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Seeking Help with a Scalded Butt from Too Much Diarrhea

Help! My 6 month old granddaughter just got out of the hospital after a terrible bout of stomach flu. She lost 1.3 lbs in 24 hrs. Now that she is better, she has the worst butt scald all over her bum. We were changing diapers v=every 20 min or so, so it's not that she layed in it very long. We have tried Desitin and Boudreaus's Butt Paste but nothing helps. We can hardly touch her when we hold her. Any ideas,Moms and Grandmoms?

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Wow! I never knew there were so many remedies for diaper rash! Thank you moms and grandmoms! We tried a variety of your suggestions and finally her poor bum got better. Whoever said that we wish we could be sick instead of our little ones really hit the nail on the head. My daughter was 4 before she caught a stomach bug. Having a little baby heaving and having the runs just about put Grandma in the nut house! LOL Thank you again for all the suggestions!

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A generous sprinkling of baking soda in the bath water is what I used when my son was little and I have told several friends about it. It works really well and you can let her soak in it a few times a day and it should help soothe it and help it heal. Good luck, my son always got these kinds of rashes while on antibiotics because he would get diarrhea from them.

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There is an over the counter topical cream paste that you can buy that is perfect in situations such as this. It is called Calmoseptine. You would have to ask the pharmasist if they have it behind they counter (that's where they keep it). If they don't have it they can order it. It is the BEST stuff. They actually use it for sensitive g-tube's and other relief (special needs situations). Anyway, I swear by the stuff. It has a cooling effect and works a million times better than any other topical cream I have ever seen.

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At 63, I have been out of the game for quite a while, but when my 5 kids were infants, there was a product called Balmex that worked geeat. It is still available, but it may be that now there is more than one formula. Since the one we used was white in color, I am thinking it would be the one with zinc oxide, but other formulas might work as well. Hugs to you sore little one.

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the only thing that works on my daughter is dr smiths. sometimes you have to get it at the pharmacy counter (places like target). my daughter battles yeast infections that leave her looking like she has been burned - all puffy and red. i also would wash her off in the sink every time i would change a poopy diaper and sometimes in between when she was red to wipe the acid from the pee off her. my dr told me to wipe her every diaper change, even if no poop and let her air dry out a bit then use the dr smiths.

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This is probably belated advice, but my baby had a problem with butt rash because of the milk she was drinking and a daycare that wasn't changing her regularly enough. At any rate, the doctor prescribed Cholestyramine which worked wonderfully. My baby's butt was too raw to touch and I had to beg the doctor's office to give me something and the Cholestyramine really helped ease her discomfort.


I've also read a lot about a prescription ointment called Vusion, but my doctor insists that Cholestyramine is even better.

Hope you've already resolved your issues though!

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This just happened to my little baby girl & we used plain old corn starch instead of powder. There is baby powder with corn starch, but it's not the same. Go to your kitchen pantry & get the box of corn starch. It worked wonders!! Good luck, hope your granddaughter gets well soon!
God bless -
H. B

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Sounds like you should call the nurse who released your granddaughter from the hospital. They are supposed to give you follow up instructions.

What has worked for me, though I haven't dealt with this severe of a case, is 1) leave off the diapers as much as possible and 2) try a product called Aquaphor (thickly applied), available at most grocery stores or Walgreens type of store.

This will be a tough next few days. I hope the best for you and yours.


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My cousin had to deal with something similar with his daughter. Their doctor told them to clean her bottom with water not wipes let it air dry then but ointment and powder on. It creates a better layer of protection. I am so sorry she is dealing with this. I would let her air out as much as possible.

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I had the same thing when my daughter was about this age. We set up a changing station in the kitchen (I know this sounds gross!). She couldn't bear to be touched, so we would put her over the sink and use the vegetable sprayer to clean her. Then we plugged in a hair dryer and would give her a gentle blow dry on the lowest setting until she was good and dry. Then we bought the foaming desitin that is kind of a mousse and would spray that on her. She did heal up in a few days... the first 24 hours were the worst!

Good luck!!!

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foot powder... i have six kids and you should leave now for walmart... good luck... oh and no milk of course.. but you knew that im sure...

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This may sound crazy, but mix up the following 3 things & use it everytime you change her diaper: in a container mix Aquafor (you can find it at any pharmacy OTC), Regular Maalox, & either Beaudreax's Butt Paste or Desitin. It works!!! The Maalox protects the bottom from anything acidic. My cousin is a physician assistant & when she did her pediatrics rotation she found that this is the mixture they used in her hospital. We've used it on my son & the problem was solved in a day or two.

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