now there is more than one formula. Since the one we used was white in color, I am thinking it would be the one with zinc oxide, but other formulas might work as well. Hugs to you sore little one.

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When my twin girls were little (they're 17 now), everytime they were teething they would get a burn like you describe. We tried EVERYTHING--and wouldn't you know that good ole vaseline worked like a dream. Inexpensive and great! Cake it on and good luck.

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Dr. Smith's diaper ointment. Comes in a jar at HEB. It really worked for all of our 4 kiddos when they were babies. Even after one application, we always saw improvement. Good luck, I know it's heartbreaking for you to see in such discomfort. I'll say a prayer for her.

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You might also try switching to clorine free diapers as well as using mild wipes such as Earth's Best or Seventh Generation. I have only found them at Baby's R US and Whole Foods. My little one had a diaper rash and as soon as I stopped using pampers it got better. I was also putting Burts Bees Diaper Cream on her. I know her rash doesn't compare to what your little granddaughter is going through but it might help. Poor thing. Give her a big hug from all of us moms out here!

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Try letting her lie naked in a mildly sunny window. You can put pads under her to catch urine. That worked for us years ago.

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We had this problem a couple of times w/my oldest son. I know it doesn't sound ideal, but letting it air it will help it a lot. We also used a product called bag balm. It comes in a green tin, smells kind of funky, can be found at pharmacys(you may have to ask the pharmacist where they have it, or if they know where you can find it).
Good luck!

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Keep up with all the love she is gonna need it. When my kids got really bad I laid then on the floor with a blanket and garbage bag under them. I had to wash alot of blankets, but it seemed to give their little bums time to feel better. We also do a thick coating of straight vasaline since it seems anything else just inflamed it. When it got really bad we used neosporine with the pain in it.

Good luck.

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L., this is what worked wonders for us. Shaklee Basic H and A & D Ointment which is not a Shaklee product. Here is what I did when our grandson was little and had the problem your little one is having. At each diaper change, I sat him in a basin of tepid water with a few drops of Basic H in it and made sure all of the creases were clean, patted him dry and coated all the redness with A & D ointment which I like much better than Desitin. The A & D is vasoline based and will really coat well so that urine doesn't touch the tender skin and burn. Basic H has to be ordered from Shaklee or a distributor. I have three bottles on hand and will be glad to give one of them to you if you respond to this email. Drugstores have the A & D. Basic H is not made for bathing but it is all natural and I can give you names of hundreds of people who use it for their children as well as themselves. The one bottle will last a long, long time because you just use drops.

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My son used to get this all of the time from certain foods or medications. It is so painful for them. My grandmother helped me by giving me an old home remedy and I sware by it. Take one cup of corn starch and mix it to a heaping table spoon of boric acid (this might be hard to find but can be ordered off internet). Mix them well together. My grandmother put it in a body powder dish (make sure well cleaned out from the perfumes) and then put it on the baby every hour or change. This keeps her dry and eases the burning. It worked like a charm.

i had almost the same problem with my son and I used the diaperless method as mentioned already. I would wash his bottom everytime he went potty. I used his baby wash and dried it really well. Then I applied his diaper ointment and left him bear. Since he was too small to crawl, I layed him on his belly on the bed with the ceiling fan on (i did put the pad under him). It does need to be exposed so it can heal faster. It is a pain to wash after everytime he pottied but urine would burn him so i made sure to keep him as clean as possible. Best of Luck!

We have had this same problem in the past. Try using Neosporan plus - it ihas a mild topical pain reliver and makes a good coating to keep from more getting on. You can mix it with balmex or A&D or whatever other diaper paste you already have.

Hi L., my son gets really bad diaper rashes, the only thing that helps him is DR.SMITH'S diaper ointment, (I can only find it at Walgreens) and MONISTAT, I know it sounds crazy but it works. When you change the diapr put a thin layer of Monistat then put a thick layer of the Dr. Smith and you should notice a big change in her by the next diaper change, but keep in mind that what might work for one may not work for another. Hope it helps you, GOOD LUCK!!

Triple paste is the BEST! It works fast and doesn't burn.
Good luck! Sorry to hear this!


It helped my daughter when nothing else did - not even prescription butt creams.

Good luck!


Call her doctor and ask for a perscription. My son would get bad and after we received a perscription from the doctor it works wonders on him.

Hi L., I know it is difficult to watch the baby go through this. I went through the same with my youngest around that age. It could be a yeast infection, the doctors would not believe me when I bought it to their attention. Get a antifungal ointment,apply it to a non stick gauze pad & place on the baby.. My daughter still has scars from it.. she is now 5yrs.. Good Luck!

First, do not use wipes. Instead, use wet paper towels. This will help to keep her bottom from stinging.

Second, be sure to get some prescribed diaper rash cream from your dr. When it is that bad, over the counter stuff does not work.

Also, you can put cornstarch in her diaper to help absorb the moisture or what I have done in the past and I got this out of a baby book, I put white crisco on her bottom to repel the moisture.

Another thing I do, I allow her bottom to soak in the bathtub 2 to 3 times a day. It will giver her some comfort.

I just went through this a week ago again. My daughter has had it twice in her life where just seemed really bad.

We have 3 adults kids and 5 grandbabies.. We always used corn starch to keep the area dry as possible. Be careful using the baby wipes, too as they often have alcohol and irritants in them. We used toilet paper to wipe them clean. If needed, a quick dip in the kitchen sink in warm water and a soft towel to dry them off and put the corn starch on the bottom and wait until the next wet diaper.. for a long time we used Desitin, too, and then went to the corn starch. My DIL is a baby nurse and she wiped my grandson down with a wipe after EACH diaper including just the wet ones.. Jax has never had a diaper rash! Much luck!

Dr. Smith's is the BEST cream I have ever used!! Some of the other ones will burn them, but Dr. Smith's does not! Try it ~ We love it!!
Best of luck.. =)

My son had that problem recently, and Witch hazel pads seemed to really help (like people use for hemeroids).

Try Dr Smith ointment....It's the best. It worked for me when my children were on diapers. You can get it over the counter. It's a little pricey but worth getting.

Good luck,

L.,we use lanolin. The kind used on sore breast after breastfeeding. Good Luck!!


YES! She was most likely on a strong course of antibiotics. Get some antifungal - usually in the foot care section. Wal Mart's house brand (Equate) of chlortrimizol does the trick beautifully, and quickly. You'll be shocked at the fast improvement.

Best of luck, for a rash free bum!

Have you tried ice packs or ice pads? I believe they make flat pads you put in the freezer for medical purposes, like reduce swelling, etc. I believe I've seen them advertised. You may want to ck in the pharmacy area of walmart or even just the pharmacy. Ice usually makes the sting go away. It may be uncomfortable for her but ice usually sooths or even 'frozen' washcloths would help. Wet the washcloth & wring out lightly (til it's not drippy) but not completely wrung out, then place in freezer til well chilled or even frozen but well chilled would be less 'sting-ey' on her bottom. You might just try letting her lay naked on her tummy w/the cold cloth on the backside & change it out once it gets 'warm'. Fanning the bottom after the cool cloth is applied may help too. Letting it lay there then picking it up & fanning her bare bottom lightly w/the cool cloth. The cool air makes it feel better too. You can also probably fix them to where they can be placed in the diaper. True, they may get messed on or wet on but if it helps it'd be worth it. Make sure the cloths are soft though or at least the smoothest part goes next to the skin b/c the 'rough' side (terry cloth side) usually makes the sting hurt worse if it's not soft. (kinda like the feel you get when you hang-dry clothes, usually rough & stiff as opposed to soft & supple from dryer sheets or softner in the wash and/or dryer). You might also consider cloth diapers for a little while til this clears up, they usually breathe better than disposeables. Usually the thing about using creams is that sometimes they 'hold the burn' in rather than clearing it up. Good luck!!

I hold a few witch hazel pads against my daughter's skin, or have her hold them. We keep them on for several minutes and they really really help.

Go to the pharmacy and ask for "Calmoseptine".... I have worked in a pediatric ICU and had patients who had severe "rashes" from diarrhea. The Calmoseptine is over the counter, but you have to ask for it. Also, when u clean her, use a soft cloth, pat her dry, and then rub the Calmoseptine in... It smells like formaldehyde, but it isn't! It works great and I love it~~ God bless you and your baby, and have a great Easter... HE IS RISEN!!

my mom would always put oatmeal in a sock, tie a knot in it and then put in a warm bath and let us soak in it! I use Balmex when my daughter gets a rash however i can't say she has ever had it real bad! But i would try a combination of both!

Comfrey & Calendula salve has been great for the people I know who have used it. I can order so it you are interested, my # is ###-###-####.
A little about me: I'm an about to be grandmother who is in the holistic field of health

You can put a skin cream on it and then powder it. Just put cloth diapers on her or when it is nice outside, put her in a play pin and let her lay with no diaper. Let air over it. Believe me. I have been there....and delt with 3 staff infections in that area. You don't want those!

In one word PENATEN. German product that I have sent to me from Canada but am told you can get it here. You will never use Desitin again. It works fast.

My son had the worse diaper rashes, and he got Roto virus 3 times from day care!!
our doctor suggested Lactobacillius granules (you can get them at CVS and also HEB from the pharmacy. Also, Peoples Pharmacy has probiotics too. When they are little like that and have diarrhea real bad, it can totally throw off the balance of bacteria in their guts. Mixing some probiotic in their bottle or with some apple sauce or even add some to their baby yogurt will re-balance their "flora" in their gut and will not only help heal the rash, but prevent it from turning into a yeast infection and also stop the diarrhea!!!!! I am telling you this works so fast!! Also, if you do go to peoples pharmacy, they sell the probiotics in a jar instead of tiny packets and you can mix it in the palm of your hand with some (homeopathic) hydrocordizone (you can get than there too) and make a paste and put it on their bum and it makes the rash, swelling and redness go away in a couple hours. After that, make sure that she is supper dry before you put on the next diaper and try some good old fashioned vaseline. No scents, chemicals, alcohol, just grease for the butt!!! works great!

If all of the other suggestions don't work, the MD can write you a prescription for stronger medications for diaper rash (My doctor did it for us when my son had a really bad diaper rash).

My heart goes out to your little granddaughter. Here's a few tips I can share. At least for the first day or two (until you start to see improvement), check her diaper every 5-10 minutes. I know that's pretty labor-intensive; however, it's only a temporary so perhaps you can look at it that way. Also, make sure not to wipe it w/ a regular baby wipe. Instead, just use tepid (lukewarm) water on a papertowel and then pat the area dry or blow on it until the reddened areas are completely dry. Then you can try putting 100% pure vitamin E oil on it. You can usually find it at GNC stores. Make sure that there is no other ingredient listed besides Vitamin E oil. It comes in a small roll-on type container. This has been wonderful for our child's diaper rashes and cuts and bruises. Virtually no scars and helps his skin heal faster.
Dare I say it but you might even try allowing your child to be diaper-free for 5-10 minutes at a time. Letting the cool air get to it will allow the skin to feel better and lessen the time it's not getting air to dry out naturally.

Hope this helps,

WOw. I haven't dealt with diaper rash that severe, but I use a naturally derived, organic ointment called Grandma El's. It has lanolin, which is very healing, along with Vitamin E and salycilic acid which both promote new cell growth of skin. It's very good because it provides a barrier to the moisture, keeping new urine and feces from irritating the rash, but the barrier is breathable,which you won't find in any other barrier type cream. This really helps the skin to breathe and heal, while still protecting it. It's also safe for cloth diapers, which is why I got it in the first place! It's available online. It really is better than using Vaseline or other barrier type things, because it is breathable, while they are not.

Even for very mild rashes, Boudreaux's never worked for us. Dr Smith's is one that worked for us (but it's not naturally derived nor organic). It doesn't have all the parabens that Desitin has, yet is still very effective. You can get it at Target (though you have to ask for it).

I think avoiding baby wipes is a good idea. just use water if you need. The chemicals in wipes will just irritate her little bottom. I would let her be diaper-less as much as possible in order to promote healing.

Good luck!

Try Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment, now available at Walmart. Good stuff for adult rashes too.

I can't say enough about Dr. Smith's. Awesome. Quick. The idea to use water instead of alcohol-based wipes is also something to consider. Poor baby!

When my son has a sore booty and it looks almost like open wounds, we put Neosporin on it. It should protect and heal...

My daugther had continous rashes that we treated with Destin and other O.T.C. pastes and nothing worked. She was so tender and raw sometimes blood would wipe away. SO I went to her doctor and it wasn't a "diaper" rash it was a yeast infection from her previous diaper rashes. The doctor prescribed some anti-fungal cream and within 2 hours of the first use her bottom was almost completely cleared. I just went and found the tube and it is called Vusion the break down of ingredients is 0.25%Miconazole nitrate, 15% zinc oxide, & 81.35% white petrolatum. At least that is what it says on the tube under the name. So ask the baby's doctor about it and then remember that if the diaper or clothes are snug on the baby the skin can't breathe to heal. I used to have one doctor tell us to let my oldest daughter run around outside in cotton panties so when she would potty it was outside (daughter wasn't old enough yet for potty training) to help her not get so many diaper rashes. But definitely discuss with her doctor because if it is not responding to Destin or the butt paste it is probably something other than "diaper" rash.

She may have a yeast infection on her rear. Get some plain yogurt and live acidolphalus. You can ask for that in the pharmacy, it's over the counter. Crush up the pills and mix with the yogurt and apply to her bottom at every change. Just slather a good bit on. It'll be soothing to her and heal her rear fast. And give her baths in oatmeal. About a cup of plain oatmeal for a bathtub. I use a strainer under the water, or a sock.

Good luck!

Pharmacist told me mix tenactin and hydrocortizone when my oldest was a baby and very sick. Cleared it up in literally just hours- and she had blisters. Apply liberally. You cannot use too much. We used the Walgreen's brands.

I would recommend trying AQUAPHOR. It is sold at Target and at Walmart. Sometimes it is in the pharmacy with other baby products and sometimes you can find it in the infant department where they sell clothes. It is kind of pricy, but I think that you will see results fast. It is not only for diaper rash, but you can use it on all parts of the body with irriated skin. I use it on my nephew that likes to lick his lips. I apply it before bed, and in the morning, there is no sign of redness or cracking of his lips or skin.
Best of luck!

Bless her heart....You have already been given excellent advice. I would also suggest to not use baby wipes till it is all cleared up. My daughter once had a bad burn like that after an illness and we used just warm water to wipe her bottom and a hair dryer set on cool to dry her off. Then we used diaper meds very thickly on her.. We would tried to let her stay without the diaper as much as possible. At night I set my alarm to get up and change her even though she was sleeping through the night, I just did it in the dark she really did not wake up while I did this....

Let her go diaperless as much as possible. Lay her on her belly on a nonabsorbent mat covered with a towel and let her air dry so to speak. Also, you may want to feed her some constipating foods to slow her bowels to give her little booty a rest.

Hope this helps!

My son had a major case of "monkey butt" from stomach virus. My Grandmother told me to put put the diaper rash medicine on his rear and put him on a blanket in front of a fan. We sat there for 15 minutes reading books while the air helped the skin absorb the medicine. It started to feel better for him. I did it two times a day. I loaded his rear with vaseline before bed to protect his healing skin during the night. Do not use hot water of any sort. Warm or tepid water should be used to clean the skin as hot water will dry the skin creating another problem. Good luck with your wee one. CB

When my son had that happen to him I ended up having to get a prescription from the Dr. b/c nothing seemed to help. Also, try aquaphor cream.

Our son had a stomach bug not too long ago and it broke my heart everytime I had to change him because he was so raw and his skin was peeling. What we ended up doing for him was we stopped using wipes, just put him in the tub and rinsed him off, and put Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment on him...it's a little pricey but it made a HUGE difference on him from one day to the next. We usually use Dr Smith's which is great too but for some reason it just didn't work for us this time. Burt's Bees Diaper ointment is 94% all natural and it's very gentle and soothing...you can find it at Target and at some HEBs and I think CVS pharmacys have it also. Hope that helps and I pray that she feels better soon!

try crisco shortening, i did not beleive it either but i guarnatee you it worked on our granddaughters behind, just like any paste spread on her butt, it will work. we got this out of a book by Joey Green AMAZING KITCHEN CURES, seriously we did not beleive it did not have to spend any money on crisco shortening.

As pp have said-Dr. Smith's works wonders. You should see an improvement overnight. If not, I would call the doc.

I didn't read all the responses so if no has mentioned Perscription Vusion you NEED to try that. It is a miracle diaper rash cream. Whenever my daughter gets diaper rash I use the Vusion for ONE day and the next day it is GONE. I hope this helps the poor baby. I think we suffer so much when our little ones are hurting. We wish I could be us instead of them, good luck.

Bag Balm get at Walmart in pharmacy in a green can.

Hi L.,
I chop up a clove of fresh garlic. Boil in about a cup of water for 5-10mins. Strain, let cool. Store in a glass or plastic container with a lid. Put cotton balls soaked in the garlic water to clean her whole diaper area. The garlic will combat a yeast infection. It Does Not burn the skin even if it is broken or weeping. The baby may cry because her bottom hurts, but the garlic water won't. Let the area air dry. You should see improvement the first day. Make a new batch of garlic water each day since there are no preservatives, it will spoil. Wipe her down with the garlic water even if she does not poop.
I've used this for years. If no improvement in 24 hrs. you may need a prescription.

Poor Baby! My daughter had a bout with the runs after a bad reaction to an antibiotic. Her little bum was sooo irritated it was practically raw. We couldn't hold her and every time we changed her, the pain was unbearable..for both of us. I bought everything on the pharmacy counter..nothing was helping.
LANTISEPTIC cream to the rescue...My sister in law is a nurse, and they use this on diabetic patients, patients who have raw skin, etc.. Look for it in Pharmacy's diabetic section...It's thick, gooey...and IT WORKS! Best of luck!!

Looks as if, you have gotten some good product advise as for what to apply, I used cornstarch & Vaseline, i covered it in vaseline & then sprinkled corn starch pretty heavy over it. I agree no wipies, just rinse her off under water & pat dry.
Honestly with my older kids I used Balmex,in my opinion it is the BEST I've ever used, but I haven't been able to find it. (if you find it let me know where)
One suggestion is buy some yogurt mix it with water or her milk or even better, feed it to her. That will work from the inside. It helps heal up diaper rashes from yeast infections. & puts the antibodies back in the body. My 17 month old drinks yogurt in his milk everyday. I mix it 1/4 yogurt the rest milk. I buy the big containers of yoplait creamy peach & creamy strawberry & the walmart brand vanilla. The vanilla would probably be best as raw as her bottom is.
Good luck!

Hi L.
Try cornstarch- it drys up most infections and burns like that very quickly- and if possible, after she wets- try tolet her go "bare skinned" for about 30 minutes if you can.
Good luck and blessings

Mrs. or Dr. Smith's ointment. It's thick and white and clears up even raw skin quick. My son had the most sensitive skin and anything acidic would nearly take his skin off when he soiled his diaper. This stuff was magic.

Any cream or ointment you use will be helped if you use the hair dryer to thoroughly dry her off after washing. I didn't have to use rash cream for almost an entire year when my baby was born since I dried her well with each change. It also may help sooth her.

Hi L., I have 3 children and all of them have had this problem after having a bout of diarrhea. The reason it is not cleared could be because it is actually a yeast infection. When the child has diarrhea the beneficial bacteria in the GI tract gets depleted and they can then get a yeast infection on the skin. It looks kind of like blisters. I have used over the counter lotrimin cream and it works well. If you are unsure about what to do then go to the pediatrician and they can prescibe a cream for you.

Good luck.

Looks like you've gotton a lot of responses already. I would avoid powder on a little girl. In studies it's shown that little girls who had powder in their diapers has numerous yeast infections and in some cases led to P.I.D. when they were older. I would try using A&D ointment the yellowish stuff not the white. The white has zinc oxide as the main ingrediant and that tends to sting broken behinds. I would also try putting a tiny amount of epsom salt in her bath to help ease some of the pain and discomfort. I would also suggest using some dermaplast on her rear (try not to really get it into her genitals) it uses lidocaine topically and helps decrease the pain, and it has antibacterial agents in it. It comes in a spray can (red) and can be found at walmart or any other pharmacy.

Sounds funny, but you should try Corona Small Animal Ointment. You can find it at the local feedstore. My son is very allergic to wipes and kept breaking out in a yeasty looking set of bumps that hurt so bad that the top layer of skin on the bubble would come off. The pedi probably told you to keep the diaper off of her and let fresh air hit her bottom. As we all know, this is near impossible to do. The Corona has lanolin (so it will adhere to the skin and help for a protective layer) and a mild antiseptic that will help to heal the bumps. It does not sting and is rather soothing as it is a thick cream. Just use it with every diaper change and I promise that you will see improvement after only one day of use. We found that this worked well with my nephew who was in TCH for Leukemia and had a series of rashes and boo boos on his bottom due to the chemo and it always helped to clear him up.

god i hate those stomach bugs!!!my daughter had it for 3 days and she would just lay there and she would say "mom i pooped" cuz she literally had no energy to move, so we had to change her diaper constantly, gotta watch out for those, make sure you follow up with the doctor, after that happened my daughter almost needed a blood transfusion(1 point away) the doctor said that when your body is that sick, you stop producing red blood cells so you can fight off the bug. but she got better with iron supplements (after 3 months!!!)

anyway my favorite remedy is the gold bond powder. sometimes the zinc in desitin and other creams burns. the gold bond has enough medication to cool a butt burn and make it heal up better. if this doesnt work she may have a yeast infection, and lamisil will work better and clear it up faster.

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